Sesame Street Season 7 Episode 845 - Mr. Hooper Goes Back to School


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 845 - Mr. Hooper Goes Back to School
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Mr. Hooper is not in his shop - where can he be? David and Big Bird find Mr. Hooper reading a book but he tries to hide it when they walk over. David asks what he's hiding, and Mr. Hooper admits he is studying for night classes to get his High School diploma. David and Big Bird tell Mr. Hooper he has nothing to be embarrassed about - that's great news! Later, Rodeo Rosie lassos Big Bird and Susan because she thinks they are stealing from Mr. Hooper. Mr. Hooper explains to Rosie that his customers aren't thieves because they bought their groceries. He assures her a thief will run out of his store, instead of walking. Just then, Mr. Hooper runs out of the store to give David something he left behind. Rosie lassos Mr. Hooper by accident.

1976 | 58 MIN

Please note, this is the first time this episode has been commercially released since it's original broadcast.

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