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Scooby-Doo meets the Muppet Babies: "Decoy for a Dognapper"


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Sep 26, 2003
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Another entry in my Scooby-Doo/Muppet Babies crossover series, this one is "Decoy for a Dognapper." The voice cast includes the same cast from "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?" and "Jim Henson's Muppet Babies," with Dave Coulier as Baby Animal and Baby Bunsen, and Frank Welker does quadruple-duty as Fred, Baby Kermit, Baby Skeeter and Baby Beaker! So Fred and Baby Kermit are often paired up together, and Baby Fozzie is often teamed with Shaggy and Scooby. The background music is a mix of Ted Nichols's infamous 1969 "Scooby-Doo" background music cues and Rob Walsh's recurring background music themes from the 1986-1989 "Muppet Babies" episodes. Animation is done by a team-up of Hanna-Barbera, Marvel Productions and Toei, with copyrights going to H-B and Henson Associates. Here it is...



It’s a nice autumn day. Scooby-Doo and Baby Rowlf are walking down the sidewalk. Scooby begins sniffing as he walks, but bumps into a stone deer with a “BONG!” A laugh track is heard.

Scooby: (picks his nose) Ouch!

Baby Rowlf: Good thing my sense of smell isn’t developed yet.

A woman walks a cute-looking poodle.

Scooby: Roh boy!

Baby Rowlf: Eh, she’s not my type.

Scooby tries to make himself look good and grabs some flowers, and goes over to the poodle…

Scooby: (slyly) Hello…

The poodle and her owner do not pay attention. Then they go behind a bush, and some scuffling sounds are heard.

Woman: Help! Help! Stop! Stop! Come back here!

The poodle whimpers, and then a shady guy in a trenchcoat and hat runs off carrying it.

Woman: Help! My princess has been dognapped!

Scooby: Huh? Rog-rapped?

Baby Rowlf: Dognapped?

Both of them begin growling. Later, we see Velma and Shaggy on the beach with a campfire, roasting hot dogs. Baby Fozzie and Gonzo and Scooter and Bunsen Honeydew are with them. Funky dance music plays on the radio, and Fred and Daphne dance to it. Baby Piggy tries to dance with Baby Kermit, and Skeeter and Animal and Beaker are just jamming to the music. Scooby and Baby Rowlf enter barking.

Daphne: That sounds like Scooby-Doo and Baby Rowlf!

Fred: They’re sure in a hurry.

They both run over to the gang. Scooby tries barking to Shaggy.

Shaggy: Scooby-Doo, what’s with you?

Baby Kermit: What’s the matter, Rowlf?

Baby Rowlf: You hear the news?

Scooby changes the radio station…

Radio Announcer: Here’s a bulletin just in! Flash! The dognappers have struck again! The third prize dog kidnapped in the last three days.

Shaggy: Wow, like a canine crime wave!

Scooby: Sssssssssh!

Baby Rowlf: Scoob and I could be in danger!

Radio Announcer: Here’s another bulletin. Buck Masters, the owner of the first dog stolen, has just offered a $500 reward.

Baby Gonzo: Wow! 500 big ones!

Fred: Gang, we’ve just been handed our next mystery. And we’ll begin with Mr. Buck Masters.

Scooby: Yeah-yeah-yeah!

The laugh track is heard again.

Baby Bunsen: I am more worried on where that canned laughter is coming from.

We fade to Mr. Buck Masters at his desk. The Scooby gang and the Babies are in there as well.

Buck: That’s right. I’ve decided not to pay the ransom. I’d rather use the money to catch those crooks. I was SURE to win first prize at the county dog show this year.

Scooby sees a statue of a pointer dog and tries to imitate it. Baby Animal does the same.

Buck: Now Bob Miller’s Great Dane is a shoe-in!

Scooby: (grinning) Great Dane?

Fred: Did you say Great Dane?

Scooby: (singing as Rowlf plays on his piano) Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo…

Buck: Yes. Bob’s been grooming his dog for this show all year.

Daphne: But if that’s the case, isn’t the Great Dane in danger? He could be dognapped.

Buck: Don’t worry. I warned Bob, and he only takes the dog out for exercise at night, and then only on Beach Boulevard near the police station.

Fred slyly gestures toward Scooby trying to pose like a fancy Great Dane. Scooby falls over. Baby Animal imitates it and falls over as well.

Buck: It seems safe enough there. From now on, all dog owners must be on their guard.

Fred: Mr. Masters, we’re gonna find out who’s stealing those dogs and why.

