Favorite Bear Moments and Episodes


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Feb 2, 2016
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Hey! We have a thread on this topic for FR, TMS, and other Muppet productions. Now Bear gets the love he deserves! Here you can state your favorite Bear details and moments, episodes, or anything from Bear that makes you feel like a muppet fan. My favorite little moment is in "Friends For Life". It's the conversation between Treelo and Tutter. Bear walks in to find Treelo forcing Tutter into a game of "Snow Bear and Rockboy". Tutter's first line is priceless. "Woah, woah woah, get that rock away from me!" Treelo proceeds to ask Tutter to pretend he is Snowbear. Tutter responds, "See these ears? Blue and pink. Blue and pink, can't ya see? A snow bear is white. WHITE!!!!" He then quotes Toy Story. "I AM NOT A TOYYYY!" See what I mean? Best show for preschoolers on earth. My favorite episode would have to be, "The Yard Sale'. Treelo finding a geode in the garden is just brilliant. Kids are introduced to advanced geology before they're in the 1st grade! Brilliant! Have I made my point? :wink: