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Playhouse Video: Rock Classics with the Muppets

Gorgon Heap

Well-Known Member
Apr 15, 2002
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A fanfic entry in the Playhouse Video series "Jim Henson's Muppet Video" -- a sequel to "Rock Music with the Muppets"!

Rock Classics with the Muppets

(“Sweet Tooth Jam” plays over the speakers as the camera pans over the walls of the studio.)
“Hey, slide on by whilst I lay a little welcome on you, all you hip dudes and swinging sisters out there! This is Dr. Teeth, as always bringing you classic rock n’ roll from “The Muppet Show”! And in the booth, spinning out all the rock that fits to roll, is my main man, Beaker!”
(Beaker meeps. He pushes a button, which causes an explosion.)
“Uh, well that’s one way to start things off with a bang. And now, let’s get things underway with the incredible Mr. Elton John!”

1) "Crocodile Rock" - ELTON JOHN & Electric Mayhem
“All right! That was the fantastic Mr. Elton John! Coming at you next, here’s the terrific Miss Diana Ross!
2) "Love Hangover" - DIANA ROSS
“And now –"
(Explosion. Beaker frets.)
"That's all right. Take it easy, Beaker! You know that, despite your many flaws, I still "Love Ya to Death"! Hah hah hah!"

3) "Love Ya to Death" – Electric Mayhem (S & W)
4) "Animal interview" - Kermit & Animal
(Animal chases Beaker around the booth.)
"Yes, well uh, things are lookin' a little hairy around here. Let's bring things back down to 'groovy'! And who better to help us than Mr. Lou Rawls?"

5) "Groovy People" - LOU RAWLS & the Sleeze Bros.
6) "Good Day, Sunshine / Dancing in the Dark" - Fozzie & Cast
Hey, Beaker, you have that next track cued up?”
(Beaker meeps, goes over and starts up the machine. He gets his face caught up in the tape and starts spinning with it.)
"Ooh, I think we need to get things back on track. Let's climb aboard the "Friendship Train" with Gladys Knight!"

7) "Friendship Train" - GLADYS KNIGHT & cast
8) (VO: "And now, Link & Gonzo show us who's a 'Macho Man'.") "Macho Man" - Gonzo, Link & chorus
9) (VO: "And now, a solo by yours truly!") "Money" - Dr. Teeth
"All right, that was yours truly, Dr. Teeth, of the Electric Mayhem band. Of course, the Electric Mayhem isn't the only band we've had on "The Muppet Show". We've also had a Rubber Band. And performing with the Rubber Band, we also had the very lovely Lynda Carter! Hah hah!"
10) "Rubber Band Man" - LYNDA CARTER, cast, Rubber Band
11) "Alley" - LOU RAWLS, Floyd & Animal
12) "At the Hop" - Scooter & Frogs
13) "Tenderly" - Electric Mayhem (S & W)
14) Bennie & the Jets" - ELTON JOHN & cast
“Of course, that wasn’t the only number Elton John did with us. He also did a duet with our own pulchritudinous princess of pork, Miss Piggy!”
15) "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - ELTON JOHN, Piggy & Electric Mayhem (S & W)
16) "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" - Floyd
"Over the years, "The Muppet Show" has been proud to present talented young unknowns to the entertainment-seeking masses. Here's a quick look at one such group, who came to us early in their career before hitting the heights of -- superstardom!"
17) "She Loves You" - Beetles
18) Kaye Ballard episode backstage plotline; "Fugue for Frog"
"Great music is always ahead of its time." (Beaker shakes head.) "But speaking of time, I'd like to turn back the clock and pose the musical question: where would the world of Rock be without the world of Jazz? And where would the world of Jazz be without Dizzy Gillespie? Hah hah!"
19) "St. Louis Blues" - DIZZY GILLESPIE & Electric Mayhem
20) Backstage: Wayne & Wanda, Connie & Kermit, the Mutations; "Teenager in Love" - CONNIE STEVENS
21) (VO: "Following the lovely Connie Stevens, here are the adorable Muppet Sheep!") "Rama Lama Ding Dong" - Shepherd & Sheep
22) "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" - Floyd & Janice w/Animal, Rizzo (& Rowlf)
23) "Puppet Man" - Pinocchio & Puppets
24) "New York State of Mind" - Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Zoot
(Dr. Teeth enters, carrying a fruit basket.)
“Hey, Beaker! Come on out here!”
(Beaker exits the control booth and enters the studio.)
“Look! Someone sent us a fruit basket! Help yourself!”
(Beaker helps himself to a banana but drops it. Dr. Teeth reaches for the card.)
“I wonder who it’s from.”
(Beaker grabs a bunch of grapes but slips on the banana peel and falls.)
“Hey, it’s from Gladys Knight!”
(Beaker stands up, with a bunch of grapes hanging off of his nose in front of his mouth.)
“Hey, very good Beaker! Just like Gladys Knight, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”! Hah hah!”

25) "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" - GLADYS KNIGHT & Grapes
26) "Surfin' U.S.A." - Kermit, Frogs & Sweetums
"And now, one of the great names in popular music, Miss Teresa Brewer!"
27) "Nickelodeon" - TERESA BREWER, Dancers, Floyd & Animal
(Dr. Teeth and Beaker finish eating. Dr. Teeth notices they’re back on.)
“Oh! You’re back with us! Well, we hope that the music has inspired you, lifted up your righteous consciousness, and leaves you wanting to reach out and touch somebody’s hand --”
(Beaker, who has been listening, reaches out to touch Dr. Teeth’s hand.)
“-- just like the song by Diana Ross!”
(Beaker slips on the banana again.)
“Beaker, I told you to clean up that banana. Hey, here’s Diana Ross! Yay!”
(He looks back down at Beaker, out of sight down on the floor.)

28) "Reach Out and Touch" - DIANA ROSS & cast
“Well, that about wraps up our rockin’ and rollin’ for today. This has been yours truly, Dr. Teeth, and --”
(Dr. Teeth spots Beaker snacking in the booth.)
“Beaker, what have I told you about eatin’ in the booth?”
(Beaker dismisses him with a wave.)
“If anything gets gummed up --”
(Beaker drops a piece of food on a reel-to-reel, which flings it back into another reel-to-reel on the wall, sucking it up and causing a short and an explosion. End credits as more explosions keep going off. Beaker runs out of the booth. Dr. Teeth tries to send him back in with a broom to deal with it. Beaker refuses. Dr. Teeth runs after him. Finally, the control booth window blows out. The whole booth is destroyed. At the pause for the closing comment, Beaker finally picks up the squashed banana he dropped in the studio. Dr. Teeth swats it out of his hand and leans over to cry. Beaker joins him.)