Baby Kermit: If we help.

Velma: Yep. Dognappers, beware!

Baby Skeeter: The Muppet Babies are on the case!

Buck: Frankly, I don’t see what you kids can do. I don’t have a single lead to give you.

Fred: That’s all right, Mr. Masters. We have a plan.

Scooby: Uh, we do?

Baby Bunsen: Yes, thanks to some of my latest technology I installed in their Mystery van.

In their computer-filled Mystery Machine, Fred shows them a picture of a realistic Great Dane in a triumphant pose, with the word “Champion” on it.

Fred: See this picture of the champion? This will help a lot.

Baby Scooter: Say, that looks a little like Scooby-Doo.

Shaggy: Come on, Freddy. Tell us, like, what’s the plan.

Scooby: Yeah!

Baby Rowlf: Please do?

Fred: Simple. We’ll give the dognappers a DECOY, and then when they grab the decoy, we’ll trail them to their hideout.

Shaggy: But what if we lose the dognappers?

Fred: Not a chance. We’ll plant this tiny transmitter Baby Bunsen built in the decoy’s collar. Our direction finder will do the rest.

Baby Bunsen: Which I also built.

Baby Beaker: Meeeep, meep-meep-meep-meep-meep!

Scooby: Huh?

Baby Bunsen: He is saying that he does not want to be the decoy.

Shaggy: Bunsen has a point. Who’s the decoy?

Baby Piggy eyes Gonzo.

Baby Gonzo: Oh no! You’re not sticking me in a dog suit! How about Rowlf?

Baby Rowlf: I don’t look anything like a Great Dane. How about Scooby-Doo?

Scooby: Huh? UH-uh!

Shaggy: (holding a picture of Champion) Scooby’s got a point there. Who’d dognap Scooby for ransom?

Daphne: We’ll fix that. And Scooby will be brave, won’t you, Scooby?

Scooby: Uh-uh.

Baby Fozzie: Gee, I’m glad I’m not a dog.

Daphne: Now, here’s a Scooby Snack for courage.

She tosses it to Scooby, but Shaggy catches it and eats it.

Velma: Shaggy, why’d you do that?

Shaggy: Because I know who’s stuck with the job of taking the decoy on a leash. (chews up the Scooby snack) Not bad, not bad at all!

Baby Piggy: Ew, that’s disgusting!

Daphne: Now, here’s a Snack for you, Scooby.

She tosses it, and Shaggy’s about to catch it, but Scooby eats it instead.

Scooby: Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

Baby Piggy: Give Bazooka Beak here a Scooby Snack. He’s going to help Scooby tough it out.

Baby Gonzo: (nervous) Uh, I AM? Well, I didn’t have lunch…

Daphne: OK, then. Here you go, Gonzo.

Gonzo eats the Scooby Snack Daphne tosses him, and eats it.

Baby Gonzo: Gee, I guess Scooby Snacks aren’t so bad after all, either!

Baby Piggy: AARGH! You make me sick!

Fred: OK. The decoys are fed. Now let’s get down to work.

Velma, Daphne and Baby Piggy are now washing Scooby.

Velma: What are we doing, solving mysteries or running a beauty parlor for pooches?

Baby Piggy: Let’s give Scooby some nice curls, and bows, and some makeup!

Scooby: Girl ruff? YUCK!

Fred now puts a fancy red collar with diamonds on Scooby.

Fred: Hold it, Scooby. Wait till I get your new collar on. Now how do you like that?

Scooby: Hee-hee-hee-HEE-hee-hee-hee!

Baby Animal: Sparkly collar! Yabababababababa!

Later, at Beach Boulevard, Scooby is standing with Shaggy, in an overcoat and derby. Fozzie wears a similar disguise, and Gonzo is naked except for his sneakers.

Shaggy: Well, Bob Miller said we could take his place tonight, Scooby. So, come on, champ, let’s walk!

Scooby: Rooby-doo!

Scooby begins pulling Shaggy as he walks fast. Baby Gonzo and Fozzie follow.

Shaggy: Hey, take it easy, slow down.

Baby Fozzie: He’s not going THAT fast.

Scooby stops to look at himself in a glass window reflection, and makes funny faces. Fozzie does the same.

Shaggy: Come on, Scooby. You’re a decoy, remember? And Fozzie, you’re supposed to be serious! Keep your mind on your work.

Scooby stands still, his leash twangs and has Shaggy fly into Scooby. The derby hat is now on Scooby’s head.

Scooby: Sorry.

Now they are back to walking like they are supposed to. A cute female dog sees them.

Scooby: Buh-buh-buh! Ooh! (begins walking toward the female)

Shaggy: Now, cut that out.

Baby Gonzo: Ah, that’s it! (climbs onto Scooby’s back)

The female dog gets hearts in her eyes.

Dog: Bow-wa! Bow-wow-wow-wow!

They walk past pretending not to notice the other dog, which growls at them.

Shaggy: Keep going, keep going.

The dog knocks over a trash can and sends it flying toward them. Shaggy takes off his hat and has the trash fly into it, just missing Scooby.

Shaggy: Boy! At least you don’t have to take another bath. Lucky for you, I’m a dog lover. Yuck!

Now they come up to a van, with the silhouette of a man that looks like Fred in it. It starts up and causes exhaust to fly everywhere.

Baby Fozzie: Hey, it’s Fred! And he’s got a new van!

Shaggy: Wow, look at that truck smoke!

Baby Fozzie: You mean Fred’s never done that?

A hand has scissors and cuts the leash.

Scooby: No! Roh! Roh!

Baby Gonzo: Aaaaaaaaah!

Shaggy: (holds up the broken leash) Scooby! They got him!

Baby Fozzie: And Gonzo! Does that mean Fred turned evil?

The van drives off, and the exhaust clears.

Baby Gonzo: (from inside the van) IT’S NOT FRED!

Scooby: (from inside the van) Relp! Relp! Relp!

Shaggy: I’m coming, Scooby! I’m coming!

Baby Fozzie: (running with Shaggy) This reminds me of a joke! Why did they have to impound…

Shaggy: Quiet, Fozzie! I’ll never catch them this way. Charlie. Charlie!

Shaggy skids to a stop at a gas station where his friend Charlie is. Fozzie does the same.

Shaggy: You got any wheels I can borrow? This is an emergency!

Baby Fozzie: And I can only drive a tricycle!

Charlie: Just my motor scooter.

We hear a revving noise, and see Shaggy and Baby Fozzie riding it. Shaggy no longer has his coat and hat on, and Fozzie is now removing his. Fozzie clutches onto Shaggy’s back.

Shaggy: Thanks, man!

Baby Fozzie: Wocka-wocka!

Now we see the real Mystery Machine with the real Fred and Daphne driving. An antenna is rotating on top of it and beeping.

Fred: Well, this is Beach Boulevard. But no sign of Shaggy, Fozzie, Gonzo or Scooby.

Velma: (watching a monitor) That transmitter on Scooby’s collar is moving awfully fast.

Baby Bunsen: It appears that Scooby-Doo is in a moving vehicle.

Baby Beaker: Meep-meep-meep-meep!

Baby Bunsen: I mean, a different moving vehicle than ours.

Velma: The dognappers must have Scooby!

Baby Kermit: And Gonzo!

Baby Piggy: Good riddance!

Daphne: (angrily) HEY!

Baby Piggy: (laughs nervously) That is, to Gonzo.

Fred: OK, this is it. Here we go!

They accelerate, and then we see the dark van driving down the road. There is now a different driver behind the wheel.

Scooby and Gonzo: Help! Help!

Shaggy and Fozzie follow on the Scooter, but then we hear what sounds like a Native American whooping and hollering.

Shaggy: Oh, no!

We see a semi-transparent Native American whooping and riding a ghost horse and shaking a tomahawk as Indian music plays. We see brief stock footage of Indians riding on horses.

Baby Fozzie: Yikes! An Injun!

Shaggy: Man! It’s Geronimo!

Baby Fozzie: Geroni-who?

The scooter hits a bump and goes flying, along with Shaggy and Baby Fozzie. A crash is heard.

Geronimo: Whoo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo, yah, yah, yah! (rides off)

Shaggy and Fozzie’s heads stick out of the bush.

Fozzie: (to the beat of the background music) Do, do, do, do-do-do, dooooo!

Now we fade to the dognappers’ lair. Dogs are in cages. We see some kind of guard named Mike with a guy in a witch doctor’s mask and holding a big crate.

Mike: I got him, boss!

Witch Doctor: So you got Miller’s Great Dane, and some blue-haired weirdo. Good work, Mike. Let’s have a look.

They open the crate to see Scooby and Baby Gonzo in it.

Witch Doctor: You fool! That’s not Bob Miller’s champion Great Dane! The weirdo is fine, though. How could you mistake this mutt for a show dog?

