REEFER MADNESS: The Movie Musical


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Apr 5, 2004
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I just wanted to start this thread to expound on the greatest movie musical to come out since Moulin Rouge, REEFER MADNESS!!

The film follows a VERY similar path to Little Shop of Horrors. And here's how:

1. Like Little Shop, Reefer Madness was inspired by an old low budget cult film, a highly misinformed 1936 exploitation flick about the evils of marijuana.

2. Like Little Shop, Reefer Madness (the movie) began as an off-Broadway musical.

3. Like Little Shop, there are over-the-top characters and personalities (example: Orin Scrivello the sadistic dentist compared to Ralph the psychotic reefer junkie).

4. Like Little Shop, the music is funny, beautiful and possessive of your CD player. You get so hooked on the awesome soundtrack that you cannot get it out of your head and you cannot stop listening to it (not a bad angle for a comedy about drug addiction).

5. Like Little Shop, THERE IS PUPPETRY (though very briefly)!!!: There's a scene where the film's hero/victim, Jimmy, is so stoned that he sees a plate of clams in pasta and marinara sauce come to life, with little sharp teeth and looking very much like the little Audrey Two's (it was obviously a tribute, NOT a rip off). There's even a shop from within one of their mouths, very similar to the shot in Little Shop where we see Orin from within his patient's mouth.

6. Like Little Shop, the film is pseudo-tragic, yet with a pseudo-happy ending.

7. And like Little Shop, the film is a farce, and not to be taken seriously at all. Anyone who reads the film at face value and sees marijuana smoking as leading to cannibalism and a one way ticked to **** is missing the whole point. It's also not a big ol' subversive pro-marijuana movie either. It's just a brilliant musical, the best I've seen since Moulin Rouge, and a worthy successor to the genre of musical horror comedy laid out by Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors.

I encourage all you Little Shop fans out there to find this film and give it a shot. It's such a wonderful movie and so far it's kept under the radar of popular rentals. We need to bring it to the light so it can grow, harvest, and be sold on streetcorners to unsuspecting....HA!!! Just kidding about that last part!