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Sesame Street Old School Outlines


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 283 features Oscar, Big Bird, Sherlock Hemlock, the Amazing Mumford, Bob, Gordon, Mr. Hooper, and Olivia! Plus, Ernie traces Bert's face, Cookie Monster sings a disco number, and Lily Tomlin talks about pride.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 283

Season 10: Oscar scuba dives/Mumford’s money tricks

Sponsors: A, N, 2

Scene 1: Bob and Gordon hear splashing sounds from Oscar’s trash can. Oscar pops up wearing a snorkel and claims to be scuba diving. The adults are skeptical, so Oscar lets them watch while he scuba dives. Then Oscar asks his elephant Felix to join him, so when Felix dives into the water the resulting splash soaks Bob and Gordon’s faces.

Cartoon: I am dry...he is wet (two men wash a dog and gets splashed afterwards)

Muppets/Song: A quartet of Anything Muppet kids sing, “Just Around the Corner” about the various locations in their neighborhood

Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #2

Film: Making a “lost dog” flyer

Cartoon: I am dry...he is wet (girl gets sprayed by an elephant)

Muppets: Ernie comes home from Camp Winnewonga and shows Bert what he brought back, including rocks and a paper clip - all of which fascinate Bert.

Cartoon: Nancy the Nanny Goat

Scene 2: Big Bird is looking for his missing roller skate. Sherlock Hemlock arrives to help solve the mystery, but only finds items that rhyme with skate: a plate, a crate, and a gate with the number “8” painted on it. Big Bird thinks that all hope is lost, but Sherlock resolves to look all over Sesame Street if he must. As Sherlock Hemlock heads out the door, he slips and falls...on Big Bird’s missing skate! Big Bird thanks Sherlock for his help...

Film: Recycling newspaper

Cartoon: Arthur and Annie look for “A” objects

Film/Song: Henson #2

Cartoon: A man presents an alligator, which starts with A. Then the alligator eats the man!

Muppets: Ernie traces Bert’s face on the screen

Cast: Maria and David show “above” and “below” in a park

Cartoon: Mr. Tweak couldn’t sleep because his neighbors above and below him kept snoring and sneezing

Film: Matching pairs of animals

Insert: Olivia and Gordon sing, “Quiet Is”

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “A” prank

Cartoon: A conductor asks, “May I have an A?” Then a giant A falls from the sky!

Muppets: Waiter Grover serves Mr. Johnson a little hamburger. Mr. Johnson isn’t pleased and orders the big hamburger, against Grover’s wishes. A minute later, Grover crashes through the doors with an enormous burger and scares Mr. Johnson away.

Cartoon: A witch tells some bored kids a story filled with A words

Film: Time-lapse of growing seeds

Cartoon: The “2” Train

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Prince Charming kisses Sleeping Beauty, who turns into a frog! She hops away with Kermit as the baffled Prince stares after them.

Scene 3: The Amazing Mumford finishes his meal at Hooper’s Store, but realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to pay Mr. Hooper. He attempts to make more coins appear, but he makes the cash register disappear instead. On the second try, Mumford makes the register reappear but he overflows the store with loose change. On the third attempt, Mumford finally gets enough cash to pay for the meal.

Cartoon: A magician tries to make a rabbit appear, but he pulls out the numbers 1-20 instead

Muppets: Bert goes out to mail a letter and asks Ernie (who’s practicing his drums) to let him back in when he knocks. Ernie absent-mindedly agrees. After Ernie shows the viewers some riffs, he hears some knocking on the door and decides to repeat the rhythms on his drums, infuriating Bert who’s waiting to be let back in the apartment.

Cartoon/Song: The Country Fiddler - Toucan Two-Step (by Bud Luckey)

Scene 4: Mumford gathers Gordon, Bob, and the kids to show off his newest magic trick: turning pennies into nickels, nickels into dimes, and dimes into quarters! When Bob jokingly asks Mumford to turn the quarters into a peanut butter sandwich, Mumford actually follows through! “Would you like me to cut it into triangles for you, Bob?”

Cartoon: What if my face were on the dollar bill instead of George Washington’s?