Scooby: Huh?

Mike: Gee, boss, he was right where you said he’d be.

Witch Doctor: Get this phony decoy out of here! AND the weirdo!

Mike: But what will I do with them?

Witch Doctor: Give them a ride down the mountain on the old handcar. By the time it stops, he’ll be 20 miles away.

Baby Gonzo: But we might get hit by a train!

Mike: Good. (grabs Scooby and Gonzo) Come on, back in the crate.

Scooby’s claws clamp down onto the floor.

Scooby: No! No! Uh-uh! Uh-uh! (his legs slightly stretch like rubber as he is pulled on and taken away with the floorboard)

Now we see the Mystery Inc. gang, reunited with Shaggy.

Shaggy: And when this weirdo Indian attacked, I felt like a late-show rerun of “Custer’s Last Stand.”

Baby Fozzie: Don’t you mean “Rawhide?”

Fred: Are you sure it was a real Indian?

Shaggy: Real? Why, when he waved that tomahawk, even my hair was scared!

Velma: (standing near some railroad tracks and holding a tomahawk) Well, no hoofprints in the road.

Baby Scooter: But those are railroad tracks, not a road!

Velma: That isn’t exactly what I meant. But here’s something I found. It’s an authentic Indian relic, at least a thousand years old!

Shaggy: (gulp) I told you I thought he looked kind of ghostly.

Baby Animal: (wearing Native American feathers) Ugh! Ugh! Me, Animal-um! Me Indian! Yababababababa!

Baby Skeeter: Animal, that’s offensive!

Baby Animal: Sorr-ee.

Daphne: (at the radar screen) Hold it, gang. The transmitter on Scooby’s collar is moving again, and it looks like it’s heading for Indian Gap!

Fred: Let’s plot an intercept course.

Shaggy: Oh no! Poor Scooby!

Baby Fozzie: And poor Gonzo!

Now we see Mike on the tracks with a big handcar. The crate with Scooby and Baby Gonzo in it is on the car.

Mike: As a decoy, you’re a dud. And as for the weirdo, you’re a… whatever. Well, so long, boys. Enjoy the ride. (pushes the cart away)

It begins rolling faster. Scooby and Gonzo are bouncing around.

Baby Gonzo: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is more fun than Six Flags!

Scooby knocks on the top as Gonzo does this, and then he uses his claw to saw an opening on top, and another one for Gonzo. They stick their heads out. The cart passes by the Mystery Machine with the others in it.

Shaggy: Hey! That was Scooby!

Baby Piggy: And Gonzo! He’s REALLY going to get it now!

Shaggy: Hey, Scooby-Doo!

Baby Kermit: Gonzo! You there?

Scooby barks happily.

Baby Gonzo: Hurry up! We might crash at any second!

The Mystery Machine now appears to be driving on the railroad tracks.

Shaggy: Hang on, Scooby. I’ll save you!

Baby Fozzie: I’m not going this time!

Scooby barks again.

Shaggy: Hurry, Freddy. Give her the gas!

Baby Kermit: And get this car off the tracks before we get hurt!

The Mystery Machine drives off the tracks and next to the handcar. Shaggy gets out the window.

Shaggy: One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and here I go! (jumps onto the handcar)

The handcar goes faster and rides onto an old wooden railroad trestle.

Shaggy: We’re on a trestle.

Baby Gonzo: I can’t look!

The Mystery Machine skids to a stop right at the trestle.

Fred: Boy, was that close!

Baby Rowlf: Phew… I’m probably gonna have nightmares for weeks now.

Shaggy: As soon as we slow down, Scooby and Gonzo, I’ll get you both out of that crate.

A high-speed Santa Fe passenger train is off in the distance, blowing its horn.

Shaggy: What’s that? Sounds like the Midnight Express.

Baby Gonzo: The Super Chief, even!

The train horn becomes louder. We see stock footage of an old Santa Fe train rounding a curve.

Shaggy: Yow! It is!

Baby Gonzo: Why do I always wind up in front of trains?

Shaggy: I hope this is the brake! (tries pulling the lever, but it doesn’t move) It’s rusty. It’s not holding!

Scooby: I’ll help! I’ll help! (bites Shaggy’s butt)

Shaggy: Yow! Watch it!

Scooby pulls Shaggy back and Gonzo helps. The handcar slows down, and Shaggy begins pumping it the other direction.

Scooby: Raster! Raster!

Shaggy: I’m going faster!

