Muppet themed episode of Kahn Man's Comedy Corner


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Apr 13, 2002
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Kahn Man's Comedy Corner is one of several Dr. Demento style comedy radio shows. The monthly programming started its seventh season this month after a two year hiatus...and what's a winning way to return in style? With Muppets of course! The hour show concludes with a segment of Muppet inspired tracks:

- the Matty Blades remix of the Fraggle Rock theme
- Good Times a Goo Goo from the Bran Flakes which is an interesting take on Movin Right Along
- TV's Kyle featuring Dictionary Attack's cover of Rainbow Connection - even though it's by a comedy artist, it is basically a cover/tribute as opposed to a parody
- Bert's No Good by Robert Lund and ... a won't spoil this, you have to hear it for yourself
- Rob Balder's Muppet Laboratories

Also worth noting is that the episode also includes a track by Throwing Toasters ( podcast host Grant Baciocco)

You can listen to the show here: