Doctor Who and the Marvelous Muppets


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Aug 13, 2005
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Aaaand we're back! Sorry it's taken me so long to return to this story, but I have some fantastic news: the FINAL ACT is here! And it begins now with this chapter! :smile:

Within a dark alley, a faint light blinked in and out of thin air. It was soon followed by the ghostly outline of a blue police box, fading in sequence with the light above it, until it finally solidified there in the alley. Its seven passengers stepped out through the double doors, opening in the opposite direction from what was directed on the instruction posted upon the left side door.

“Well, it sure does look like New York City,” Miss Piggy observed of their surroundings. “It’s just as filthy, that’s for sure.” She was certain she might have stepped on a wad of bubble gum (though it didn’t smell like it).

“It doesn’t feel like it to me,” Wanda said.

“What does it feel like?” the Doctor asked her.

“Like…we’re somewhere else.”

Pepe groaned. “So, we’re still not home? Oh, boy. I’ll be inside the weird box, watchin’ fantasy football, okay.”

“Not so fast, shrimp!” Piggy restrained him.

Suddenly, the Doctor spotted a husband-and-wife couple walking by the alley. They were Muppet canines, each of different breeds. “Uh, excuse me?” he beckoned their attention, and they responded by looking his way. “Ah, yes. So sorry to bother you. But would you mind telling us where—?”

“What are they, Herb?!” the wife screeched in terror.

“I don’t know, Marge!” Herb answered, sounding more terrified than his wife. “But we better get outta here before they come anywhere near us!”

The Doctor and his companions watched in confusion as the mortified couple ran away. “Well, that wasn’t much help,” Piggy said of the brief encounter. They then walked out of the dark alley, getting a better view of the new world they arrived in. The entire city had a 1930s motif and was occupied by dogs of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

The presence of the seven interdimensional travelers quickly attracted the attention of the Dog City residents – including the local authorities. “You there! Stop!” one of the officers demanded before blowing his whistle.

However, there was no sound that came out of it.

“I think his whistle is broken,” Beauregard surmised.

Upon closer observation, Vision realized, “No…he’s blowing a dog whistle.”

“Do we still run?” Wanda inquired.

“Basically…yes!” the Doctor verified, and so they ran.

The Dog City police officers chased them on foot. The pursuit stirred quite a bit of chaos among the blocks that the two parties passed through, either from the otherworldly appearances of the seven travelers or the many fruits and vegetables stands that were accidentally trashed by the pursing officers.

It gave the seven travelers an advantage, as it put some distance between them and the police. When they happened across an abandoned building, one trench-coated canine with a pink bow stuck his head out through the front door and whispered to them, “Quick! In here!” He was the only Dog City resident who didn’t appear to be frightened by their appearances.

With not much of a choice, they followed the trench-coated canine into the abandoned building. “Thanks for your help,” the Doctor told their new ally.

“No prob,” the trench-coated canine acknowledged.

The Doctor and his companions discovered that the dog wasn’t alone in the building. There was a female collie with him. “The coast is all clear, Ace,” she notified. “Those cops were thrown off by the scent.”

“Good work, Colleen,” Ace told her. “This former cheese factory is the perfect hideout. You can still smell the limburger.”

“Is that what that smell is?” Pepe said. “I thought one of us cut one – and I don’t mean the cheese, okay.”

“Why did you help us?” Vision asked Ace and Colleen.

“You guys are clearly friends of Scott Lang,” Ace replied. “Who else would walk these streets with those crazy mugs?”

Wanda beamed with surprise. “Scott’s here?!”

“Who’s Scott?” the Doctor asked.

“The Ant-Man,” Wanda elaborated. “We fought together at the Leipzig-Halle Airport, during the clash over the Accords. Vision was there as well.”

“Yes,” the synthezoid confirmed. “If I recall of the incident, I phased through his body when he was in his giant form.”

“If he’s here, then he’s just as lost as we are,” the Doctor inferred. He then turned his attention to Ace and Colleen and asked, “Where is he?”

“He was kidnapped by Them and his gang,” Colleen disclosed.

Who and his gang?” Beauregard asked.

“No, not ‘Who’ – Them!” Colleen contradicted.

“That’s what I’m asking you,” Beauregard said.

“Who? Me?” Ace stepped in.