Baby Gonzo: This is a nightmare!

Back at the Mystery Machine…

Velma: Here they come!

Daphne: That train is awfully close.

Baby Piggy: I’ll give Gonzo something to worry about than some stupid train!

Fred: There was a switch by the crossroad. Come on, let’s go!

The Mystery Machine drives off going backward. The train is hurtling over toward the handcar, its horn blaring loudly. Scooby and Shaggy panic, and Baby Gonzo says his prayers. Scooby barks at Fred, whom throws a switch at a track junction, and the handcar goes to a siding. Then he turns the switch back to normal, and the train speeds right past them. The Muppet Babies cheer.

Now Scooby and Gonzo are out of the crate. Baby Gonzo has his red overalls on once again.

Daphne: Scooby, you’re a brave decoy.

Baby Piggy: I have to admit, you did very well, Gonzo!

Baby Gonzo: (lovestruck) You really mean it?

Velma: Did those old dognappers hurt you, Scooby?

Baby Gonzo: (boasting) I knew that train wasn’t going to hit us!

Fred: (to a tired, panting Shaggy) This is all very nice, but it doesn’t solve the mystery. Scooby, can you tell us where the dognappers took you?

Scooby: Reah! Reah! (pretends to be a Native American) Whoo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo! Whoo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo!

Baby Animal: (imitating Scooby) Wah-bah-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo!

Shaggy: Oh no. Not the Indian. Not the Ghost of Geronimo!

Scooby: Ryeah! Ryeah! Geronimo!

Baby Fozzie: Not that creepy Native American!

Fred: Well, we’ve only got one lead, and that’s to backtrack to that old railroad spur. Everybody game?

Scooby gulps. Then they all ride the handcar with a light on the front to see, and Shaggy and Scooby and Baby Animal sit in front. Fred, Daphne and Velma pump the handles, and Baby Kermit has his railroad engineers’ hat on.

Shaggy: (like a train whistle) Whoooooooo! Whoo-whoooooooooo! Whoo-whoooooooo!

Velma: We can get along… without… the sound effects… thank you.

Baby Animal: Choo-choo train, choo-choo train! Yabababababababa!

Suddenly an arrow thwacks into the handcar.

Shaggy: Geronimo!

Scooby: Geronimo!

Baby Fozzie: Geronimo!

Shaggy: Stop the car! Stop the car!

The handcar slides to a halt.

Baby Gonzo: Skreeeeeeeeeee-bang! (Baby Piggy eyes him) But Shaggy was doing it!

Scooby and Shaggy and Baby Fozzie begin to run off.

Fred: Head for the rocks!

The Scooby Gang and the Muppet Babies hide in the rocks as the Geronimo ghost rides past.

Geronimo: Whoo-boo-boo-boo, yaaah-yaaaah-yaaaah! Whoo-boo-boo-boo-boo, whoo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo-boo…

Scooby has a “surrender” flag on his tail. Baby Animal waves a white sheet around. The ghost rides off.

Daphne: He’s gone!

Fred: Let’s get back to the handcar!

Shaggy: This is real, like in the movies!

Baby Kermit: Sort of like “Indiana Jones!”

They go over to the handcar with the arrow in it.

Shaggy: I told you that Indian was for real!

Fred: (pulls out the arrow) Well this arrow isn’t for real. It’s factory-made!

Baby Bunsen: (inspecting it with a magnifying glass) Made in Taiwan, to be exact.

Shaggy: Then how about that? (points to something) Is THAT for real?

We see a creepy old Indian village as creepy music crescendos.

Fred: Looks deserted, but somebody’s up there.

Shaggy: Nobody’s getting my beautiful hair.

Scooby: Me reither!

Baby Piggy: My hair is more beautiful than your hair, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo!

Fred: Gang, we’ve got to get up to that Indian village. And I think I know how we can do it.

Now we see an old slingshot-like tree with rubber stretching on it. It is tugging onto an arrow about to fire it.

Fred: Now, we’re all ready. This giant slingshot will shoot the arrow up to the village, taking the rope with it. Then everybody climbs up, OK?

Fred pulls out the stick and has the slingshot release the arrow all the way over to the top of the mountain.

Fred: (tugs the rope) OK, it’s solid. Now let’s get up to that village.

Baby Skeeter: Oh boy, we’re going mountain climbing!

Scooby: Not me.

Baby Fozzie: Me neither.

They both begin to slink away.

Velma: Scooby, Fozzie, you come back here!

