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Jul 12, 2002
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Hello everybody. This thread will serve as a general layout thread for various town-related purposes. Descripts of the newly rebuilt town with according map, town brochures, and dorms rooms should be posted here.

Thanks for your time, hope you have fun with the new game once it gets started.

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Jul 12, 2002
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As originally posted by RedPiggy:
For a map of our town, click here.
Hensonville Town Map.

There are four main highways in Hensonville, all drawn in red on the map and all extending beyond the town’s borders. The western vertical highway, a quarter east of the map edge, is Muppeteer Motorway, with Exit 123 leading to Sesame Street at the very top of the map. The eastern vertical highway, a quarter west of the map edge, is Henson Highway. The northern horizontal highway, a quarter down from the map edge, is Puppeteer Parkway. The southern horizontal highway, a quarter up from the map edge, is ABC Artery.

Addresses increase from west to east and from north to south. Everything above Puppeteer Parkway is 1-99. Between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery is 100-299, with the exception of 98 and the Dorms Subdivision. Everything below ABC Artery is 300-399.

The map should be 8 inches by 8 inches when printed out. That means every square quarter inch is an acre, defined here as 209 feet by 209 feet. Hensonville is now roughly a square mile or 32 square acres. Each house has a footprint of 104 feet by 69 feet, offering some decent yard space on half-acre lots. Houses can have multiple floors if you want, adding more room if needed. Otherwise, the general floor plan for a one-story house is a garage leading to a utility room, a master bedroom with master bathroom, a small living room, four more rooms for roomies or office space or whatever, another bathroom, and a kitchen/dining area.

As for the main townhouse, the Building itself takes up two acres. There will be three apartments per floor and there will be four floors per building. Each apartment is equipped with 5 rooms for beds or office or whatever, a living room, a couple of bathrooms, and a laundry room. Each apartment is a quarter of an acre, so it's the size of an average American suburban house, I suppose. Each apartment opens out into a central Common Room, taking up half an acre, I think. The common room has two narrow hallways to the north and south of the building. The common room is equipped with a large kitchen and dining area, gaming items, bookshelves, several computer desks with high end computers, and a home theater system. In the northeast corner of the common room is an elevator to facilitate reaching other floors. The north exit is also connected to a fire escape stairway that reaches all the way to the roof. Each bedroom has two windows and the living room has six windows.

Shopping District.
The Shopping District is in the upper left corner, framed by Muppeteer Motorway on the right and Puppeteer Parkway on the bottom. On the far left of the map is a vertical street, Heather Heights, which starts at the top of the map and ends on Marty Robinson Street just north of Puppeteer Parkway. The northern horizontal street is Chris Serf Street, which extends from the western edge of the map halfway through the north-central Museum District. The southern horizontal street is Marty Robinson Street which extends from the western edge of the map to just shy of the eastern edge of the map. Both horizontal streets have exits onto Muppeteer Motorway. There is park land at the northern edge, at the corner of Heather Heights and Marty Robinson Street. There is a park with a lake in its center from Chris Serf Street and Marty Robinson Street between Cold Comforts and Prell Lane.

X-Cade Marks the Spot (3 Heather Heights) A fun spot with arcade and carnival games inside the carnival-themed building.
House of EM Comic Shop (5 Heather Heights) A jazz-themed comic shop.
Mae Wong's Chinese Take-Out (7 Heather Heights) An elegant fast-food restaurant with Eastern decorations.
Bat Bolt & Skull Toy Shop (9 Heather Heights) A spooky store with ivy-covered stone walls and half-rotten sales kiosks.

Kermit & Piggy's Honeymoon Retreat (2 Chris Serf Street) A romantic set of six bedrooms with an indoor cozy park setting in the center.
Tuxedo Times Junction (4 Chris Serf Street) A classy clothes store featuring male formalwear.
Bridal Beauty Gowns (6 Chris Serf Street) A ritzy boutique focusing on female formalwear.

Rock & Roll Deli (22 Marty Robinson Street) A 50s retro diner-like environment, complete with jukebox.
Lord Grade Avenue Theater (24 Marty Robinson Street) A well-furnished small theater.
Cold Comforts (26 Marty Robinson Street) A bright and cheery ice cream shop.

Museum District.
The Museum District is north of Puppeteer Parkway, in between Muppeteer Motorway and Henson Highway. On the west side, just east of Muppeteer Motorway, is Prell Lane, which extends from the northern edge of the map to Marty Robinson Street. At the end of Chris Serf Street starts Hunt Boulevard, which is a vertical street that extends from Chris Serf Street to Maury Street in South Hensonville. Off of Hunt Boulevard to the east, halfway between Chris Serf Street and Marty Robinson Street is Mullen Terrace, which extends from Hunt Blvd to just shy of Henson Highway. There is park land from the northern edge of the map to Marty Robinson Street, from the Museum of Impossible Technologies and the Enchanted Exhibition Hall to Hunt Blvd. There is park land on the left, back, and right sides of the Muppet Museum of Art.

Museum of Impossible Technologies (8 Chris Serf Street) A modern museum specializing in futuristic and sci-fi devices.

Muff 'YN' Fluff Bakery (11 Prell Lane) A small bakery reminiscent of the warm colors of Momma’s kitchen.
Enigma Lane Theater Supply (13 Prell Lane) A fanciful shop selling masks and costumes and props.
Casa Brandon (15 Prell Lane) Nora’s family’s house.

The Enchanted Exhibition Hall (28 Marty Robinson Street) A mystical museum of fairy, goblin, and other magical lore.

Muppet Museum of Art (42 Mullen Terrace) A fun and colorful art exhibit.

