Looking for rare Rocko's Modern Life episodes

Jeffrey Gray

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Jun 2, 2002
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I am looking for rare/banned/edited episodes of Rocko's Modern Life, that cannot be obtained from Nicktoons TV reruns. Specifically, I am looking for the uncut version of "The Good, The Bad, and the Wallaby" with the scenes with Heffer and the milking machine; the banned episode "Leap Frogs," where Mrs. Bighead tries to seduce Rocko; the uncut version of "Road Rash" with the extra motel scenes; the uncut version of "Hut Sut Raw" with Rocko mistaking a bear's testicles, poking out of a bush, for berries; and the uncut version of "Snowballs," with the off-screen zipper sound effect after Heffer decides not to pay $10 to use the public bathroom. (I am not making any of these up.)

If anybody has high-quality copies of these (preferrably in SP mode) in NTSC, then please respond.