They go back. Once they reached the top…

Shaggy: Man, this is Spooksville, like Indian-style!

Scooby: Huh? Yeah, rooks-ville.

Baby Fozzie: I don’t speak beatnik, but that does look spooky!

Fred: OK, gang. Let’s explore. I lead Scooby and the gang, and Kermit leads the other babies.

Baby Kermit: Got it!

As fast string-based Indian music plays, they walk along, but then hear a rattling sound.

Shaggy and Baby Fozzie: What’s that?

Velma: Look, up there!

They see the Witch Doctor shaking maracas.

Witch Doctor: Leave this place, paleface intruders, or suffer fate of Spanish conquistadores buried in desert below!

Scooby scrambles and begins to take off.

Scooby: Rat’s him, rat’s him! (runs off with a poof)

Witch Doctor: Remember my warning and go!

They watch, and then the Witch Doctor mysteriously vanishes.

Velma: That Indian sure spoke good English, considering he’s supposed to be a thousand years old.

Shaggy: Maybe he went to night school.

Baby Gonzo: There’s a night school?

Fred: OK, everybody, we’ll head for the dome-shaped building.

Shaggy: Hey, where’s Scooby and Rowlf?

Fred: They’ll catch up to us. Let’s move on.

We see Scooby and Rowlf hiding inside a big old pot. They come out.

Scooby: Wait for me!

Baby Rowlf: Me too!

Scooby and Rowlf walk at a faster pace than the gang.

Baby Bunsen: Why do we always walk like this?

Suddenly some bats come down and fly around the gang like crazy.

Velma: Hey! Come on! Get away from me!

Shaggy: Get out of here!

Baby Fozzie: Aaaaaah! Bats!

Velma: Leave me alone! Go away!

Baby Animal: Dracula! Yabababababababa!

Shaggy: If I ever get out of this, we’ll call this dance the Batusi!

Baby Gonzo: (singing) Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman!

Velma: Very funny, Gonzo. (a bat swipes away her glasses) My glasses!

The bat drops the glasses onto Scooby-Doo, and land over his eyes.

Scooby: Ruh?

Shaggy: (still shooing bats away with the others) Get out of here, bats!

Baby Fozzie: They’re gonna suck our blood!

Velma: My glasses! I can’t see without them!

Baby Scooter: You can borrow mine, Velma.

Scooby mutters something unintelligible, and a bat flies toward him and he takes off.

Shaggy: I’m getting out of here!

Baby Fozzie: Me too!

Velma: But I’ve just got to find my glasses! Scooter and Bunsen’s glasses won’t do!

Shaggy and Baby Fozzie run into another room away from the bats. They come up to what looks like a big witch doctor with a green mask and blue robe, really Scooby-Doo in disguise. Shaggy and Fozzie do not see Scooby’s get-up.

Scooby: Ri, Raggy.

Shaggy: Ri, Rooby.

Baby Fozzie: Rello, Rooby and Raggy! Wocka-wocka! (a tomato flies onto him and splatters him)

Shaggy: Fozzie! (to Scooby) Boy, I sure am glad to get away from those bats. (sees Scooby’s disguise) It’s Geronimo!

Baby Fozzie: (running away with Shaggy) And he was imitating Scooby’s voice!

Scooby: (following, still in costume) Geronimo!

Shaggy and Fozzie run out of the room and slam the door. On the other side, Scooby taps Shaggy’s shoulder.

Scooby: Raggy?

Shaggy and Baby Fozzie: Yipes!

They see Scooby; he’s lifted his witch doctor mask to reveal his true dog features, still with Velma’s glasses.

Shaggy: Oh! It’s you, Scooby. Hey, what are you doing with Velma’s glasses? (takes them off of him)

The three of them open the door again (Scooby’s no longer wearing his disguise) and peek in.

Shaggy: Come on, the coast is clear.

Velma is standing near a totem pole, moving around blindly.

Velma: Where is everybody? (feels the totem pole) Oh! Why, Shaggy, you’re petrified with fear. And you, too, Scooby! And Fozzie! Help me find my glasses.

Shaggy: Here they are, Velma. (hands them to Velma)

Velma: (puts on her glasses) Where did you find them?

Shaggy: Oh, it’s a long story, Velma.

Scooby: Long story!

Baby Fozzie: Really long! (the laugh track is heard again) At least the laugh track finds me funny! (another tomato flies into his face) I guess not.

Daphne and Fred and Baby Kermit and Piggy and Bunsen and Beaker are standing in front of the dome-shaped building. We see them from a long-shot with them purple.

