Space 1999 David Kano Figure Review

Newton Gimmick

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Sep 12, 2009
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Dunno if there are any other 70's toys or sci-fi fans here but thought it might be worth a look for those who are. :cool:

It's time we look into the future. The future Conan? Yes, the future... All the way into the year 1999! Actually we're looking back into the past, all the way to the year 2005, when these re-Mego figures were produced. These figures were made in the same style of the 1970's Space 1999 figures. This is what people in the 70's thought the future was going to be like.

It may not be the real future, heck it's not even the real past, but this replica of David Kano is worth a look at if you're a fan of Mego, vintage sci-fi or good ways to blow a Lincoln.

Infinite Hollywood: Space 1999: David Kano Figure Review

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