Meeting Muppet performers at DragonCon


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Mar 11, 2009
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So I just got home from DragonCon, and let me tell ya, it was a heck of an experience! First I met Peter Linz. He was coaching these puppeteers doing something called "Puppet Ninja Challenge." And to show them how proud he was, he brought out Walter! I could not believe Walter was right in front of me. Then I went up to him, took a picture with him, and he told me that Matt recommended him to take over Robin when he became Kermit. Then I went to the autograph table and met Steve Whitmire for a third time. I told him that I like his new puppet Weldon, and he was willing to take a picture without even charging me for it. Later I met Alice Dinnean. I asked her who the Muppet performers were in Muppet Babies Play Date besides her, Matt and Eric. The only one she could remember was Drew Massey who did Baby Gonzo. I had a great time, and those of you who are Facebook friends of mine will see pictures from the trip soon.