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Jul 12, 2002
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Hello to all. I decided to post this thread here because my questions are from all three of the main Muppet franchises. If you all approve, I could post on each section's thread later. I encourage anyone who can help me with my research to gladly post a response. Well, here it is.
With regards to the female opera singing collie character, is her name Annata or Renatta Scottie?
As to the furry rabbit bellhop of the Furry Arms Hotel, is his name Benny Bunny or Rabbit?
Is Bip Bippaddata an actual character distinct from Mahna Mahna, or are they both the same character?
Does Charlie, from Grover's restaurant qualify as an actual character even though he was never seen, only mentioned by name?
As to Chris and the Alphabeats, please tell me the names of the individual Alphabeats and how one member can be differentiated from the others.
Does Dr. Bob, (Rowlf), qualify as a character distinct from Rowlf even though he played this role?
As to the two monkeys from Sesame Street, is Davy Monkey's name spelled "Davy" or "Davey"?
As to the beat poet, Donizetti Ferlenghetti, is this his real full name?
As to Jerry and the Monotones, please tell me the names of the individual Monotones and how one member can be differentiated from the others.
As to Forgetful Jones' cowboy friend who looks a little like Johnny Cash, is his name Noah Cowherd, or Cowhand, or just what is his correct name?
As to the Rhymies, please tell me the names of the individual Rhymies and how one member can be differentiated from the others.
As to the fish explorer who wore a helmet and breathing tank so that she could explore on dry land and still survive, is her name Wanda Cousteau, or does she have a different name? What is that name?

Because I'm blind and don't know who these specific characters are, I'd appreciate it if you could include a description of the following characters. Please include the character's hair color, eye color if applicable, nose color and shape, skin or fur color, tail color if applicable, and wardrobe with appropriate coloring of everything from their hats down to their shoes.
Alphabet Explorer: Steve Irwin look-alike.
Andy and Randy Pig: Piggy's dumb nephews.
Angus McGonnicle: The Gargling Gargoyle.
Announcer: Red bird creature.
Astoria: Waldorf's wife.
Baabaa Walters: A sheep.
Baby Martian.
Baby Natasha.
Baskerville the Hound: Auditions for show.
Bernie the Easterbunny: Makeup man.
Bill the Bubble Guy: "Bubbles come out of my head!".
Bo Peep: Keeps losing her sheep
Boss: Lefty's boss with the Golden "An".
Brio the Minstrel.
Brool the Minstrel.
Bug Lou Allan: Hosted "People's Court" (Whoopi Goldberg ep.).
Captain Peejay: Bald captain.
Carl: The Big Mean Bagpipe Eater/Bunny/Ventriloquist.
Cinderella .
Clueless Morgan: Goat, works in a cafe with Polly.
Composta Heap: Mulch's sister & Van Neuter's wife).
Craniac: Science officer (brain creature).
David Hoggselhoff: Champ Schwimmer.
Deena & Pearl: Monsters who loved to imagine? (old).
Droop: Fuzzy guy with long snout.
Elizabeth: Green Muppet girl, owns Little Murray Sparkles.
Ernest Spleth: Does "Wallstreet Happenings" and other dull things.
Felix: Grouch that cleaned Oscar's place.
Fleet Scribbler: Tabloid reporter (George Burns ep.).
Frank and Stein: Two-headed monster.
George: Elmo's dad and Gladys is Elmo's mom.
Gina: Muppet; "Gina play".
Gladys: Cafeteria Waitress.
Henry and Liza: You see, there's a hole in the bucket...
Henry Wadsworth Wrongfellow: Grouchy poet.
Jackman Wolf: Guy with yellow hair and glasses, sung.
Jacket Fairy: Brought Zoe's jacket to life.
Johnny Fiama: Singer.
Jowls: Guitar player in the new band.
Lenny the Lizard: Auditions for part of Emcee.
Little Murray Sparkles: Elizabeth's cat; originally named Sparkles.
Little Red Riding Hood: Red is liberated or non-traditional.
Lulu: Cookie Monster's (ex?) girlfriend.
Madeline: Wardrobe lady.
Malard Duck: Helped babysit Natasha one time.
Mama Fiama: Johnny Fiama's mom.
The Merggles: Merboo, Merkey, Mermer, Merple, and Mervin.
Mulch: Van Neuter's Frankenstein-like assistant.
Muppy, J.P. Grosse's dog.
Murray the Minstrel.
Nigel: Green little nervous creature in control room.
Mother of Nigel, green nervous creature in the control room of Muppets Tonight.
Noise Inspector: Guy with a Noise Detector.
Osvaldo the Grouch.
Pat Playjacks: America's _Second_ Favorite Game Show Host.
Pepe The Prawn: Elevator Operator.
Peter Piper.
Dr. Phil Van Neuter: Friendly veterinarian host.
Pied Piper: Really groovy, looked like Jim Henson.
Polly Lobster: Works in a cafe with Clueless Morgan.
The Princess with the Pea.
Rumpelstiltskin: First name is Bruce.
Sal the Monkey: Johnny Fiama's monkey bodyguard.
Seymour The Elephant: Elevator Operator.
Showered Rosell: Sports Announcer.
Sleeping Beauty.
Snooky Bloir: Gameshow host from "Swift Wits".
Spamela Hamderson: Busty pig.
Thudge Mc Gerk: Spooks around theaters.
Velma Blank: Vanna White lookalike.
Witches in a cave: They COOPERATED to make some chicken soup.
Yorick the skull.
ZZ Top Lookalikes.
Zippity-Zap: Green hip Muppet.
Zippity-Zap's mom.

Because I'm blind and I don't know who these characters are, I'd appreciate it if you could help me by providing the name of the corresponding actor/actress and what they look like. Please include a description of their hair color, eye color, skin color if applicable, and their wardrobe with appropriate coloring of everything from their hats down to their shoes.
Alan : Currently owns Hooper's store.
Buffy (Buffy St. Marie) : Past, maried to Sheldon.
Carlo (Carlo Alban) : Kid, works in Mr. Hooper's store.
Dr. Byrd : Works at the vet.
Fanny : Old SS kid, Kermit interview.
Mr. Handford: Is the actor's Name DavidLivingston or Langston Smyrl?
John-John: Frequently used child.
Koty : Child of Buffy and Sheldon.
Luis's Uncle.
María's Mamá.
Nick Chicken.
Nina the Nice : Oscar's alter ego in a n'hood of grouches.
Sam & Sid, the Sleaze Brothers.
Sheldon : Married to Buffy.
Shola : Old SS kid, Kermit interview.
Sough (pronounced Sahj) : Rebuilt Big Bird's nest after a hurricane.
Tarah (Tarah Lynne Schaeffer)
Yelba: African-American librarian, assistant to Linda.

Thanks to all who respond, the Count.


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Jul 11, 2002
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I can only answer one.I dont consider Dr.Bob because rowlf was playing him as an actor and so it was just an actor acting a part.just as were Piggy and Janice.and like Fozzie in bear on patrol