“No, her,” Beauregard pointed to Colleen.

“She’s a Yu, too – by marriage,” Ace told him.

“I’m married to her?” an extremely baffled Beauregard queried.

“No, I’m married to her!” Ace retorted in frustration. “She’s now ‘Colleen Yu’.”

“Why is she calling me?” Beauregard asked.

“CAN WE GET BACK TO THE STORY ALREADY?!?!” Piggy bellowed, visibly infuriated by the sudden routine.

After Piggy’s outburst, Colleen got back to the topic at hand and divulged, “Bugsy Them is the leader of the gang here in Dog City. He got a hold of Scott Lang the moment he laid eyes on him, and now he’s planning on showcasing the poor fella at the Dog House like some sort of sideshow freak.”

“The Dog House?” Piggy questioned.

“Dog City’s most popular restaurant,” Colleen detailed.

Piggy shook her head in disgust. “No originality whatsoever.”

“Regardless, we need to get into this ‘Dog House’ and free Mr. Lang from his captors,” the Doctor established.

“Well, you’re not getting in with those mugs,” Colleen indicated. “You’re gonna need disguises.”

“Good thing there are plenty in this abandoned factory to go around,” Ace said.

He approached one of the crates, prying it open to reveal it was full of dog costumes, a few of which were of appropriate human size. Seeing them, however, confused Wanda. “I thought you said this used to be a cheese factory,” she mentioned to Ace and Colleen.

“It also used to be a costume factory,” Ace said.

“That made dog costumes for dogs?” Pepe noted.

Ace and Colleen nodded affirmatively. “Of course!”

“This place is really weird,” Piggy muttered.


Ace’s plan for getting into the Dog House was a terrible one. Regardless, the costumes that Piggy, Pepe, Beauregard, Vision, Wanda, and the Doctor all wore managed to fool the majority of the Dog City residents that passed them. The only one not in costume was Animal, who was pretty used to acting like a dog already. Beauregard kept control of his chain leash.

The disguises even managed to fool the guard dog at the Dog House entrance, though he did bother to ask, “Hey, why youse guys not wearin’ any clothes? It ain’t that kinda party!” Nevertheless, he allowed them inside.

The Dog House was packed with city residents interested in seeing Bugsy Them’s “freak of nature.” The performance stage had a large red curtain hanging just for the evening’s event. Bugsy himself appeared on it to commence with the entertainment. “Good evenin’, ladies and gents! Youse all been gathered here tonight for some senseless entertainment. Well, it don’t get any more senseless than this. I present to youse the one and only Hairless Freak of Dog City!”

The curtain parted to reveal the sideshow attraction: the “Ant-Man,” Scott Lang.

He stood in a cage made specifically for him, accommodating his height and width, although there was not much elbow room. He looked miserable and humiliated – and rightfully so – as the audience of dog-people gaped in awe and disgust of his human appearance. He was thankful Bugsy still allowed him to wear his Ant-Man suit.

“Poor Scott,” Wanda pitied him. “Why doesn’t he just shrink or grow his way out of this mess?”

“Something is wrong with his suit,” Vision analyzed.

“You can tell that from underneath a ridiculous costume?!” Piggy inquired, sounding both amazed and revolted.

“Let’s get him outta there,” Ace said. “You ready, Doc?”

“Ready.” The Doctor gave a firm nod, slightly shaking the head of his costume.

Ace and Colleen dashed to the stage, standing defiantly in front of Scott’s cage. “Alright! Show’s over!” Colleen declared.

“Hey now, what’s goin’ on here?!” Bugsy growled. “You got no business disruptin’ my business, Yu and Yu!”

“We’ve got plenty of business, Bugsy!” Ace growled back. “You got no right caging this fella and putting him on display!”

“I gots plenty of rights, ‘cause this freak’s got no rights of its own!”

“Hey, buddy, I’m standing right here!” Scott grumbled. “Now I know how Charlton Heston felt in Planet of the Apes.”

“We’re gonna stop your sideshow attraction before it ever takes off, Bugsy,” Colleen avowed.

“Oh, yeah?” Bugsy challenged. “Youse and what army?”

“This army!” the Doctor exclaimed before he, Wanda, Vision, Piggy, Beauregard, and Pepe removed their disguises, exposing themselves to every dog in the restaurant that began to panic from their presence.

