Please help me find the name & brand of this muppets themed children’s perfume with Miss Piggy on it from the 90’s


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May 11, 2024
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I had a children’s purple muppets themed solid perfume necklace in the 90’s with a picture of Miss Piggy on the bottle. The container was the same shape as a lip balm. Does anyone remember this children’s perfume ? If so do you remember the brand that made it or the name of the perfume ? I’m looking for which fragrance notes it contained because I’m looking for a perfume that smells similar to it or exactly like it. If you know which fragrance notes were in it that would be so helpful

I find that JLo Still perfume smells a tad bit similar but not quite as strong. So I’m looking for other perfumes that have a more concentrated scent. It had a sweet smell which smelled like a blend of fruity and floral notes. I believe it contained freesia & possibly apple or strawberry or other fruit notes. Possibly Jasmine and rose too

I’ve been looking for more information on this children’s perfume from the 90’s for years. I found a photo of it on this muppets central website but can’t find it on here anymore. I have a screenshot of the photo of the perfume but don’t know know if I can upload photos on these forums, I don’t see the option to. If you know how to post photos in here please let me know how you do it