Mallory Gallery (50 Marty Robinson Street) An upscale museum focusing on expensive objects.
Fairytale Pharmacy (52 Marty Robinson Street) A place to get organic, natural, mystical, homeopathic medicines and charms.
Froggon Heart Firefighters Tower (54 Marty Robinson Street) When there’s a fire, they hop to it! Includes a tower for firefighting practice on the side.

Housing District.
The Housing District, used for folks who don’t feel the whole college mood, is in the upper right corner of the map, bordered by Henson Highway on the left and Puppeteer Parkway on the bottom. There is room for two subdivisions, but as of this post there is only the eastern subdivision of Hispaniola, taken from Muppets Treasure Island and is located just north of the Lake Hensonville and the Docks District. The Hispaniola subdivision is north of Marty Robinson Street. The western vertical road is Goelz Pathway and stops roughly halfway to the northern border. The eastern vertical road is Clash Corner and stops at the same level as Goelz Pathway. Connecting the two roads horizontally at their northern stopping points is Moss Street.

Goelz Pathway (houses on eastern side): 80, 81, 82, and 83
Moss Street (houses on northern side): 70, 71, 72, and 73
Clash Corner (houses on western side): 90, 91, 92, and 93

West Hensonville District.
This district encompasses the western part of Hensonville, in between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery. About an acre’s width from the western edge of the map is West Henson Street, which extends vertically from Marty Robinson Street to halfway down the district, ending at Ganz-Cooney Street. About an acre’s width west of Muppeteer Motorway is Oznowitz Drive, which extends vertically from Marty Robinson Street and stops shy of Ganz-Cooney Street, with a driveway into a parking lot for the northern half of the University of Hensonville campus. Halfway down West Henson and Oznowitz is a horizontal Sahlin Trail, which connects the two vertical streets only. Ganz-Cooney Street is just below the halfway point of the district, extending from the western border all the way to just shy of Lake Hensonville. There is a railroad track that comes in from the northwest corner of the district, across West Henson Street, and continues vertically down out of the district below ABC Artery. East of the tracks, south of Ganz-Cooney Street, on the district’s midline is Brill Drive, which extends from Ganz-Cooney Street to just shy of ABC Artery. East of that, next to Muppeteer Motorway, is Carroll Street, which is similar in length to Brill Drive and also starts at Ganz-Cooney, ending with a driveway to a large parking lot for the southern half of the University of Hensonville campus.

Fran's Fragrant Flowers (101 W. Henson Street) A lovely floral shop with a serene environment.
Beth's Clock Shop (103 W. Henson Street) A shop specializing in traditional and modern time pieces.
Jim's Coffee House (105 W. Henson Street) A friendly wi-fi enabled place to hang out and drink some java.

Prop-Up Workshop (98 Sahlin Trail) A large workshop that specializes in building props and set-pieces for the University and the various theaters throughout Hensonville.

Upper Crust Bakery (111 Oznowitz Drive, east side) An upscale bakery for all the overpriced confections.
Coming Unbound Bookshop (113 Oznowitz Drive, east side) A large bookstore with lots of different types of books.
Penny Candyman Sweets Shop (115 Oznowitz Drive, west side) A small candy store sure to tickle your sweet tooth.
Muppet Theater (117 Oznowitz Drive, east side) Does it need introduction? The historic theater, site of The Muppet Show.

Hensonville Hooper's Store (201 Brill Drive) A neighborhood grocery store with a snack bar.
The Three Candles Library (203 Brill Drive) An intimate library where one can spend quiet hours reading.
Mail-It-In Computer Surplus (205 Brill Drive) A computer store that sells supplies and offers packaging and copying services.

Hensonville Observer (211 Carroll Street) A busy news office building for publishing newspapers and news websites.
KMUP TV Studios (213 Carroll Street) A television studio with hundreds of broadcast channels available, hoping to continue developing holographic broadcasts.

University of Hensonville District.
This is the centerpiece of Hensonville, with the University of Hensonville on the left and the Dorms Subdivision and various other shops and stuff on the right. The northern campus is similar to the capital letter U and has driveways to parking lots on the north side, leading to Marty Robinson Street across from Puppeteer Parkway. Each building is labeled with letters instead of numbers. The interior of this part of the campus has a 2-acre thick cross of park-like land with an oval lake in the center fed by a vertical southern stream that ends at the end of the park. The southern campus, located south of Ganz-Cooney Street, is similar to the capital letter H and has driveways to it and are stadiums for sports or climate-controlled exercise environments in inclement weather.

The "U"-shaped set consists of 5 buildings.
A. Numbers: It is top left and contains classes for math, physics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, economics, and statistics.
B. Words: It is top right and contains classes for literature, grammar, foreign languages, history, and journalism.
C. Science: It is middle left and consists of classes/labs for microbiology, biology, anatomy and physiology, genetic manipulation, human nursing, non-human medicine, astronomy, geology, climatology, and engineering.
D. Magic: It is middle right and contains classes for herbology, crystals, interdimensional maintenance, charms, incantations, and elemental magic.
E. Arts: It is central bottom and contains classes/auditoriums for music, sculpture, dance, and graphic design.

The "H"-shaped set consists of 5 buildings.
F. Diamond Stadium: It is top left and consists of an ice rink and artificial skiing slope.
G. Emerald Stadium: It is top right and consists of an indoor field for baseball/softball.
H. Crystal Stadium: It is center middle and consists of a large pool.
I. Crimson Stadium: It is bottom left and consists of an indoor football field.
J. Pearl Stadium: It is bottom right and consists of an indoor basketball field/skatepark.

The following can be located south of Ganz-Cooney Street on the eastern side.
Just north of ABC Artery is Chapman Court, which extends east from Hunt Blvd to roughly halfway through East Hensonville.

Hensonville Mall (220 Ganz-Cooney Street, south side) Contains Party Madness Store, Smiling Mask Theater, FR Jewelers, Pinball Count Arcade, Deep Freeze Parlor, Fur and Fleece and Everything Neece Adoption Center, Christy's Bar and Grill, Bunsen-Burner Apothecary, and Manzano School Supplies.

Jim Townhouse: Apartments 1-12, (230 Chapman Court)

Below Chapman Court is Mazzarino End, which extends similarly from Hunt Blvd to just shy of Henson Highway.
Schoolhouse Playgrounds (98 Mazzarino End), Located west of the poolhouse, a family recreational area where your youngins can play in a secure environment.
HV Poolhouse (100 Mazzarino End): An acre-sized indoor poolhouse on the southern side of the street with shallow and deep ends, slides, diving boards, and jacuzzis. If you need a key to the poolhouse, one can be issued to you by management upon request.
Everybody Eats (102 Mazzarino End): Located east of the poolhouse, a family restaurant that serves anything you could possibly order.

Nelson District.
Bottom left of the map, bordered by ABC Artery at top and Muppeteer Motorway on the right. Maury Street is roughly an acre or two south of ABC Artery, stretching horizontally from the western border to the eastern border. The vertical railroad track ends at the station.

Nelson Square Station (300 Maury Street, south side) with a large park-like area on the east side of the station.

South Hensonville District.
This district is south of ABC Artery and in between Muppeteer Motorway and Henson Highway. On the western side, extending vertically south from Maury Street, is Cheryl Hill. On the eastern side, near Henson Highway, extending from Maury Street vertically south, is Lisa Henson Promenade. A park-like 2-acre-thick vertical strip is between Lisa Henson and Henson Hwy.

Phillip Casson High School (311 Cheryl Hill) A high school with both college-bound and vocational training.
Puppetry Workshop (313 Cheryl Hill) A large building with all sorts of materials to make every type of puppet available.

Rainbow Memories Cemetary (312 Maury Street) Smaller since the restoration of Hensonville, with a funeral home surrounded by a backwards capital L like peaceful and serene grassy graveyard.

Hensonville Police Department (321 Lisa Henson Promenade) The place for law-enforcement opportunities.
Stitch in Time Tailors (323 Lisa Henson Promenade) Will fit your clothes no matter what your body shape or size.
Juhl's Pizza Parlor (325 Lisa Henson Promenade) A rowdy rocking pizza parlor.
Muppeteer Convention Hall (327 Lisa Henson Promenade) A large building that functions for massive get-togethers.

East Hensonville District.
This district is east of Henson Highway, in between Puppeteer Parkway and ABC Artery. The very eastern border has a shore for Lake Hensonville, with several docks and various nameless warehouses and seedy buildings. The western side, vertically, is East Henson Street, extending from Marty Robinson Street which is above Puppeteer Parkway but ends before Ganz-Cooney Street. The eastern vertical street, just west of the Docks area, is Rudman Range, which is even shorter than East Henson Street. There is a large square park area south of Rudman Range.

Jane Nebel Theater (121 E. Henson Street) An upper-class theater.
Pigs in a Blanket Tanning Salon (123 E. Henson Street) Where to go if you want a bronze sheen.
Friendly's Restaurant (125 E. Henson Street) A café-like environment, selling sandwiches and salads.
Mr. Baseman's Basics Music Store (127 E. Henson Street) Where to find your groove thing.
Wardrobe Disasters Clothiers (129 E. Henson Street) For all your casual, sports, and outdoor wear needs.
House of the Rising Dim Sun Restaurant (131 E. Henson Street) A striking restaurant for your enjoyment.

All Around the World Amusement Park (234 Whitmire Wharf, next to the Docks)
Unfortunately, the parking lot is north of the amusement park and connects to Ganz-Cooney, but it's numbered as if it's Chapman Court. The park has rollercoasters, haunted houses, a variety of eating facilities, inflated bouncing houses, a musical stage, and a sculpture of Doozer Dome populated with statues of Doozers in the center.


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Originally by RedPiggy...

Shopping District Brochure.
Each brochure will have two image files, for front and back. One could print them out on separate paper or print them out front and back, though you'd probably need good plain cardstock for that, as it is rather graphic-heavy.

Brochure Back:
Brochure Back
The background is like a cotton paper texture. It is a tri-fold brochure with the left panel as page 5, the middle panel as page 6, and the right panel as page 1. Page numbers are at the bottom in black.

Page 1: The title page.
At the bottom in blue-white lettering is HENSONVILLE SHOPPING DISTRICT in all caps. Above that, at the very top, is a picture of an ice cream shop, or Cold Comforts. A brunette woman in a beige dress and a blue-haired man in a black suit jacket and slacks eat some ice cream from the 50's-ish soda-jerk-looking vendor. Below that is a picture of various customers seated in red booths and being waited on.

Page 5:
BRIDAL BEAUTY GOWNS: 6 Chris Serf Street.
Only the top of the line female formalwear for that extra-special occasion.
At top is a picture of a blue room with a mannequin wearing a red sleeveless dress at left, a brunette woman wearing a white sleeveless bridal gown in the middle facing the back door, and some tables and a poster of various fashions on the wall at right.

ROCK & ROLL DELI: 22 Marty Robinson Street.
A 50's retro diner with jukebox and stylish booths and great food!
Below the above picture is a red-themed diner with an open stainless steel kitchen visible in the background. A line of customers wait on the hostess, including James of Team Rocket and Red Fraggle.

Page 6:
LORDE GRADE AVENUE THEATER: 24 Marty Robinson Street.
A theater pulling double duty for plays and movies.
At top is a picture of a dark purple room with several rows of seats and one brunette woman staring at screens and speaker equipment.

COLD COMFORTS: 26 Marty Robinson Street.
A bright and cheery ice cream shop that will chill your taste buds with lots of custom flavors!
Below the above picture is a picture of the same white room with black and white checkered floors and multicolored polka dots on the walls as on page 1. A brunette woman is ordering some ice cream from the vendor.

