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Sesame Street Season 9 Episode 1095 - Farewell Luau


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 1095 - Farewell Luau
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

On their final day in Hawaii, Big Bird organizes Cody's 1st birthday luau. He delegates all responsibilities; then realizes he is left with nothing to do. He asks Snuffy to find seashells and gets lost on his way back to the party. Everyone prepares for the party by picking flowers, weaving hats, and getting coconuts from palm trees. Buffy praises Big Bird for organizing a beautiful luau. Cody's birthday luau is complete with a Hawaiian rendition of "Happy Birthday", a birthday cake, a blessing, and presents. Kapono and Olivia compare traditional Hawaiian foods to food back home, and everyone hula dances. At the end of the party, everyone sings a song about remembering friends. The next day, the gang heads to the airport. Big Bird looks for Snuffy and then feels the stroke of his snuffle.

1978 | 57 MIN

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Jul 13, 2002
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I can’t help but wonder something about this episode. It appears to me that some of the Hawaii scenes may have originally been intended to be in a different order. For instance, I think scene 5 may have originally been supposed to go before scene 4, because I noticed in the beginning of scene 5 it’s still light out. I think scene 5 is a montage of various things happening on Luau day. But it looks like scene 4 takes place in the evening. I also think I remember seeing on the guide years ago, before the original version of the episode surfaced, that I think scene 6 with Buffy and Maria was originally supposed to be after the song “Remember Me,” which would make a lot of sense. And you know, when I watched 1095 on Noggin years ago, I couldn’t even really tell that any of it took place at night. I also think the guide for it could be a bit more descriptive. It’s nice that there’s now a page about the song “Remember Me.” The description of that scene used to say “the gang sings a beautiful song to Cody.”