Muppet Babies (Complete Restoration Project)


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Feb 18, 2013
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Hey everyone. I have thought about doing this for a long time, and feel I have more than enough time to finally get it started. I'm starting a Muppet Babies episode restoration project.

What this means is that I'll be going through each Muppet Babies episode, and using the best sources possible to create a complete, uncut, remastered version of it. It's going to be a very long process; most likely a year or two, if not more. I'm just putting this out there now; the episodes won't be perfect, but they will be as good as they can get. I'm currently looking for people who would like to help with the project. If you can help in any way, it's appreciated.

Now, I'm currently working with retail VHS in PAL format. I will take any source available, as long as it isn't already on YouTube. I'll take anything. Also, if anyone would like to help with the restoration of episodes, that's great too. I need as much support I can get. I'll be fixing episodes in the original order, but I'll take sources for any episode at any time.

I know this will be a very tedious project, but I'm willing to take all the time I have into doing it. I'll post any big updates here when they happen.


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Nov 11, 2022
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Hello friend, I know that your post is old, but i'm making a restoration of Muppet Babies 1984 now, can we make contact to Exchange information? Was your project ahead? I Glad your return, Eduardo.