Fred: This looks like their ceremonial building, where they held their special rites.

Baby Piggy: Why are we always purple when seen from a distance?

Daphne: (now they are in normal colors) Perfect place for a witch doctor to live.

Fred: Yeah. Come on, let’s find him.

Baby Kermit: I’m starting to think that witch doctor is a phony.

Baby Bunsen: Beaker and I will check out the exterior of the building.

They go in the building without Bunsen and Beaker and walk around.

Fred: Hey, look!

There is a fire burning in some kind of pot near an altar.

Fred: I doubt if that fire’s been burning a thousand years.

Daphne: Freddy, this place gives me goosebumps.

Baby Kermit: Me too!

The fire gets bigger as the Indian music begins. Then it shrinks again, and we see the witch doctor again!

Witch Doctor: You have violated the sacred temple. If you do not leave this village now, you will remain here forever! (disappears again)

Baby Piggy: If you think the witch doctor is a phony, then how did he do those fire effects?

Daphne: OK, we found him. Now let’s go.

Fred: Not yet. I want to check that altar.

Baby Kermit: And find proof that the witch doctor is all a hoax!

Daphne: YOU check it. I’LL wait right here.

Baby Piggy: Me too!

Fred: OK, I’ll just be a moment. (he and Baby Kermit walk off)

Daphne and Piggy sit on a stone bench, that suddenly moves down, and comes back up with nobody on it. Fred looks at the altar.

Baby Kermit: I don’t see any hologram projectors. Wait… Piggy?

Fred: Daphne? She’s gone!

Baby Kermit: And Piggy’s gone, too!

Fred and Baby Kermit: Daphne! Piggy! Daphne!

In another section, Scooby and Shaggy and Rowlf and Fozzie and Gonzo are exploring. Scooby sniffs something and twangs in a pointer position.

Baby Rowlf: Looks like old Scoob found something!

Scooby: Food! Food! Food! Food!

Baby Gonzo: (annoyed) FOOD?

Shaggy: Food? Good boy. Where is it? Lead me to it. (they run down some stairs) What’s it smell like? Indian corn? Beef jerky? I’ll try anything!

In a pantry…

Shaggy: Man! Those pueblo Indians sure knew how to live. We have salami, ham, canned sardines, pudding, not to men… Hey, wait a minute. This isn’t Indian food!

Baby Rowlf: And it might be all expired!

Scooby: (sees cans of dog food) Dog food. Scooby food!

Shaggy and Baby Fozzie: Scooby food? (they take a can)

Scooby: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Shaggy: (reads the can) It IS dog food. Scooby, we found the dognapper’s hideout!

Baby Rowlf: Good! Let’s free those dogs!

Shaggy: But, uh, I don’t see any dognappers around, so, why not fortify ourselves with a groovy little snack?

Scooby smiles. Then we see Shaggy preparing a sandwich.

Shaggy: And the ham slice connected to the rye bread, lettuce connected to the boiled egg, mustard slapped on a salami slice, and the cheese, I connect it to the deviled ham.

Scooby sees some kind of cupboard. He opens it.

Scooby: Rey, what’s this?

A little door opens on the wall and a hand shoves Scooby down it. Baby Rowlf follows. The door slams.

Shaggy: Scooby-Doo, where are you?

Baby Gonzo: Rowlf, where are you?

Scooby and Rowlf are going down a slide and then they land into the are with the dogs in cages. They crash into Daphne and Piggy tied up on a pole.

Daphne: Scooby, untie me, quick! That witch doctor may come back at any time!

Baby Piggy: Me, too! I’m glad Banana Nose isn’t here to save me.

Scooby: And the dogs?

Daphne: The dogs? Oh, sure. We’ll free the dogs. Now hurry!

Baby Rowlf: Far out!

Scooby begins tugging on the rope with his mouth. Fred and Baby Kermit are trying something out behind the totem pole in the altar.

Fred: I got a hunch there’s a secret passage around here someplace.

Baby Kermit: You always say “I got a hunch,” don’t you?

The totem pole opens, and Velma and Baby Animal pop out.

Fred: There it is! Velma! Animal! What are you doing there?

Velma: I don’t know. We sat down to rest, the next minute I’m here.

Daphne and Piggy poke out, too.

Daphne: Freddy! Velma! Animal! Kermit! Quick, this way!

They stand with Scooby, Baby Rowlf and the freed dogs.