Brochure Front:
Brochure Front
The same background texture. The left panel is page 2, the middle panel is page 3, and the right panel is page 4.

Page 2:
X-CADE MARKS THE SPOT: 3 Heather Heights.
Worries for another day -- with our arcade and carnival games, you'll love to play!
At top is a very busy picture, with yellow floors and black spots, a clown statue visible at lower left, a cashier counter at the bottom, one of those bopping games in the middle of the floor, and 2 sets of 3 arcades on the far wall, as well as one of those throw the dart at the balloon carnival game at right. Visible are Gobo at the carnival balloon game and Red at an arcade game. The walls are striped vertically with alternating red and gold colors. There are circus-themed wall hangings as well.

HOUSE OF EM COMICS SHOP: 5 Heather Heights.
Groove to our sweet jazz tunes as you blow your mind with comics!
Below the above picture is a blue room with blue carpet with musical signs on it. There are multiple bookshelves and a mechanized gypsy display along the walls. There are four red chairs with armrests for reading. Gobo can be seen near the chairs with a book. There is a counter and a cashier for purchasing comic book issues.

Page 3:
Enjoy Eastern elegance as you dine with lots of rice, sushi, and other entrees.
At top is a picture of a light lavendar room with a sushi bar, made of black and with horns or something on the top. A brunette woman is ordering sushi from the vendor. The floor is covered with a reed mat.

BAT BOLT & SKULL TOY SHOP: 9 Heather Heights.
We've got everything from icky to gross to awesomely macabre!
Below the above picture is a room seemingly made out of dirt and roots. A dragon-themed female vendor is selling stuff from a dragon-shaped cart. There is a stone fireplace. Boober Fraggle can be seen talking to the vendor.

Page 4:
We have six romantic rooms, each with a unique style for the lovers and dreamers like you!
At top is a picture of a room like a log cabin interior, with antlers on the wall, a wooden sleigh bed with blue bedspread, and a large potted plant. A brunette woman is facing the camera.

Deck your male out in our very finest to make that occasion extra special!
Below the above picture is taken from the Somebody's Getting Married number in Muppets Take Manhattan, with a small penguin staring at mannequins and a mirrored wall in the back and shelves of tuxedo parts on the right. The walls are light blue.

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Originally by RedPiggy...

Hensonville Museum District Brochure.
The brochure is again in two image files and is tri-fold. Both sides have a light purple top blending in to a darker purple on bottom.

Brochure Back:
Brochure Back
The pages are, from left to right, 5, 6, and 1.

Page 1: The title page.
A large picture is at top showing an industrial and technology-heavy large room. Overlapping at the bottom left of the first picture is a small vertical picture of a firefighter in a yellow uniform extinguishing a fire in a home. At the bottom in green-blue lettering is HENSONVILLE MUSEUM DISTRICT in all caps.

Page 5:
MUPPET MUSEUM OF ART: 42 Mullen Terrace.
A great way to express yourself! Enjoy our sense of the quirky classic!
At top is a picture of a large room with red carpet and wallpaper suggesting the opening to TMS with arch and curtain designs. The windows are colorful bubbles increasing in size as they go up toward the ceiling. There are pop art paintings, a scarecrow, a strange statue called "Space Chicken", a multicolored mobile on a dark post, a sculpture reminiscent of balloon animals, a huge Jack-o' lantern, and some white wooden yard chairs for resting facing a small windmill.

MALLORY GALLERY: 50 Marty Robinson Street.
Only the most fabulous works find themselves here! Now with increased security measures for your safety!
Below the above is a picture of an ornate room with purple textured walls and brownish carpet and thin rectangular patterned rugs in front of each door, which consists of a stone arch. There is a huge ceramic wall hanging of a woman rising up, various portraits of stuffy-looking Victorian types, a grandfather clock, a smaller ceramic wall hanging similar to classic Greek or Roman reliefs of groups of people. In the center of the room is a rug like Aladdin's Magic Carpet with a water fountain on top of it, which appears to be a marble woman pouring water into a small basin. It is surrounded by statues and vases.

Page 6:
FAIRYTALE PHARMACY: 52 Marty Robinson Street.
Your health is our business! Disclaimer: Transformations and comic environmental manipulations may occur. Please consult your witch doctor. He'll tell you what to do.
At top is a picture of an average-sized room with dark wood panel walls and what looks like hay or straw for a floor. An old man is standing next to a cash register shaped like an old purple gypsy tent. There is a table behind him with various seeds and plants for sale. In the center of the room are food and herb displays.

A dedicated team that will warm your heart! Too bad they don't know how to start a fire....
Below the above is a picture of the same firefighter picture as on page 1. He is battling a fire in front of a brick fireplace in a small home with blue walls, hardwood flooring, and old family portraits above the mantle. An empty bird cage is beside the fireplace.

Brochure Front:
Brochure Front
From left to right, the pages are 2, 3, and 4.

Page 2:
Where the future is being made today!
At top is a picture of steel walls and wavy blue flooring in a large room. There is a small neon blue circular clock on the wall, small chairs, and counter space to give the impression of a futuristic version of Honeydew's lab. Beside the counters is a small table with a head in a jar. The lights are pink and yellow fluorescents (don't ask me, that's all they had in the game). There is a chess set on a table in the foreground. A tv studio camera can be seen at the bottom. A modern red abstract sculpture is at right. A woman is typing on a computer at right. There is a large painting of an alien world, with white egg-shaped chairs on either side.

MUFF 'YN' FLUFF BAKERY: 11 Prell Lane.
Just the place to chew the fat with down-home cooking.
Below the above picture is a warm kitchen-like environment with dark wood, beige marble, and brown tile. The backsplash of the stove has many tiles with apple designs on them and a rack of copper pots hanging at the top. The fridge is wooden on the outside like a cabinet. Various people are standing around talking.