Film: A gibbon swings and makes screeching noises

Muppets/Celebrity: Edith Ann (Lily Tomlin) and Herry Monster talk about what makes them feel proud

Cartoon: Sand N/n

Cartoon/Film: Things that start with the letter N

Film: Slide puzzle of an elephant

Cartoon: Billy Jo Jive and the Mystery of the Missing Wig

Film/Song: “Doll House #2”

Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster performs, “Cookie Disco” in a parody of “Shaft”

Cartoon: An ape escapes from a train and finds his way to an “A” party

Cartoon: 30 dots (one dot keeps turning red)

Scene 5: After finishing his scuba dive, Oscar dries himself off with a towel and asks Bob for a clean bed sheet. Bob is suspicious, but he gives his last bed sheet to Oscar anyway. Oscar gives Bob’s sheet to Felix the elephant to dry himself off! Oscar returns the soggy bed sheet to a displeased Bob. Sherlock Hemlock announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Luis.

Northern Calloway as David
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper, Prince Charming, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Amazing Mumford, Sherlock Hemlock, Herry Monster, Mr. Johnson, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 284 features Big Bird, Oscar, Biff & Sully, Maria, and Bob! Plus, Ernie and Bert go to the movies and Grover attempts to sell Kermit a weather machine.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 284

Season 7: Oscar asks Biff and Sully to bury his can in a dirt pile

Sponsors: G, S, 8

Scene 1: Big Bird does a soft-shoe routine demonstrating subtraction. He asks four kids to walk away one by one, until none remain.

Cartoon: King Minus and the Disappearing Dragons

Film: The Mad Painter #8

Cartoon: G is for Giggle

Muppets: The Count subtracts candles by extinguishing each flame

Cartoon: G is for Goat and Grass

Film/Song: “Everybody Sleeps” (by Joe Raposo)

Scene 2: Bob is tired because he didn’t sleep well last night. Maria points out to the viewer that Bob is yawning a lot, is walking very slowly, and keeps rubbing his eyes...which means he’s tired. Maria approaches Bob and asks if he’s okay. Bob says he’s fine, but Maria notices that he’s starting to droop. She gives Bob a chair and he immediately falls asleep.

Muppets: Ernie and Bert go to the movies. Ernie’s loud eating annoys Bert, who shouts at Ernie to be quiet. The usher arrives and escorts Bert out for being too loud!

Cartoon: S is for Santa, Snow, and Sled

Muppets/Song: “Sammy the Snake”

Cartoon: 4 dots - 1 dot = 3 dots

Film: A kid marching band counts to 20

Cartoon: 6 dots - 1 dot = 5 dots

Insert: In voiceover, David asks the viewer to find shapes in the arbor area on Sesame Street

Film: Footage of camels eating

Muppets: Grover sells Kermit a weather machine

Cartoon: Bolt and Nut show how they work together

Film/Song: Henson #8

Scene 3: Bob and Maria sing, “Me/Yo” with the kids.

Muppets: Cookie Monster and the Count cooperate to count and eat cookies

Cartoon: The King of Eight (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

Muppets: A hipster and a square do some “Visual Thinking” about shapes

Cartoon: A circle becomes various objects (clock, balloon, sun, etc.)

Scene 4: Oscar is bothered by the cheerful neighborhood. He wishes that he could escape from it all, or at least not have to hear or see any of it. Biff and Sully drive their dump truck up to Sesame Street, park it, and go to Hooper’s Store for a coffee break. Oscar notices that it’s full of dirt and gets an idea...

Film: The bald eagle

Cartoon: A gorilla who knows G words goes to the employment agency

Muppets/Song: Grover and George sing about the “Two G Sounds”

Scene 5: Oscar gives orders to Biff and Sully: bury the trash can in a huge dirt pile. The hardhats start dumping dirt from their truck, but Oscar isn’t pleased because they only dumped SOME dirt on his can. They add MORE and MORE…

Cartoon: Three men compare how much hair they have on their heads (some, more, most)

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #8

Muppets: Ernie and Bert play the “sandbox game” (I eight the sandbox!)

Film: A woman repairs wires for the telephone company

Cartoon: Typewriter Guy - S is for Spring

Cartoon: S is for scooter, skates, sled, skis, and STOP

Scene 6: Oscar’s trash can has been buried with ALL of the dirt from the dump truck. Biff: “How are you gonna get out of that can, Oscar? With all that dirt on top, you’re gonna be stuck in there for a long, long time.” Oscar: “Now you’re catching on, aren’t ya?” Biff and Sully shake their heads and drive the truck away. Just as Oscar settles in, it begins to rain…

Film: Triangles in everyday objects

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover show over and under with a mattress. Then Herbert drives the point home by placing more heavy objects over Grover!

