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Muppet Central Radio: New Music Weekend beginning August 31st

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Phillip, Aug 30, 2002.

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  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Beginning this Saturday morning, we'll be adding more than 200 new songs to Muppet Central Radio. These are songs that will be played on Muppet Central Radio for the first time. Included are more classics from the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Bear in the Big Blue House, Dinosaurs, and the Hoobs. Special thanks to Luke who recorded about 20 Hoobs tracks and sent them to use on Muppet Central Radio.

    The new songs will be added to our current rotation at approximately 11 am eastern / 10 am central Saturday morning. Start your Labor Day weekend with lots of Muppety music.

    Click here to listen.

    Let us know what you think of our New Music Weekend!
  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Our new music weekend is now underway. Let us know what you think of the 200 new songs added to our rotation.

    Click here to listen
  3. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    Phil and the other MC wizards,

    Great job with the new rotation at Muppet Central Radio. I have become hooked on it lately, and listen at work most days. Much to the delight/disgust of some folks who wander into my office asking what on earth I'm listening too (normally its when Elmo is screaming Elmo's song).

    Anyway. I do love the new stuff, and as always appreciate the little happiness it brings to long days of paperwork and headaches!
  4. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about it! I tried to download it when I was home with Mommy and Daddy Summers this weekend, but it didn't work. :(

    But now I'm bakk at my pad and kan listen to it! Yay! :D
  5. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Yeah i'd also like to extend my congratulations to Phillip on the 'new look' MC Radio. Contributing the Hoobs matierial has given me like a tiny perspective of the sheer amount of work that must go into recording, editing and programming the songs for this superb resource for Henson fans. It's excellent work, much appreciated, and couldn't be applauded higher !
  6. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    How many Hoobs songs are there in rotation now? I've not heard any, and am kinda looking forward to finding out what these English Muppets are all about.

    I also have a question for Phil. I'll try to not get real technical. How does rotation work for MC radio? Are some songs on a higher rotation then others? How are songs broken up into to catagories (If they are at all)?
  7. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the support of Muppet Central Radio. The feedback is always very helpful. It is a big project, but one I enjoy thoroughly. Every file goes through some extent of equalization and noise reduction in order to get the best possible sound when streaming and to make the transitions from one track to another as seamless as possible. This takes time to do but the end result is worth it.

    Concerning Nate's questions about the rotation. Right now, there are about 20 Hoobs tracks playing. More Hoobs tracks will be added in the future, they just need to be added in several increments. Unfortunately Live365 doesn't allow as many options for a playlist as I would like. Ideally you'd have it divided into high, medium and low rotation. To even extend that further, it would be broken up into different timeslots within each hour as is commonly done in radio. Being able to put a few songs in separate dayparts would be nice too.

    Right now the rotation is in random mode which simply means the songs are played randomly then they repeat again in a new random order. I do remove a few songs and add new ones periodically to keep things fresh. Then at other times, we have a New Music Weekend like we just did when there are a lot of songs to be added. As of today our rotation is at about 32 hours with 900 songs.
  8. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Phil. I was curious as to whether you could divide each hour up into "wheels" or "clocks" (basically pie charts to designate when a certain type of song (its rotation) would be played. It sad that you cannot divide up rotation into smaller catagories, timeparts (daytime vs. nightime rotation), and put some limits on it (like no 2 songs from the same show back to back).

    Regardless of the lack of specifics, it still sounds good, and its always a fun break to sit and listen to a great song when it comes up. I finally heard Scooter's song from the Phyllis George episode today. I've been waiting for that one for ages!
  9. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    It would be nice to have something like a Muppet Show Hour or something.

    So you could come and listen to music from only that show, Like a radio program.

    See ya
  10. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    I have another question for Phil.

    How is "the great Luke Ski!?" And where did the who let the Frogs Out song come from? Is this part of the new rotation?
  11. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    BlueFrackle... Doing shows of specific programming on a regular basis isn't practical at this time due to limitations with Live365. If this becomes an option in the future and it's something we could program automatically, we'll highly consider that.

    Radionate... "the great Luke Ski!" has done several albums and "Who Let the Frog Out" is his tribute to Jim and the Muppets. Yes the song was addded to our rotation on Saturday. It is a great parody. He is also a member of our forum.

