Play with Me Sesame Australia DVDs


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Nov 8, 2023
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I thought I would make a thread to tell you about Play with Me Sesame DVDs from Australia and the segments that we're featured in them.
*Segments previously appeared in other physical media releases
**Songs appeared on albums but not on dvd.
Playtime with Ernie:
  • Ernie Says: Duckie Says
  • Goldie Duckie
  • "When Bert's Not Here"
  • Ducks in a Row: Feathered Ducks
  • Ernie's Pretend Tea Party
  • Play with Me: Bodies
  • Ernie Plays Doctor*
  • Ernie Says: Plant a Silly Surprise Garden
  • "Do De Rubber Duck"*
  • Play with Me: Take Turns
  • Ernie's Drum Experiment
  • Move and Groove: "The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree"*
  • The Opposite Game with Bert
  • "The Opposite Game"*
  • Ernie Says: Book
  • "Rubber Duckie (Season 30 remake)"*
  • Play with Me: Fast
  • Ernie listens to Noises at Night*
  • Ducks in a Row: Muddy Ducks
  • "Share" (Season 30 version)*
  • Ernie listens to headphones
  • Move and Groove: "Sing After Me"
Playtime with Prairie Dawn:
  • Cookie Monster Says
  • "Three"*
  • First and Last Cookie
  • Ernie Says: Train
  • Help in Space
  • "Good Morning, Morning"
  • Play with Me: Laugh
  • What's Prairie's Problem?
  • Move and Groove: "Row Row Row Your Boat"
  • The Blindfold Game*
  • "Girl of the World"
  • Play with Me: Take Turns
  • Fairy Tales Today: Big Sad Wolf
  • Ernie Says: Languages
  • "I Think That it is Wonderful"*
  • Cookie and Prairie on the Computer*
  • Oatmeal Art: Sail Boat
  • Grover has Thirty Seconds to Show Surprise*
  • Play with Me: Switch Parts
  • Fairy Tales Today: Rapunzel
  • Move and Groove: The Birdcall Boogie*
Playtime with Bert:
  • Ernie Says: Feelings
  • Simon Soundman Makes a Sound of a Tuba*
  • Ernie and Bert Fishing*
  • Pigeon Patterns: Gray and Purple
  • "Pigeons and Cookies and Trash"*
  • Play with Me: Pigeons
  • Ernie and Bert explore a Egyptian Pyramid*
  • Move and Groove: I Love a March**
  • Follow the Arrows Game*
  • Elmo Scares Pigeons
  • Oatmeal Art: Caterpillar
  • Ernie's Drum Game
  • Elmo Talks About Feelings
  • Ernie Says: Together
  • Ernie and Bert Fishing Again
  • Play with Me: Peanut Butter
  • "Bert's Blanket"*
  • Perfect Pair: Green, White with Purple Stripes, Black with Pink Hearts
  • *Bert Sings Rubber Duckie
  • Move and Groove: "Pop Goes the Eyebrows"
Sing with Me:

  • Ernie Says: Sing
  • "Heavy and Light"*
  • "I Love My Room"*
  • Move and Groove: "Let's Go Driving"*
  • "Bells"
  • Grover Introduces the Next Song
  • "Happy!"*
  • Grover Introduces Another Song
  • "Honk Around the Clock"*
  • Move and Groove: "Monster in the Mirror"*
  • "It's a Circle"*
  • "Share (Elmo and Zoe version)"*
  • Play with me: Clap
  • "Some Enchanted Lunchtime"
  • Move and Groove: "Monster Up and Down"
  • "I'm Sad Because I'm happy"**
  • Grover Introduces a Great Hit
  • "Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco"*
  • Move and Groove: "A Cat Had a Birthday"*
Animals Everywhere
  • Ernie Says: Animals
  • Grover Safari Photographer
  • Elmo and Zoe Pretend to Be Ducks
  • Ducks in a Row: Short to Tall
  • Guess Who I Am
  • Ernie and Bert imagine animals
  • Move and Groove: "The Birdcall Boogie"*
  • Elmo Scares Pigeons
  • Play with Me: Pigeons
  • Sesame Street News Flash: The Great Poonga-Poonga
  • Ernie Says: Noises
  • Ernie and Bert Goldfish
  • "A Fish Outta Water"
  • Pigeon Pattern: Yellow and Blue
  • Joey and Davey Get Bananas
  • "We Are All Earthlings"*
  • Ernie Says: Dogs
  • Asking Elmo
  • "Animals In On and Under"
  • Move and Groove: "A Cat Had a Birthday"*
Head, Shoulders, Fur and Toes:

  • Ernie Says: Faces
  • Zoe Says
  • Play with Me: Bodies
  • "One Fine Face"*
  • Perfect Pair: Yellow, White with Purple Polka Dots, Argyle Socks
  • "Right in The Middle of a Face (With Elmo)"*
  • Humphrey and Natasha Have 15 Seconds to Show Noses
  • Guess What's Inside Ernie's Clothes?*
  • Move and Groove: Handclapping Number*
  • Cookie Monster Talks About Mouths
  • Grover Sells Nose Warmers
  • "Natasha's Lullabye"*
  • Ernie Says: Hands
  • Elmo Makes a Face
  • Play with Me: Clap
  • "Rub Your Tummy (with Ernie and Bert)"
  • Grover & Mr. Johnson: Photographer
  • Ernie Says: Bodies
  • Grover Sells Sunglasses
  • What Color is Your Hair?
  • Prairie and Cookie talk about Eyes, Nose and Ears
  • Move and Groove: "Get on Up and Move Your Body"*
Happy, Sad, Proud and Mad:
  • Ernie Says: Feelings
  • Cookie Monster Unexpected
  • Play with Me: Wubba
  • "You Tickle Me"*
  • Big Bird Lost Radar
  • Move and Groove: "Sippy Cup"
  • Ernie tries to scare Bert
  • Waiter Grover: Tomato Surprise
  • Play with Me: Laugh
  • Telly's Pet Flea
  • Oatmeal Art: Bowl of Oatmeal
  • "Two-Headed Monster Feelings Song"
  • The Lost Duckie
  • Ernie and Telly Show Surprise
  • Ernie Says: Help Ernestine
  • Big Bird's Proud Portrait
  • The Copycat Game
  • "All By Myself (Season 32 Remake)"**
  • Pigeon Pattern: Double
  • Grover and Rosita have 15 seconds to show love
  • The Crying Game
  • Move and Groove: "Jump"*