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Showstoppers (but in a bad way)


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Oct 3, 2006
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If there's one strength that carries through all the Muppet films I's say moreso than in most films period), it's a goal to keep the story moving forward at all times and to always keep the audience interested and invested. That goal alone is why when a scene stops the movie flat (and not in a good way), it's very noticeable. What are some of those scenes for you? Here's my list:
-The Mel Brooks cameo in The Muppet Movie- I love Mel Brooks, he's clearly having the time of his life in this scene and the scene is necessary to set up the lengths Doc Hopper will go to to kill Kermit, but as a scene it really wears out its welcome.
-The John Cleese cameo in Great Muppet Caper-It's the one scene that does not have to be in the movie and again it totally wears out its welcome. Plus, John Cleese's character and his wife's marriage is clearly on the rocks and it's just painful and uncomfortable to watch.
-"Piggy's Fantasy", also from Great Muppet Caper-Again, this scene is clearly necessary to setting up how Piggy will get framed for stealing the diamonds and God knows I appreciate everything that goes into this sequence from a technical level, but the movie stops way too long for it. Plus, from a musical standpoint, as a song, it's the weakest one in the film.