“Eek! More hairless freaks!”

“And they got some sort of pig, gopher, and shrimp with them!”

Pepe presumed that he fell into that last classification. “I am not a shrimp! I am a king pra—!”

“SHOOT THEM!” Bugsy ordered, only to find himself being the target of his own gang, as they fired on him instead. “Not ‘Them’ as in me! ‘Them’ as in those freaks over there!” He pointed to the Doctor and his companions for emphasis.

The gang turned their Tommy Guns to their intended targets.

Before they could pull the triggers, Wanda used her psionic abilities to disarm them. Bugsy’s gang were spooked by the display of power, running out of the Dog House along with all of the frightened attendees.

“Hey! Where youse guys goin’?!” Bugsy barked. “Youse gonna let a parlor trick scare you like a bunch of fraidy cats?!”


Before Bugsy knew it, he was on the receiving end of a massive karate chop courtesy of Miss Piggy. The mad gangster bulldog was flown across the restaurant, violently smacking against Scott’s cage. The impact broke the lock, subsequently freeing Lang.

“You guys are lifesavers!” He praised his rescuers. “I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to see people that look like me!” He looked to Piggy, Pepe, Beauregard, and Animal and told them, “No offense.”

“None taken, hairless freak,” Pepe snickered.

“Mr. Lang, I’m the Doctor. I need you to tell me how exactly you got to this dimension. It may help us discover a way for all of us to get back home.”

“It was an experiment Bunsen and Beaker conducted on multiverse exploration – something about a guy with a long scarf that gave them the equation they’d been searching for, thirtysomething years ago.”

The Doctor’s eyes flared with recognition. “Adric’s Quantum Realm equation!”

“What?” Scott frowned.

“Do you still remember it?”

“N-No…but my suit records everything. It might have—WHOA!” Scott jumped in surprise once the Doctor began scanning his Ant-Man suit with his sonic screwdriver. “W-What is that thing?!” He glanced over at Wanda – the only person he was previously acquainted with among his rescuers. “Who is this guy?” he asked her, but she seemed too preoccupied with inspecting Bugsy Them’s unconscious body.

“He’s a man you can trust,” Vision told him.

The synthezoid’s company only unsettled Lang even more, as it sparked an uncomfortable memory. “You’re not gonna p-phase through my body like Patrick Swayze again, are you?”

Before Vision could answer, the Doctor finished his scan and told Scott, “Your suit’s sustained some damage on your journey, Mr. Lang.”

“Yeah, that’d explain why I can’t change my size,” Scott acknowledged. “It doesn’t explain why I can’t reach Bunsen and Beaker. I’ve tried to call them to bring me back home, but they’re not answering.”

“Well, they very well may have given us our one-way ticket to your Earth,” the Doctor noted, pocketing away his sonic screwdriver as he began leading the group out of the restaurant. “Let’s get back to the TARDIS.”

As most of them started to leave, Vision noticed Wanda crouching beside Bugsy.

“Wanda?” Vision summoned, but Wanda remained intently staring over Bugsy. Curious, he inched closer to her and asked, “Wanda, what’s the matter?” At close glance, he noticed her slip something off Bugsy’s paw. She finally looked up at him, smiling as she held what appeared to be Bugsy’s ring.

Embedded into the ring was a glowing orange gem…

The Soul Stone.



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Aug 13, 2005
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“So…can I get you ladies anything? Water, juice…a cookie?”

Hunter C-88 and Minuteman 20122016 stood taciturnly in the console room of Kara’s Type-Z TARDIS. They hadn’t said a word or moved from the spot where they stood since departing from the TVA. Kara and the Doctor went to change clothes and, when they returned a full hour later, the TVA agents were still there as they left them.

Kara could not have felt more awkward around the two.

“Man! The Time Variance Authority really did a number on them, didn’t they?” Kara said to the Doctor, who was tampering away near the Type-Z’s control console. “Why did they wipe their memories?”

“TVA Protocol,” the Doctor replied. “Their dimension was purged some time ago, and they were the only refugees of it. For all intents and purposes, they shouldn’t even exist right now.”

“Any clue on why their dimension was purged?” Kara inquired.