Fred: Good boy, Scooby! You found them and freed them all!

Baby Rowlf: And I helped, too.

Velma: Does this mean we’ve solved the dognapping mystery?

Baby Kermit: Not yet. We haven’t figured out the witch doctor’s special effects yet.

Fred: Hey, Scooby and Rowlf, see if any of your pals know anything about that witch doctor or the dognapper.

Scooby: OK. (barks at the dogs)

A brown dog barks back at Scooby, whom barks again.

Baby Rowlf: They say that the witch doctor and dognapper have some kind of connection.

Fred: You know where he is, Scooby?

Scooby: Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

Fred: OK, let’s go. We’re right behind you.

Baby Kermit: So the witch doctor must be someone in a disguise!

Baby Animal: Ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang! Yababababababababa!

We see Shaggy walking around holding a big sandwich. Fozzie and Gonzo are with him, too.

Shaggy: While I’m searching for Scooby, I’ll just finish this little morsel.

He’s about to eat it, but then dogs bark off in the distance and then Scooby, Rowlf and the other dogs come up.

Shaggy: Yipe! (all the dogs bump into them, sending him and Fozzie and Gonzo flying and then coming down, Shaggy’s sandwich was not messed up) What a close shave! That was almost a catastrophe.

Shaggy eats the sandwich in just one bite.

Fred: Hey, Shaggy! Come on, follow the dogs!

Baby Kermit: And Rowlf!

Scooby, Rowlf and the other dogs slide down a ladder. Daphne, Velma, Fred, Piggy, Kermit, Animal, Scooter, Skeeter, Bunsen, Fozzie and Beaker follow. But Shaggy’s pointy rear bumps down the ladder and breaks the steps as Gonzo clutches onto him.

Shaggy: Yow!

Baby Gonzo: You have a sharp behind!

We hear a big crash on the bottom and see Shaggy and Gonzo lying dazed at the bottom of the broken ladder.

Fred: Come on, Shaggy! Gonzo!

All the dogs are barking like crazy, including Scooby-Doo and Baby Rowlf, as they run up to the witch doctor.

Scooby: Scooby-Doo!

They all begin chasing the witch doctor, including the dogs, the Scooby gang and the Muppet Babies.

Fred: They’ve spotted him!

Baby Kermit: Now we can solve the mystery!

They have the witch doctor cornered on a pole.

Fred: The dogs have him!

Scooby removes the mask from the witch doctor’s head, revealing…

Velma: Why, it’s Buck Masters, the owner of Big Red! HE’S the dognapper!

Baby Kermit: But how could a white man impersonate an Indian witch doctor? The hands are different!

Buck: You blasted kids, dogs and babies! Why don’t you mind your own business?

Fred: Catching dognappers IS our business, Mr. Masters. After all, Scooby-Doo is a dog, and we love him very much.

Scooby: Awwwww…

Baby Kermit: And our friend Rowlf is a dog, and we like him too!

Baby Rowlf: Thanks, Kermit!

Later, we fade up to the Scooby gang and Muppet Babies standing with the Sheriff. Nanny is with them too, with her face unseen.

Sheriff: That was quite a plot you kids uncovered. Who would have suspected Masters of dognapping his own pet?

Baby Kermit: That’s what baffled me, too!

Nanny: Well, you kids did a good job at uncovering such a dangerous crime!

All babies: Thanks, Nanny!

Velma: He decided to win the dog show by dognapping the only three dogs who could beat Big Red.

Daphne: Then Big Red was to turn up just before the show and win first prize.

Sheriff: You said something about a phantom Indian on horseback. What about that?

Baby Fozzie: Finally! We get to that dreaded Geronimo!

Fred: Simple. He used a movie projector from the back of his truck.

Baby Bunsen: And a sound-effects record provided the weird whooping!

Shaggy: Look! Geronimo! He’s back again!

We see what looks like the shadow of a Native American holding a tomahawk with a horse underneath.

Baby Fozzie: He looks like a Go-Go Gopher!

We then pan over and see that it’s really Scooby-Doo holding a feather duster near his face and a tomahawk as well. Baby Animal hold up a stick-horse as well.

Scooby: Scooby-Dooooo! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

Baby Animal: OK, go bye-bye! Yabababababababa!



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I love Scooby-Doo Mysteries! I hope Scooby-Doo and adult Muppets!


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Maybe I'll have the adult Muppets for "The New Scooby-Doo Movies" :smile:

BTW, I also did "Mine Your Own Business" as well