Kermit on Disney Plus's This Is Me Special, 6/27/2021

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Jul 12, 2002
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So Oscarfan just reported in a headline post over at toughpigs that :smile: will appear on a Pride Month special on Disney Plus's YouTube channel and Facebook page titled This Is Me airing on Sunday June 27, 2021.

And of course, it'll be to sing "Rainbow Connection".

Which leads me to think... Has Kermit become a one-trick froggy? Sure, it's good to see the Muppets represented in these specials, but when it's the main iconic character, does he have to sing the same signature song each and every dang time?

I kind of echo the sentiments of the Pigeons from that Season 2 episode of MT when Clifford found being replaced by Dennis Quaid. "For once I wish someone would come up here and sing "Born to Be Wild"."

Here's a novel thought... Have Kermit perform "Rainbow Connection", but mix it up with some other song(s) either from his own or Disney's vast repertoire. It probably won't happen, but hey, if Kermit's in a sketch with a female co-star that isn't :mad: why not have him sing "Froggy Went A-Courting" as well.

Eh, just my 2, 2 cents tossed into the melting cauldron.
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