“TVA keeps everything redacted, so there’s no telling what exactly occurred—AH-HA!” That last exclamation spurred from her completion of the thing that she had been fiddling with for the past half hour. It was so small that Kara could hardly catch a glimpse of it as the Doctor brought it over to Hunter C-88 and Minuteman 20122016. “Take off your helmets.”

For the first time since Kara met them, she noticed displays of emotion from the two TVA agents, as they expressed confusion and concern from the Doctor’s instruction. “Why?” Hunter C-88 asked.

“No reason,” the Doctor said. “Just wanna make you both more comfortable.”

Her reason seemed fallible, but the agents nonetheless surrendered their helmets to her. The Doctor handed one to Kara, along with a small silver disc. “What’s this?” Kara asked.

“You’ll see,” the Doctor said. “Place it inside the helmet – it’ll magnetize.”

Kara followed her instruction and, sure enough, the silver disc magnetized along the metallic interior structure of the helmet. The Doctor did the same to the other before handing them both back to the TVA agents. Shortly after Hunter C-88 and Minuteman 20122016 put them back on, both women suddenly went rigid and began screaming in agony, clutching the sides of their helmets. The moment only passed for a second, rendering the agents down on one knee, breathless.

Kara observed it all with perplexing alarm. “What did we just do to them?”

“Gave them back their identities,” the Doctor told her. “That disc we used was Chameleon Arch tech – rebooted their minds to filter out all the TVA gunk and put back what was previously taken out.”

“Where are we?” They suddenly heard Ciciley Livingston (formerly “Hunter C-88”) as she stood back up, warily gazing around her current surroundings.

“Are we still in that weird blue box?” asked Agent X (formerly “Minuteman 20122016”).

The Doctor shrugged at X’s remark. “Didn’t help much with their manners,” she whispered to Kara. Tending to the recovering Ciciley and Agent X, she said, “To answer your rude question: yes, you’re still in that ‘weird blue box,’ but it’s different from the one you were in before.”

“Who are you?” Agent X asked her.

“It’s me – the Doctor. The chap you met in Wakanda, wearing the suit and sandshoes?”

Ciciley questionably gazed up and down at the Northern English brunette in front of her. “Are you the same person? Or is it just a title you’re carrying on?”

“Hold all your questions for later, Agent Livingston,” the Doctor urged. “We’re in the middle of an important mission and the clock’s ticking. My other self’s already got a good start on findin’ the Soul Stone, in addition to havin’ the Mind Stone.”

“That reminds me,” Kara said. “I might know someone I once encountered before in this Earth-M universe that I think can help us in finding the other Stones.”

“Good,” the Doctor approved. “Who is it?”

Kara smirked. “Someone you’ve met before. She once told me how you two were trapped in some sort of labyrinth.”

Working her magic at the controls of her own TARDIS, Kara brought them out of the infinite dimensional corridor and to the Earth-M dimension, specifically the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. They stepped out to see a middle-aged woman in mystic garb waiting for them, as if she had expected their arrival.

“Hello, Sarah,” Kara greeted her.

“Hello, Woman-I’ve-Yet-To-Meet,” Sarah returned. “You’re a whole year early…or am I a whole year early?”

“Anyone wanna explain what’s goin’ on?!” Ciciley griped.

“Oh, it’s a whole ‘time’ thing,” Sarah casually waved off. “I assume you’re here to fix everything that Thanos has broken.”

“Yes, we are,” the Doctor validated. “Is Doctor Strange here? His knowledge of the Infinity Stones will be of great help to us.”

Her question made Sarah sulk in despair. “Strange was…lost…along with half the population of the universe, thanks to Thanos. In his absence, I’ve been keeping watch over the Sanctum in the last five years.”

“Five years?!” Agent X cried. “It’s been five years since we left Earth?!”

“Jeez,” Ciciley groaned.

The Doctor didn’t appear to be too perturbed by this. “We can still get him back – get everyone back. We just have to retrieve the other Stones from across the multiverse. Adric, an old mate of mine, solved the Quantum Realm equation. With that equation, a bit of tech, and a bit of magic, we can get the Stones from whatever realms they’re in, bring them here, and snap everyone back!”

It sounded insane enough to work to Sarah. “I’m in,” she agreed, “especially if it means bringing back Stephen.”

“Brilliant!” the Doctor cheered. “Now we just have to corroborate each realm with the remaining Stones we need.”

