Cutie Pie the Prairie Dog


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Mar 13, 2013
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A big thanks to John Claybourne at the Bashful Puppet Blog for the pattern and videos. I made this puppet for my granddaughter Colby's 5th birthday this past May. So here we go:

Pattern traced and cut.

Made a liner in a very easy way than I have in the past. I bought a swatch of printed cloth at Wal-mart and sprayed glued it to the foam. Doing it this way was way easier than making the sock that I did for previous puppets.

Mouth plate done.

Tags installed.

All foam pieces glued together.

Fleece pattern traced and cut.

Fitting the skin.

All sewn and ears added.

Arms and nose added.

Eyes and accessories installed

This was an easy and fun project to build and I was happy to find a different and easy way to do the inside liner. With the posting of this build that gets me catched up on my projects to date. I hope that you like them.