Sesame Street Season 1 Episode 56 - Mr. Hooper Bakes Oscar a Baked Bean Sandwich


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 56 - Mr. Hooper Bakes Oscar a Baked Bean Sandwich
PBS Premiere: Monday January 26, 1970
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Oscar is craving an ice cream sundae! As Mr. Hooper passes, he asks if Mr. Hooper makes ice cream sundaes. Mr. Hooper declares he makes the best ices cream sundaes! Really wanting one, Oscar pays $0.30 for a sundae with chocolate ice cream, sprinkled with baked beans, chopped pickles, whipped cream and a radish! Mr. Hooper is shocked by Oscar's odd request. Even Big Bird agrees that it sounds gross! As a grouch, Oscar does not like giving compliments, but he calls Mr. Hooper a genius and a master for his baked bean sundae. To thank him, Oscar invites Mr. Hooper to eat dinner with him that night! Knowing Mr. Hooper enjoys Italian food, Oscar offers to make licorice and jelly-bean pizza. The idea of this recipe makes Mr. Hooper look sick.

60 MIN

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