    For those who are interested in picking up their own copy of it, you can find out info on that at www.LukeSki.com. The song is on his newest CD release "Uber Geek".
  12. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    Thanks Phil. I hadn't put two and two together. Now I remember his thread, and the links to his stuff, which I had wanted to check out and didn't. Kudos to Luke Ski!!!!
  13. Thanks!

    Hey! Thanks for the praise, I'm glad you like it!

    FYI, I currently have the most requested song of 2002 on "the Dr. Demento Show", my Spiderman tribute "Peter Parker", from my CD "Uber Geek", the same CD that "Who Let The Frog Out?" is on. I have to wonder if the folks at Henson changed the name of the album because they heard about my song. Either way, I'm happy all you muppet fans are enjoying my song. To find out how to get my CDs and to find out more about me and my comedy parody music, visit www.LukeSki.com. Talk to you all later!

    PS: "Weird Al" MUST be on the new Muppet Show! :)
  14. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    one thing i'll hand luke...he had that same ego when he was selling CDs from a box with inserts that kinko's had screwed up and printed the wrong size. he knew he was gonna make it...

    i STILL hate "KFC b*tch" though...
  15. Leggo my ego! :)

    Hey "Grail", which convention was that? The only convention I've done in Indianapolis lately was Star Wras Celebration II, but I imagine you saw me out there back around 97. And for the record, yes, those 2 CDs complete with kinkos-made inserts are still for sale at my website ("Fanboys 'n da Hood" & "Shadows of the Bunghole"), but not for too much longer, there are only about 30 copies left of the original run of 1,000. My latter 2 CDs "Carpe Dementia" and "Uber Geek" were done with a much bigger budget, and look and sound much better than my first 2 albums.

    I have to wonder just what it is about "KFC B*tch" you dislike, it's the only risque double-entendre song I've ever done, but it's chickens doing heavy metal, which should appeal to a muppet fan on some level. Are there any songs of mine you really like?

    And remember, just because I have a big ego, doesn't mean that I'm *not* in fact the greatest up-and-coming parody music artist in the known universe. :) Now, I'm off to watch Kermit's Swamp Years. See ya!
  16. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    it was InConjunction '97...we had Dr. Demento, and you just kinda...appeared on us. you said you had JUST gotten those inserts from Kinko's like the night before or something.

    as for KFC...well, i may have to get out the CD and listen to it again, but as i remember it, it was just a messed up rap style cursing session...i wasn't a big fan. it's been several years since i've listened to it, so maybe i'm confusing it with another song.

    i do like several of your songs in fact...especially "Mystery Science Theater Picture Show" and "Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues" (or whatever the correct name of it is.) even though you got me in trouble because you did them at our masquarade, went waaaaaaay over time, and i let you. oh well...what are they gonna do fire me? (the one nice thing is that they forgot that i can run the sound equipment after that, so no more headaches there) i also thought the Ranma song had promise, but was horribly mangled by the karaoke track...

    just the way i see it,

  17. InConJunction, what's your function?

    Yes, that was one of the very first conventions I had done after those 2 CDs were released. I'd go back if it weren't for the fact that the convention is always on weekends when I'm at Wizard World or some other function. If the con committe was interested in me, I'd love to come back as a booked GoH.

    The only actual swear word in "KFC B*tch" was "B*tch". The rest of the song was double entendre chicken puns. So, I'd have disagree with you on the song being a "cursing session". The song is a parody of a song by Ice T's metal band "Body Count", so that's where the genre came from.

    Yes, you got the titles right on both of those, in fact, they were both rerecorded from scratch for "Carpe Dementia", all the songs on that album were done that way, no more karaoke for me, I'm a professional! (A professional what?)

    Enough about me, let's steer the conversation back to the excellent new playlist on Muppet Central Radio! Way to go Phil! :)
  18. crazy ernie

    crazy ernie Well-Known Member

    I agree!
  19. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    About to pass out from delirium




    I sooooooooooo just heard Mokey's "Sail Away (The Moon Lullaby)", followed right by Janice's "Rockin' Robin".

    Phil, what're ya tryin' to do, make me melt at my computer?! Ya can't DO that without warnin'!


    You can't!



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