If they reboot Between the Lions what are your thoughts of a game similar to Wheel of Fortune with Theo as host and Cleo as letter turner?


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Nov 15, 2003
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I talked about this in a previous thread and feel it is best for its own thread, so since I know that Cleo and Theo from Between the Lions made a comeback in 2021 for the 2021 ED Games Expo (as puppets, mind you, apparently the Theo puppet was rebuilt). Like I have said before, since Between the Lions taught a lot about vowels, I hatched the idea of there being a game similar to Wheel of Fortune in which Theo has Pat Sajak's job (hosting the show) and Cleo has Vanna White's job (turning over the letters), and I want to know your thoughts on this idea.
I mean, Muppet Wikia tells me that "Muppet Magazine issue 18 had a comic book story spoofing Wheel of Fortune with Kermit as the host and Miss Piggy as the letter turner", so it would make sense for Between the Lions to have spoofed Wheel of Fortune with Theo hosting the show and Cleo turning over the letters.
What do any of you think of this idea if they ever do reboot Between the Lions?