Hensonville City 2011

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Jul 12, 2002
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Me: And so starts another season of Halloween Baking Championship (#9) and Halloween Wars will start up (#13) on Sunday.
:batty: Now that it vas one featured flawor and trump for the tarot-misu desserts, it makes sense that they vere six pairs, but I'm still a little dissapointed.
UD: And why would that be, hexactly?
:batty: Because there are 22 trumps in the major arkana of ewery tarot deck, regardless as to whether The Fool is labeled as Trump 0 or XXII.
Me: Hexactly, there are more than enough trumps to have given a different one to each of the dozen bakers, not to be confused with baker's dozen.
UD: At least there was a creepy dragon clown cake. Reminds me of that time we went with dear Kelly and her roomies to the HVC fair, they painted me up like Uncle Angus.
Me: Yep, good times watching these season scarathons through September and October, it's got my mind whirling with potential inspiration for future haunters.