Page 3:
Don't take anything for granted here or you may wind up wishing life was just a dream....
There is only one picture, which is at the top. It is a dark room with hardwood floors. Mokey Fraggle can be seen walking past displays of masks and other props.

Page 4:
CASA BRANDON: 15 Prell Lane.
A lovely house with fantastic blue shutters, warm and inviting bricks, a basement used for experiments that could put Dr. Honeydew to shame! Stop on by! Nora and her family would love the company!

ENCHANTED EXHIBITION HALL: 28 Marty Robinson Street.
This museum is dedicated to showing you just how wide and how far and how real the universe is!
The bottom part of the page has two narrow vertical pictures. The first picture is of a room with red and gold carpet and red and black-striped wallpaper. A man is walking by a four-sided display of male portraits. The second picture is a small room with old wooden floors and dark blue walls with black bat designs. There is a stone stage with an oval pool. On the right of the stage is a large golden sarcophagus with a mummy inside.


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University of Hensonville District (back)

This brochure, both front and back has a papyrus-like texture for the background. The back is divided into three columns. Left to right are pages 5, 6, and 1.

Page 1: A Sims picture of Boober Fraggle sitting at a computer desk playing on the computer in a fancy library with red walls and dark green curtains is the top picture. The bottom picture is a colorful area with yellow walls, wood flooring, flowers, flags, and a magician's table set up. Digit is seen in his white lab coat (and glasses, but that's only due to Sims' putting some on him) accidentally setting fire to his head. Title: University of Hensonville District.

Page 5: A close-up picture of the Swedish Chef singing with scores of vegetables is seen. Title: Everybody Eats Description: 102 Mazzarino End. Do you suffer from culinary indecision? Well, here at Everybody Eats, it doesn't matter because we serve it all! Non-sentient food available as well!

Page 6 is blank.

University of Hensonville District (front)
The page numbers left to right are 2, 3, and 4.

Page 2: Three pictures, all of which take place in a room with wood floors and wood paneling on the walls. The top picture is a couple of tables and chairs with Dr. Teeth reading a book at one table and Janice reading a book behind him at another table. The middle picture sees a well-dressed Johnny Fiama singing on a stage as Animal plays guitar (they don't have drums in my Sims game, sorry) in the corner. The bottom picture sees Digit drinking a potion in front of a large chemistry set. Title: University of Hensonville Description: No matter what you need to know, the University of Hensonville is here to accommodate all! From science to magic to math to music, we'll stuff your head with more than just foam!

Page 3: An external night shot of the townhouse from Letters to Santa is the top picture, with Statler in the window to the left and Rizzo, Fozzie, and Kermit (and an obscured Gonzo) in front of the front door. The bottom picture is an interior shot of the townhouse hallway, with Pepe peeking out of his door. Title: Dorms Description: Everyone needs a place to stay! With just a quick PM, you can be on your way! Very reasonable, tight-knit community with an eye for fun!

Page 4: The top picture is a shot of the Doc Hopper's fast food chain kiosk at Bitterman Mall, with "Just Kidding" written beside it. The bottom picture is of Daniel and Kermit sitting in the open area of Bitterman Mall with Christmas decorations behind them. Title: Hensonville Mall Description: 220 Ganz-Cooney Street. New to Hensonville! Shop at these fine locations: Party Madness Store, Smiling Mask Theater, FR Jewelers, Pinball Count Arcade, Deep Freeze Parlor, Fur and Fleece and Everything Neece Adoption Center, Christy's Bar and Grill, Bunsen-Burner Apothecary, and Manzano School Supplies.


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West Hensonville District (back)
Both sides are like a reverse sunset, with yellow at the top blending into red at the bottom. I'll assume you know the page number layout by now.

Page 1: The top pic is of the modern Hooper's Store, with the teeny red-and-gold striped awning. Snuffy and Big Bird are in front. The bottom pic is Mr. Tarkanian standing behind his desk with a United States map and three golden trophies behind him. Title: WEST HENSONVILLE

Page 5: A picture of the other half of the newsroom from the Great Muppet Caper. Fozzie and Kermit are standing near Tarkanian's desk while Gonzo is dangling from a light above them. Title: Hensonville Observer Description: 2111 Carroll Street. STOP THE PRESSES! We have all the news you need, all the news you want, and all the news you'd rather not know!

Page 6: A picture of Kermit and Flash in the monitor-filled control room of Muppet Central. Title: KMUP TV Studio Description: 213 Carroll Street. A television studio with hundreds of broadcast channels available. Hopefully we'll have holographic signals coming to a house near you!

West Hensonville (front)

Page 2: A dark shot of Count von Count behind a wall with flowerpots on them. Title: Fran's Fragrant Flowers Description: 101 West Henson Street. Just the place to brighten your day!

Lower on the page, without pictures is the following:
Also try:
Beth's Clock Shop, 103 W. Henson Street
Jim's Coffee Shop, 105 W. Henson Street
Prop-up Workshop, 98 Sahlin Trail

Page 3: Without pictures, the top text reads:
You'll love going to:
Upper Crust Bakery, 111 Oznowitz Drive
Coming Unbound Bookshop, 113 Oznowitz Drive
Penny Candyman's Sweet Shop, 115 Oznowitz Drive

The bottom pic is a nighttime shot of the exterior of the Muppet Theater from VMX. Title: Muppet Theater Description: 117 Oznowitz Drive. It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to start the show tonight!

Page 4: The same shot of Hooper's from Page 1. Title: Hensonville Hooper's Store Description: 201 Brill Drive. Come on in to your friendly neighborhood market and soak in some nostalgia!