“No sweat,” Sarah said. “I’ve learned a trick that allows me to peer into the infinite worlds. Give me a few hours, and I’ll tell ya which of those has the specific Infinity Stones we’re looking for.”



With the data from Scott Lang’s Ant-Man suit, the Doctor was able bring his TARDIS to what he designated to be New York City of Earth-M. Shortly after materializing, he popped his head out to examine the people and places, making a mental checklist as his eyes darted about.

No surplus population of walking, talking dogs in 1930s zoot suits.

No Ebenezer Scrooge or Gonzo Dickens.

Only humans and Muppets living among each other like normal.

“I think we’ve finally made it back,” he alerted those inside his TARDIS.

Hearing this possible verification from him, Miss Piggy brushed past him and walked out of the TARDIS. Just as she had done before in Dog City, she took a whiff of the air. “Well, I don’t smell dog poop anymore,” she observed. Her snout twinged as it picked up on a familiar aroma. “Wait a sec. I know that smell. That’s…That’s…PIZZA!”

The Doctor smelled it as well. In his examination of their surroundings, he did notice that they had landed near a pizza joint. “Ah! There’s where it’s coming from,” he directed Miss Piggy’s attention to the establishment. “PizzeRizzo! Molto bene!

“Well, which is it?” Pepe asked, stepping out of the TARDIS along with the others. “Is it ‘PizzeRizzo’ or ‘Molto Bene’?”

The Doctor shook his head. “N-No, Pepe. Molto bene means ‘very well’ in Italian. I was being clever.”

Pepe shrugged. “Not clever enough for the rest of us to understand jou, okay.”

“Story of my lives,” the Doctor bemoaned.

After stepping out of the blue police box, Scott further analyzed the street corner where PizzeRizzo was established. “Hey, I know this area,” he said. “This is where Pete’s Luncheonette is.” Looking directly at the pizza joint, he pointed to it and added, “That’s where it’s supposed to be.”

“Hey, you’re right,” Beauregard acknowledged. “We have lunch at Pete’s every day at this corner. Why’s it now a pizza place?”

“Could we still be in another dimension?” Wanda pondered the possibility.

“Only one way to find out,” the Doctor stated. He walked right into PizzeRizzo’s with his companions following him.

The pizzeria bustled with activity – quite the popular hangout for Muppets and humans alike. The walls were decorated with photos of known New York locations, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, and international places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There were also framed photographs of Muppet rats; one hung largest over them all was that of Rizzo, the former waiter of Pete’s Luncheonette.

“Ritzo runs this place?!” a stunned Pepe exclaimed.

“Well, I lost my appetite,” Piggy groaned.

“Yo!” They heard someone call out from the mass crowd of customers. Scurrying in between them to approach the Doctor and the others, they saw it to be Rizzo himself, wearing a white t-shirt with the logo of his pizzeria printed on the front. He specifically focused his overwhelming delight on Piggy, Beauregard, Pepe, and Animal. “You guys are still alive! Where’ve ya been dah last five years?!”

“Five years?!?!” the group cried out in shock.

Dios mio! We’ve been gone for nearly half a decade!” Pepe reflected. “That’s ten times as many Netflix shows I’ll have to binge, okay!”

“Rizzo, what happened while we were gone?” Scott asked. “How did you buy out Pete’s place?”

Rizzo looked at them long and hard, seeing how genuine their surprise was. “Uh…wow…Youse guys ain’t kiddin’ around, are ya? You have been out of dah lop for a while, haven’t ya? How ‘bout we sit down over ‘ere and I’ll explain it all to youse in detail.”

He invited them to sit at an available booth in a quieter area of the pizzeria, away from where the Electric Mayhem – who worked at PizzeRizzo as the establishment’s exclusive entertainment – performed. Animal joined with his old bandmates mid-performance, much to their blissful astonishment, seeing their drummer return after five whole years.

Rizzo filled in Piggy, Beauregard, Pepe, and their (sorta) human friends on the events that occurred in their five-year absence. He began with what happened shortly after they left Wakanda – half of the universe’s population had been wiped out by Thanos. Among the casualties were Pete and Jenny. Following their deaths, Rizzo – in accordance to Pete’s will – became proprietor of the luncheonette, thus transforming it into his own establishment, run entirely by rats. It proved to be a popular endeavor with great entertainment, karaoke, and a celebrity endorsement from the Hulk.

“The Hulk?!” Scott reacted with amusement. “Isn’t that a bit…risky?”

“No way,” Rizzo remarked. “Ya see, he’s—”


Before Rizzo could go into explanation, he was interrupted by Gonzo, who entered the pizzeria with a very large and green individual in casual clothes to fit his frame. As they both approached the booth, Piggy, Pepe, Beauregard, the Doctor, Wanda, Vision, and Scott were astounded to see the large, green individual with Gonzo was a rather intelligent-looking and much calmer Hulk.

“Dr. Banner?” Vision questioned.

“I am so confused,” Scott uttered.

“You and me both,” Wanda concurred.

Banner elatedly waved and smiled to the group. “You guys really are alive,” he said in relief. It was bizarre to see him speaking so coherently in his Hulk form. “This calls for a celebration! Hey, Riz, you still got that special on the menu?”

“Comin’ right up, buddy!” Rizzo happily carried out the order.

After his departure from the booth, Gonzo took his place in conversing with his friends, who he believed to have been lost. “Where did you go? We thought Thanos got you guys, too!”

Neither the Doctor nor the others were even sure how to explain their recent excursion to the weirdo. A heavily distraught Scott instead diverged from the topic to ask Banner and Gonzo, “I-Is there someplace where you can…where I can see all of those who were lost?”

“Um, yeah,” Banner confirmed. “There’s a wall for the vanished – a memorial they keep downtown. But that one’s only for the New York area. If you’re curious to know anywhere else to go, the public library’s got records on all the other names.”

“Thanks,” Scott said, urgently leaving the table. “I’ll see you guys later.”

The others watched him depart from the pizzeria in a rush. Noting how anxious he appeared, Gonzo wondered, “Gosh…he must’ve lost someone really important to him in the Blip.”

“I’m sorry, the what?” The Doctor cringed.

“The Blip,” Gonzo repeated. “It’s what we call what happened to everyone. They just ‘blipped’ out of existence.”

“Who came up with that ridiculous name?” Pepe questioned. “Sounds like that noise jou hear in the cartoons.”

“Hey, Professor!” Rizzo called from the kitchen. “It’s gonna take an hour at least on that special!”

“No prob, Riz,” Banner accepted. “Gonzo and I will kill time with some karaoke.”

“Thought you’d never ask!” Gonzo jubilated. As he left the booth with Banner, he told his friends, “You guys are gonna love this! We do this every time the Professor’s here – and the crowd eats it up more than the pizza!”

They watched Gonzo and Banner head over to the stage where the Electric Mayhem performed, taking position at a couple of mic stands, one of which was modified for Banner’s Hulk-sized hands. While the lights in the pizzeria dimmed, Dr. Teeth played Gonzo and Banner into a jovial duet…

It’s like the perfect match
The missing piece, the other half
Peas in a pod, got each other’s back
Yeah, this is the perfect match

Gonzo and Banner:
There’s never been friends like us
No, there’s never been friends like us
When we’re together, it’s like a million bucks
‘Cause there’s never been friends like us

It’s an adventure, no doubt


For whatever, I’m down

Dr. Teeth:
Yeah, I’m down! Woo!

Highs and lows, sun or clouds
Yeah, I’ll be there to help you out

Gonzo and Banner:
There’s never been friends like us
No, there’s never been friends like us
When we’re together, it’s like a million bucks
‘Cause there’s never been friends like us

During the karaoke performance by the weirdo and the Hulk, the Doctor leaned towards Wanda and Vision and said, “We have to arrange a meeting with the Avengers, whichever of them are left. With Adric’s Quantum Realm equation and the two Infinity Stones in our possession, there’s a chance we can gather the others in the same way.”

“You are supposing the other realities will have them?” Vision asked.

“We were lucky to find this one when we did,” Wanda told the Doctor, hovering the Soul Stone above the palm of her right hand. “Finding the others across the multiverse is like finding a needle in a haystack.”

“I know,” the Doctor documented her concern. “But I have this feeling that I’m already one step ahead of myself on this.”


There's never been friends like us (Never been friends like us)
No, there's never been friends like us (Never been friends like us)
When we're together, it's like a million bucks
'Cause there's never been friends like us
'Cause there's never been friends like us
There's never been friends like us