Cartoon: String-animation squares

Scene 7: The rain stops, and Oscar emerges from his trash can. He is horrified to discover that his dirt pile is gone. However, he’s delighted upon seeing all the mud splattered on his can. He’s even happier when Bob and Maria start complaining about the muddy mess on the street. The Count announces the sponsors. SS sign still: David, Luis, and a kid. CTW sign still: Herry Monster.

Northern Calloway as David
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Biff, the Count, Herbert Birdsfoot, AMs
Richard Hunt as Sully, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 285 features Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, Cookie Monster, Susan, Maria, and Bob! Plus, Guy Smiley hosts "What's My Letter," Farley uses his imagination, and Bert & Ernie settle a bet about cleaning the apartment.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 285

Season 4: Signs on Sesame Street

Sponsors: E, L, 4

Scene 1: Grover describes all the nearby signs to the viewer: the “Open” sign on the Fix It Shop door, Hooper’s Store sign, the Sesame Street sign, and the Bus Stop sign. He directs the viewer to watch the next clip about another important sign.

Cartoon: A polar bear tries to find the EXIT sign (animation by the Hubleys)

Scene 2: Grover finds a new sign that he can’t read. Bob comes by and Grover asks him for help with reading it. Bob points to each letter on the sign, until Grover realizes the sign says, “WET PAINT.” Bob looks down at his finger which is now red with wet paint.

Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts, “What’s My Letter?” Prairie Dawn must guess the mystery letter (E), but she can’t get it until Guy shows her the potential prize: “A mouse?! EEEEE!”

Cartoon: E is for Eagle, Egg, and Everything

Cartoon: E is for Erase

Film: A young girl gets in, on, and under a blanket

Scene 3: Big Bird finds a trail of crumbs outside his door and wonders where it leads to. Maria and Susan accompany him, and they see that it goes around the mailbox, next to the 123 apartment, through the arbor area, and into Hooper’s Store. They find Cookie Monster at the end of the trail, and he reveals that he got off the bus and ate a box of cookies while walking to Hooper’s Store. Now he’s here to buy more cookies!

Film/Song: Henson #4

Cartoon: Elephants have four legs

Muppets: Bert bets that Ernie can’t clean the apartment in 15 seconds

Scene 4: Maria holds up a sign with the word “DANGER” and asks the kids what it means. Then she holds up another sign with the word “PELIGRO,” which means “danger” in Spanish.

Cartoon: The word “DANGER” (animation by the Hubleys)

Scene 5: Maria holds up a STOP sign and asks the kids what it means. Then she holds up a sign with the word “PARE,” which means “stop” in Spanish.

Muppets: Lefty the Salesman tries (and fails) to sell a STOP sign to Ernie

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #4

Cartoon: L is for Light (shown twice, in English and in Spanish)

Film: Skeleton fish

Muppets: Farley uses his imagination (Herry Monster cameo)

Cartoon/Song: “Imagination Rain”

Scene 6: Oscar asks Susan and Bob to put signs all around his trash can. The signs read, “No standing,” “No smiling,” “No playing,” “No cheering,” and “No helping.” When the adults read the last sign, they do what the sign says and they walk away. Oscar is upset - he has to put up the remaining twenty-three signs by himself!

Cartoon: L is for Ladder

Cartoon: A man jumps into a poster of Lake Lillian

Muppets/Song: Ernie and Bert sing, “La La La”

Film: The many uses of water

Muppets: Grover serves Mr. Johnson bacon and eggs, but the customer can’t decide how many of each he wants, which frustrates Grover

Cartoon: The Country Fiddler - Four Big Lions (by Bud Luckey)

Film: Feeding milk to baby animals

Scene 7: Big Bird reads a poem about eggs.

Cartoon: E is for Egg (speech balloon)

Film/Song: “Chicken or the Egg” (by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: A man presents the letter E, which begins the words enter and exit. His friend Roy continually interrupts to go through the “enter” and “exit” doors.

Muppets: The Little Miss Muffett Play

Film: Counting 20 antique automobiles

Muppets/Song: “The Song of the Count”

Cartoon: L is for Lunchbox

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #4 (repeat)

Scene 8: Big Bird, Bob, and the kids play “Follow the Leader” in the arbor area. Susan announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Ernie and Bert. CTW sign still: Roosevelt Franklin and Betty Lou.

Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, Lefty the Salesman, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, Farley, Mr. Johnson, AMs
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 286 features Big Bird, Oscar, Biff & Sully, the Count, Gordon, Mr. Hooper, Luis, Olivia, and a rare Muppet named Winnie Wiggins. Plus, Ernie and Bert exercise, Herbert Birdsfoot teaches Grover how to count, and the Anything Muppets sing about life in the city and the country.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 286

Season 9: Olivia has a sore throat

Sponsors: I, M, 3

Scene 1: Biff and Sully are about to start a repair job when Biff realizes that he left the ladder at the construction site by mistake. Biff sees Big Bird passing by and asks him to help. Sully leaves unnoticed. Biff climbs onto Big Bird’s shoulders and tries to work, but then Big Bird sneezes and they both fall. Sully and Luis return with a ladder, and they are alarmed when they see Big Bird and Biff sprawled on the ground. Luis: “What happened to you guys?” Biff: “It would be better if you didn’t know…”

Film: Let’s build a road (jazz soundtrack)

Muppets: Bert and Ernie play the drums together

Cartoon: A dog and a boy fight over the capital letter I

Film: “The I Beam”

Cast: Sluggo the Great (David) puts on his baseball gear, but is confused about which body parts they belong on

Cartoon/Song: “Young McDonald Went to Town”

Muppets: Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot count three blocks in different arrangements. When Herbert gives Grover three oranges to count, Grover admits that he’s good at counting blocks - but not oranges!

Scene 2: Oscar has been tasked with talking about the letter I, but he can’t think of any good words. Winnie Wiggins storms by, ranting about how bad her day has been. She peppers her speech with “I” words: “I am incredibly irritated! Infuriated! Incensed! Irate!” Oscar asks Winnie to repeat those words, and she does. Oscar thanks Winnie for providing such great “I” words and offers her an invitation to dinner: liverwurst-and-halibut pizza with mayonnaise and chocolate sauce. Winnie refuses: “That sounds ICKY!” Oscar chides her for being impolite, and they have an argument over whether Oscar’s dinner is icky or not.

Film: The Mad Painter #3

Muppets: Cookie Monster sounds out the word “FOOD” and eats the foam letters

Cartoon: M is for Mail (speech balloon)

Cartoon: M is for Moo and Milk

Film: Skating competition

Cartoon/Song: Pinball Number Count #3

Scene 3: Mr. Hooper helps the kids write a lowercase “i” and a capital “I” on the sidewalk with chalk.

Cartoon/Song: “We All Live in a Capital I”

Film: Cold things that begin with the letter I

Muppets/Song: “City & Country Song”

Cartoon: Typewriter Guy - I is for Ink

Cast: The Alphabet Dancers make a capital letter I with their bodies

Film: Penguins take a bath

Cast: The Alphabet Dancers make a lowercase i with their bodies

Celebrity/Song: Paul Simon sings “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. A young girl steals the show with her singing!

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - The Count ruins Kermit’s interview with the Three Little Pigs

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #3 (shown twice, in English and Spanish)

Muppets: Lefty the Salesman tries to sell a snowman to Ernie, but it gets smaller and smaller as it melts

Cartoon: A dot tries to get on top of a lowercase i (animation by Fred Garbers)

Film: Kids count ten buses as they drive by (music by Joe Raposo)

Scene 4: Big Bird, Luis, and Mr. Hooper are waiting for Gordon and Olivia to join them for a picnic. Gordon arrives by himself, and tells everyone that Olivia has a sore throat and can’t come. Big Bird suggests that they have their picnic in Olivia’s apartment! The adults aren’t too sure until it starts raining, forcing them to seek shelter in 123 Sesame Street.

Film: How pizza is made

Muppets: Ernie exercises to a radio program. Bert wants to listen to the Pigeon News, but Ernie convinces him to exercise instead. Bert gets so into it that he doesn’t want to stop, even when Ernie tells him that the Pigeon News has started.

Cartoon: An elephant and a bear try to cross a bridge while carrying big packages

Muppets/Song: Little Jerry and the Monotones perform, “Sad”

Cartoon: 30 dots (third dot blows a raspberry)

Scene 5: Olivia rests in her bed, wishing that she could join her friends for the picnic. When she notices that it’s raining, she assumes that their picnic was ruined, making her feel even worse. When Gordon enters, Olivia tells him that she’s in a terrible mood because she’s too sick to join the picnic, and the rain must have ruined the picnic for everyone. Gordon tells her not to feel bad because he brought the picnic to her! Everyone enters Olivia’s room for an indoor picnic, immediately cheering up Olivia.