The bottom text isn't accompanied by pictures.
Also check out:
Three Candles Library, 203 Brill Drive
Mail-It-In Computer Services, 205 Brill Drive

Note: All that's left really is East and South Hensonville, which I'll do Wednesday.


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Sorry for the delay. Got distracted by LOST, LOL.

South Hensonville District (Back)
The background of both brochures is blue on top and sandy beige on bottom. I realize now that would probably fit better with East Hensonville, so sue me.

Page 1: The top picure is an interior classroom with yellow walls, two students in the foreground, and a painting of George Washington in the background. The bottom picture is of Karen Prell operating Red during that sing-along at a convention. Title: South Hensonville District.

Page 5: A picture of Grover holding a pizza as he stands in a doorway. Behind him is a raised platform with various objects on it, and a green awning. Title: Juhl's Pizza Parlor. Description: 325 Lisa Henson Promenade. Fast cheesy goodness coming up! With any toppings you can imagine, Juhl's Pizza Parlor is a cut above the rest!

Page 6: A picture of Dave Goelz and Gonzo and Kevin Clash and Elmo at a conference panel. Title: Muppeteer Convention Hall. Description: 327 Lisa Henson Promenade. Designed for massive get-togethers, this convention hall is the place to gather and talk to the 4th wall breaking Muppeteers or at least celebrate their timeless antics.

South Hensonville District (front)
Page 2: An exterior shot of a dark school with white trim, with four floors. There is a stone wall and iron gate in the front. From one of the Roosevelt Franklin SST clips. Title: Phillip Casson High School Description: 311 Cheryl Hill. Not yet ready to enter college or get a job? Get yourself prepared to learn how to be awesome!

Also check out:
Puppetry Workshop, 313 Cheryl Hill

Page 3: The picture shows the Grim Reaper or the Ghost of Christmas Future with dark gray robes and spindly limbs standing in a dark and foreboding cemetary with a chapel behind him. Title: Rainbow Memories Cemetary Description: 312 Maury Street. The Grim Reaper's here to prove we're more than just working stiffs!

Page 4: A shot of the interior set of Bears on Patrol, with Link at the captain's desk, Fozzie on the right, and Beaker in the middle. A drawing of Zoot on a wanted poster is in the background. Title: Hensonville Police Department Description: 321 Lisa Henson Promenade. We're always on the lookout for a good crook or two!

Also check out:
Stitch in Time Tailors, 323 Lisa Henson Promenade


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Apr 9, 2008
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Okay, last one:

East Hensonville (back)
Each brochure is a soft greenish-blue.

Page 1: Title at top: East Hensonville District. The top picture is Sims Boober riding in a spooky half-rotten-looking rollercoaster. The middle picture is a picture of the Docks from Sesame Street (the Golden An sketch), with a crescent moon in the background. The bottom picture is a group shot of Jenny, Pete, Ronnie, and Mr. Crawford backstage.

Page 5: The picture is a square restaurant from CafeWorld on Facebook. There are red ceramic tiles on the floor, maroon walls, ball-shaped Chinese lamps, flags, three rows of elegant black Ming-style tables and chairs, a row of stoves on the left and a row of counters on the right. Ming vases and lights join several different kinds of trees. Title: House of the Rising Dim Sun Restaurant Description: 131 East Henson Street. We're open from sunset to sunrise! Enjoy the nightlife with Dim Sun!

Page 6: The upper picture has Digit riding on a brightly-colored circus-themed rollercoaster, heading toward a giant clown face. The bottom picture is Gobo in a lab coat on a stone stage trying to coax a mummy out of a golden sarcophagus. Title: All Around the World Amusement Park Description: 234 Whitmire Wharf (near Docks). Rollercoasters, haunted houses, skydiving simulators -- whatever floats your boat! Now our boats have bottoms!

East Hensonville (front)

Page 2: The picture has a full auditorium of well-dressed patrons. Title: Jane Nebel Theater Description: 121 East Henson Street. None of that barely bankrupt vaudeville for us! We specialize in the overcharged, um, high quality shows you've come to expect! Please wear formal wear. PS: Penguins cannot argue color of feathers equals a tuxedo.

Page 3: No pictures, only text. Also feast your eyes on:
Pigs in a Blanket Tanning Salon, 123 East Henson Street
Friendly's Restaurant, 125 East Henson Street

Page 4: Top picture is Floyd playing his guitar. Title: Mr. Baseman's Basics Music Store Description: 127 East Henson Street. From instruments to groovy threads, chill out here or be square out there! The bottom picture is a woman frantically looking through a rack of costumes, from The Great Muppet Caper, before Piggy is conned into joining the fashion show. Title: Wardrobe Disasters Clothiers Description: 129 East Henson Street. For the shopper who's willing to experiment, we're not sure if it's classy or crazy!

The Count

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Jul 12, 2002
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Room #1.

A dark mahogany door with the room number swings open to reveal the entirety of our dormroom layout. Ghostly grayed tiling coats the floor's surface, thin
groutlines visible between them. After entering past the main door, the bat-room is to your right (northwestern corner). There's a sink with soapdish,
block of soap, and mirrored cabinets with toothpaste and toothbrush and electric shaver. We have a toilet, videt, and shower/tub stall with bat-printed
shower curtains. Three towels hang from bat-stanchion hooks on the wall: Uncle D's, gray with yellow glowy eyes; Count's, beige with brown bats; and mine,
brown with a white 13.

The western wall houses our entertainment areas. Travelling upwards from the bat-room (northwestern corner) to the first window (southwestern corner): Tomb
TV, the big screen television set with machinery underneath to pop in either movies or DVD's, roped off by a muted yellowish couch big enough for all three
of us to sit on, or for one to recline in lazily. Morg Music, the Count's bat-organ which either he or Uncle D are adept at playing with a deck for popping
in CD's of our fave music. Funeral Furnace, a gothic-mouthed fireplace flanked by two armchairs. My Riddler-esque nagging stick leans against this, whereas
a rack of DVD's or fanfic audio books line the shelf above the mantle. This allows for guests who appear from black flames to sit down and rest a while
as they visit with familiar spooks.

At the top, between both windows (south central spot), there are two main items. First is our shared wardrobe closet. This houses, from left to right: dress
pants, jeans, vests, polo shirts, dress shirts, coats or cloaks, and capes. loafer shoes and dress shoes are on the bottom racks, only four pairs
as Uncle Deadly doesn't wear shoes. Above the closet is the central cooling core or I.C.E. unit, radiating a pleasing temperature for the whole living
quarters from gentle breezes to chilling conditions.

Running down from the second window (southeastern corner) to the bottom left (northeastern corner) are our individual subrooms. Count's is first (top),
Uncle Deadly next (middle), mine last (bottom). The subrooms—as well as the closet and bat-room doors—all open as if they were sliding doors, kind of like
those on Star Trek's starships. Digit helped install these, it helps with gaining access without knocking into anything. There's also an access tunnel
that runs through all three rooms, just a little bit aways from the sliding doors. An arched canopy held
aloft by columns at its entrances for least obtrusion possible creates the tunnel joining these subrooms.

Ed's Room: The bed is pushed back almost against the eastern wall. It's covered in muted whitened sheets and matching pillowcases, along with a folded
greenish blanket near its head. A computer desk with its own rolling chair and Ed's dresser drawer line the top (southern) wall. A second TV set is mounted
on a sort of wooden harness
above the dresser. The bottom (northern) wall is dominated by a large three-bodied shelving unitshielded by magnetically locked doors, like the fridges
at the supermarket. This is where Ed keeps his Muppets action figure collection. One locker is for the MIB/MOC items, the second has the Backstage and
main Muppet characters, and the third has the photography shelf (reserved for a prime piece of real estate from NYC).

Up on the wall behind Ed's bed and computer unit is a World Map featuring various logos of my favorite franchises, with pin-on-pin figures surrounding the
designated blocks. The map works as follos
Block 1: Cartoon Corner, the upper lefthand corner sixpack block.
Looney Tunes, with a pin-on-pin Bugs Bunny in his black tux, standing next to the WB shield.
Josie and the Pussycats, pin-on-pin of Josie McCoy wailing on guitar in her pussycat costume.
Scooby-Doo, the chief canine bursting through his dogtag logo, pin-on-pin Daphne Blake holding a magnifying glass locket.
Peanuts, with the main gang lined up in front of Snoopy's doghouse.
Garfield & Friends, the big orange cat dominating the window corner of his logo.
Spider-Man, splayed out in a crawling pose upon his own strewn weblike netting.

Block 2: The Disney Afternoon, the upper center sixpack block.
Rescue Rangers, with pin-on-pin Gadget tightening the logo's lightningbolt with her wrench.
Darkwing Duck, with pin-on-pin Morgana McCawber casting a misty fog over the logo itself.
Goof Troop.

Block 3: Warner's Lot, the upper righthand corner sixpack block.
Tiny Toon Adventures, with a pin-on-pin figure of Fifi LeFume on the outside of the rainbow ringlike logo.
Winks Club.
Batman, prominently seen by its bat-emblem, pin-on-pin Batgirl and Poison Ivy on the oval's edges.
Animaniacs, the Warner siblings in their respective spots in the shield.
Pokemon, represented by that little yellow rodent.
Yu-Gi-Oh, the Dark Magician, Elemental Hero Neos, and Stardust Dragon uniting the three series.

Block 4: Henson Kingdom, the lower lefthand corner sixpack block, directly beneath the Cartoon Corner's sixpack.
The Muppet Show, it's classic sign embossed onto red curtaining.
Sesame Street, the iconic lamppost and street sign with pin-on-pin Big Bird leaning on it.
Fraggle Rock, the classic orin logo embossed onto a rocklike wall.
Hensonville City, representing all other Henson productions.
The townhouse with Kermit flag is front and center, the EM bus and Countmobile flanking its sides.
Alice in Wonderland, represented by the tea party scene with Alice holding a teacup.
Castle Disney with King Mickey and Queen Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and pin-on-pin Maleficent.

Block 5: Toon Disney All-Stars, the lower center sixpack block, directly beneath the Disney Afternoon sixpack.
The Little Mermaid, represented by its respective movie poster, pin-on-pin Ariel seated on the rock surrounded by friends.
American Dragon, Jake Long.
Aladdin, represented by its respective movie poster, comfortably riding the Magic Carpet above the Aggravanian city square.
Hercules, represented by its respective movie poster, surrounded by mythic monsters and various Greek gods and godesses.
Kim Possible, pin-on-pin Kim hanging from her grappler, hooked to the diamond logo.
Lilo and Stitch, represented by its respective movie poster, the main characters seen beneath the tropical Hawaiian palm trees with fellow experiments/cousins.

Block 6: Halloween Horrors, the lower righthand corner sixpack block, directly beneath the Warner's Lot.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Gargoyles, with Goliath perched above the main castle tower.
Tales From the Crypt, the Cryptkeeper in his armchair and pin-on-pin of the Undertaker.
Tim Burton World, mostly Nightmare Before Christmas, but with a few additions.
Pin-on-pin figures of Lydia Deetz, Sally, and Emily the Corpse Bride rim the sign to Halloween Town.
Harry Potter, represented primarily by the Hogwarts castle.
The Haunted Mansion, with a pin-on-pin of Jessica Rabbit being spooked by a few flying bats.

Block 7: Arcade Wizards, an additional center sixpack block, directly beneath Disney Afternoon and Toon Disney (for now).
Mega Man, written in pyramid form, the hero's blue helmet resting beneath.
Carmen Sandiego, piloting her hovercraft, directly in front of the Acme Detective Agency A-logo.
Super Mario Brothers, represented by the image of Raccoon Mario from SMB 3.
Ghostbusters, the iconic "No Ghosts" logo occupying the center of the black square.
Ms. Pac-Man, a pin-on-pin figure of a woman with the Pac-head as a sort of orbital helmet lounging atop the center boxsquare containing the logo, with added
maze-like ledges.
Power Rangers, exemplified by the classic Mighty Morphin' logo, though it represents all series.

Uncle D's Room: Crossing through the tunnel to the middle room, this is perhaps the plainest of the trio. UD's bed is also pushed against the eastern wall,
covered in ghostly white sheets and pillowcases, with a ratty black blanketed comforter. Movie posters of Vincent Price—his hero—, the Witches of Eastwick,
The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Friday the 13th hang behind his bed. He has his own dresser drawer up on the southern wall, a framed portrait of his
love, Auntie Eleanor and a small bottle of Eau de Doom are perched atop its surface. He has a writing desk and matted well-worn armchair in the opposite
wall's spot
across from the dresser. Uncle D prefers to sit and read other's fanfics, often getting a copy of them first to read to Ed and the Count, sometimes acting
out the parts. That's why he has such a wide space in the center of his room... Once the ghostlike spotlights in the ceiling turn on, the stage is set
for him to ham it up once he reaches for an eerie mask from his room's walls.

Count's Room: Again, the bed is pushed up against the wall. This bed features a muted yellowish set of sheets, printed with brown bats. His pillows and
comfy numbered comforter complete the ensemble. Upon the wall behind his bed we can see an enlargened posterboard. This serves to show off all the souls
gathered within the haunts of his Numbervanian homeland. Once a new haunter's write-up has been completed and drawn by an illustrator friend, a new card
square gets added to the posterboard. Its current designed features a total of 800 haunters arranged in four side-by-side squares of a hundred each up above,
mirrored by another four squares of a hunred down below. Like Ed, his room also has a master display shelving unit along the northern wall. Here we witness
PVC figurines of all the haunters in
varying groupings throughout the shelving unit. The bottommost ledge holds the Cube of Darkness—though it looks more rectangularly boxish—useful for
transporting the complete collection of figurines. The Count also has a dresser drawer along the southern wall corner of his room, with a framed
portrait of Countess Dahling standing there. The open window connects onto a perching bar for Batty and a few other bats when they choose to slumber. Fatatatita
has her own kitty bed, though she's more of a grown-up black cat, hidden towards the head of the Count's bed so she doesn't get stepped on when he gets
out of his own in the morning or middle of the night.

Hope you like the tour.


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Apt 2

Welcome to Apartment 2!Wipe your feet before you come in!:smile:
As you come in there is a bright tidy kitchen to your left with cookbooks lined on a shelf. The oven, ,microwave & coffee maker are there (even though Chef's the only one that drinks coffee) There are pastel canisters containing sugar,flour and coffee. There's an island in the middle with a ceramic cat.This contains Gaffer's kitty treats. Next to the ceramic cat is a jar that has likenesses of Sesame Street's favorite cookie muncher.That is the jar for human treats!(cookies or whatever).
The refrigerator/freezer is almond colored and the freezer makes water,crushed ice & cubed ice. The kitchen table is rectangular with six seats.
The living room is painted a sunny yellow & has a big screen TV and DVD/TiVo player. There's a 3 foot high closet full of DVDs. A Wii is also there. There's also a stereo with a cabinet full of CDs A piano (that's very well taken care ofahemthank you!...you're welcome...now keep working on your room,please) anyway there are piano books piled neatly on the piano. For furniture we have a blue recliner, a red leather couch and a green chair that has an ottoman.There's also a computer in the living room.We also have a cute little kitty bed that has her toys in it The carpet throughout is sky blue.
In the bathroom we have...OOPS! Sorry Chef! Well right now in the bathroom we have an indisposed Swede! Well you've seen one bathroom you've seen them all!But if you insist on a description,it's lavender with a marble sink ,towel closet with a white wooden door, The toilet,sink and tub are also white.
Now we come to the bedrooms:
Here we have Rosita's room.It's purple .She has a map of Mexico hanging on her wall and a white dresser. On her dresser is a picture of her & her family.The carpet on her rug is rose colored.In the corner of her room is her guitar.She has light blue sheets on her bed.
Next we come to Robin's room:It's green: His dresser is wooden & brown. His dresser is full of things! A picture of his Uncle Kermit, a picture of his parents a picture of Prairie,Rosita,Chef,me & him & a picture of him and me.Plus he has Frog Scout trophies. He has camoflague sheets on his bed. The rug is lime green.
Prairie's room is next:Her room is light pink.She has a few programs from plays matted in plastic on her dresser.Some books on a shelf overhead.A picture of piano keys and a rose over the keys. Her sheets have hot air balloons on them. The rug in her room is magenta
Chef's room: Tan...very tidy He has a few recipe books on his dresser & some books (in Swedish I think) and a picture of his family on his nightside table.He has white sheets and a red blanket .The carpet in his room is orange.
Grover's room: Blue with royal blue carpeting.His room has a dresser with a picture of him and his mommy on it.He has light blue sheets on his bed and a few books about superheroes on a bedside table.
Now, my room: Pink but a different shade of pink than Prairie's..An autographed picture of Garfield hangs over my bed.An autographed picture of Jim Henson & Kermit is on my nightstand. My bed has flowered sheets. Across from my bed is my TV& next to it is my CD player & DVD player,My computer desk is there & on it are pictures of my family. My dresser has pictures of my family too (HV family included :wink:)
Birthdays for us are as follows:
Swedish Chef:January 19
Gaffer:February 14
Me:April 28
Rosita: Dec.7