Frank Oz at "Little Shop of Horrors" screening in NYC September 29


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Apr 14, 2002
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Maybe getting close since there's only standby tix left, but Frank Oz is once again returning to NYC for the director's cut screening of Little Shop of Horrors. More info to be found here:

Little Shop of Horrors (The Director’s Cut)

Frank Oz 1986
USA | English | Format: DCP | 103 minutes

Director Frank Oz, actress Ellen Greene, composer Alan Menken and film restorer Kurt Galvao in person!

Director Frank Oz’s ebullient film adaptation of the smash Off-Broadway musical—itself based on a 1960 Roger Corman quickie—developed an instant cult following for its gleefully macabre tale of star-crossed skid-row lovers (the incomparable Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene) brought together and nearly torn apart by a giant, man-eating plant from outer space. But the film that reached theaters differed from Oz and songwriters Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s original vision, chiefly in a newly invented happy ending added after test audiences rejected the stage version’s darker, apocalyptic finale. For years, that deleted footage was viewable only on a special edition DVD that went out of print (at the behest of producer David Geffen) nearly as soon as it hit stores—and then, only as degraded, black-and-white workprint footage. Now, three decades after its release, Little Shop of Horrors has been digitally restored to its original director’s cut, featuring 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage including the full original ending in glorious color! A Warner Home Video release.