Cartoon/Film: Things that start with M

Muppets: The Amazing Mumford sounds out the word “magic,” then makes himself disappear

Film/Song: Henson #3

Scene 6: The Count arrives to join the picnic, and also to count Olivia’s coughs: “I was getting tired of counting raindrops, all twelve thousand of them! So I decided to count some other things for a change.” Winnie Wiggins announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Maria. CTW sign still: Oscar.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Lefty the Salesman, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Biff, the Count, the Amazing Mumford, Herbert Birdsfoot, Little Jerry, AMs
Richard Hunt as Sully, Winnie Wiggins, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Number 287 features Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Herry Monster, Olivia, David, Maria, Mr. Hooper, and Bob! Plus, Cookie Monster goes to the bakery, Super Grover attempts to find the bus stop, and Kermit interviews Pinocchio.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 287

Season 10: Big Bird’s dreams about Mr. Snuffleupagus/Olivia and David’s argument

Sponsors: H, O, 5

Scene 1: Big Bird tells Mr. Hooper, Bob, Maria, Olivia, and David about a dream that he had in which Mr. Hooper and Olivia met Mr. Snuffleupagus but no one else believed them.

Muppets: Bert tells Ernie why he shouldn’t eat cookies in bed

Cartoon: A polka-dotted egg hatches, and four motorcycle-riding chicks emerge

Film: The Mad Painter #5

Scene 2: Big Bird takes another nap in his nest, and dreams that everyone on Sesame Street finally meets Snuffy. Just as the dream ends, Snuffy comes to visit and Big Bird begins telling him about his dream.

Cartoon: H is for Horse (speech balloon)

Cartoon: Howard and Harold come up with H words (animation by Cliff Roberts)

Film: A group of children help an old Chinese man fly a kite

Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #5

Muppets: Super Grover helps a little boy find the BUS STOP

Cartoon: Billy Jo Jive and Suzie Sunset meet Wrong Way Willie

Cast: Linda and Bob sing, “Hat, Coat, and Pants” while showing the signs for each word

Film: “There Once Was a Hand”

Muppets: Mr. Chatterly attempts to host an Alphabet Chat about the letter O, but various interruptions wear down his patience until he has a meltdown and the show gets cancelled

Cartoon/Film: An animated rock climber climbs a live-action boy and identifies the boy’s body parts along the way

Muppets: Cookie Monster goes to the bakery for something that rhymes with “buy.” He ends up eating an “I,” the baker’s tie, and even chases Guy Smiley who came in to order a pie.

Cartoon: Herman Happy and Stanley Sad talk about their respective feelings

Scene 3: David and the kids play “Simon Says.” Maria comes along with a group of Spanish-speaking kids, but David can’t think of a way to have them join the game. Maria suggests that she can repeat his directions in Spanish, and David happily agrees.

Transition: Scanimate kids intro

Muppets: Ernie plays “Touch Your Face” with the viewer

Film: Animal body part shout-out

Cartoon: O is for Orange (animation by Bruce Cayard)

Cartoon: Sand O/o

Film/Song: “Five Dancers”

Scene 4: Olivia and David are fighting over whether they want to go to the movies or to the zoo. Maria intervenes and asks them to reach a compromise. The adults agree to go to the zoo first and then the movies. But then they remember that both places are closed now...so they all decide to get some pizza instead.

Muppets: Frazzle “talks” to Grover about his day, and Grover translates Frazzle’s emotions for the viewer

Film: Corn grows in a field (music by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: Monster in the dark (finding a light switch)

Film: Scanimate H objects (narration by Luis and the kids)

Cartoon: A fat man and a small man demonstrate top and bottom

Cast: Maria pushes through a large piece of paper to show top and bottom

Film: Baby turtles swim around

Muppets: Bert asks Ernie to clean up his toys, so Ernie devises a categorization system. However, all of his categories apply to only one toy - his fire engine!

Scene 5: Mr. Hooper serves Herry Monster five glasses of lemonade, one by one. Mr. Hooper assumes that Herry is very thirsty, but Herry explains that he wants to start a lemonade stand but doesn’t know how to make lemonade. “So I decided to ask you for some lemonade!” Mr. Hooper offers to teach Herry how to make lemonade instead: “Give a monster some lemonade, and he’ll drink it for one day. SHOW a monster how to make lemonade, and he’ll drink it for a lifetime!”

Cartoon: A mad scientist unveils his latest invention - the capital letter H!

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Kermit interviews Pinocchio

Cartoon: Country Fiddler - Funny Farm #5 (by Bud Luckey)

Scene 6: Mr. Hooper and Herry Monster sell lemonade to their neighbors as Big Bird announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.

Linda Bove as Linda
Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Alaina Reed as Olivia
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, Herry Monster, Frazzle, Mr. Chatterly, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Kermit, AMs


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2012
Reaction score
Number 288 features Big Bird, Oscar, Susan, Bob, and Mr. Hooper! Plus, the Count orders hot dogs, Ernie takes glasses of water out of Bert's apartment, and Herry shares a secret with Grover.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 288

Season 6: Oscar’s plant nursery

Sponsors: T, U, 7

Scene 1: Susan asks the kids to name various things that grow in the ground. The kids name trees, flowers, grass, and vegetables.

Film: Close-up of broccoli

Cartoon: U is for Umbrella (speech balloon)

Cartoon: Two men move up onto a large green “UP”

Muppets/Song: Two monsters (proto-Herry and Cookie) sing, “Up and Down”

Film: Examples of people and animals going up and down (music by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: Jazz Spies #7

Scene 2: Oscar has opened a plant nursery for his stinky, prickly, and wilted plants. Susan and Bob list the various things that he must do to help his plants grow. When Oscar realizes that he has to do nice things for his plants, he decides to close up shop and relinquishes his inventory to the adults - free of charge!

Muppets: Ernie is taking glasses of water out of the apartment. Bert thinks of various reasons why Ernie is using this water. When Bert asks for an explanation, Ernie tells him that the kitchen faucet is broken so he’s trying to bail water...just as the entire room floods!

Cartoon: T is for Television

Cartoon: T is for Top (animation by Cliff Roberts)

Celebrity: Carol Burnett talks about the functions of a nose

Film: Giraffes in a plain

Cartoon: A man demonstrates up and down (animation by Al Jornow)

Film: T is for Toes

Muppets: Grover serves hot dogs to the Count

Cartoon: A man blows seven bubbles

Film: Close-up of a tomato

Scene 3: Bob presents a visual outline of a child’s body, and has the kids list various body parts that start with T: tongue, teeth, toes, and tummy.

Muppets: A pair of teeth goes to the employment agency for a job

Film: T is for Tunnel

Cast: Maria, Luis, Susan, and David play surgeons in an operating room. Maria asks for certain tools which the others provide. Afterwards, Maria declares the operation a success - revealing a newly fixed motorcycle!

Cartoon: A man pushes a lazy “UP”

Film: The Mad Painter #7

Cartoon/Song: The Alligator King #7 (by Bud Luckey)

Scene 4: Big Bird is upset because he spilled a bag of birdseed while carrying it into his nest. Mr. Hooper comforts him and says that people (and birds) make mistakes all the time. It’s normal, expected, and happens to everyone. After Big Bird thanks Mr. Hooper, they both smell smoke...coming from Mr. Hooper’s bread in the oven! Mr. Hooper is disappointed that the bread is burnt, but Big Bird reminds him that everyone makes mistakes!

Cartoon: The letter U salesman

Muppets: Cookie Monster shows Ernie his special cookie counting device

Film/Song: Henson #7

Cartoon: A dog meets the letter U

Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash - Kermit interviews the Wicked Witch’s magic mirror (based on Snow White)

Cartoon: A boy holds balloons with the word “UP” on them and gets pulled up into the sky

Cartoon: A man gets various animal noses drawn on his face

Film: A girl picks vegetables in a garden

Muppets: Ernie makes a bust of Bert, but something’s missing. Ernie checks to see if he’s sculpted all of Bert’s facial features, and Bert tells him that he forgot to add the nose. However, Ernie is out of clay so he removes Bert’s nose and puts it on the bust!

Cartoon: A boy drags his sister up and down the stairs

Scene 5: The cast members say their names and the letter that their names start with. “B” is for Bob, “S” is for Susan, “H” is for (Mr.) Hooper, and “O” is for Oscar.

Muppets: Herry Monster tells Grover a secret, which is the alphabet. Once Herry leaves, Grover immediately tells the “secret” to other monsters, and Herry quickly finds out. “You’re very good at saying the alphabet, Grover...but you’re lousy at keeping a secret!”

Film: Close-up of a pepper

Cartoon: A boat captain leads the numbers 1-20 into his vessel. Once he gets in, the entire boat sinks!

Scene 6: The kids play in the arbor area as Big Bird announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Ernie and Bert. CTW sign still: Maria.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs
Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs