NYC Hotel Advice for Sesame Street Visitors

Convincing John

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Aug 27, 2003
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Hey everyone!

With some luck, I found out that there's a chance I may get to visit the Sesame Street set pretty soon. It's still in the Kaufman-Astoria Studios, if I remember right.

I know some of you fans have been there and some of you are familiar with New York City. So I wanted to ask your advice. Is there a good nearby hotel that doesn't charge an arm and a leg? Someone I talked to said "why not the Hotel Pennsylvania?" I tried looked up reviews and I swear someone actually referenced the Happiness Hotel! Seriously! Click here, then scroll halfway down the page to the review from 6/5/10.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Great Muppet Caper. I just don't think that I'm quite ready to stay at a Muppet-less Happiness Hotel. I don't want to see rats in my room unless they're Rizzo and his pals.

Internet reviews of places are helpful, but I'd be happy with any advice I could get. I'm not shooting for anything fancy-shmancy, just something basic: just a clean room and a decent price, like what you'd get at a Super 8, y'know?

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Convincing John