CRUCIAL #RenewTheMuppets Task - please do ASAP!


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Apr 13, 2002
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URGENT ‪#‎RENEWTHEMUPPETS‬ TASK! Absolutely CRUCIAL as many Muppet fans take part as soon as possible! Each year USA Today conducts a Save Our Show Survey where people can vote for shows that are on the bubble to be renewed. THEY DIDN'T EVEN GIVE MUPPET FANS THE CHANCE TO SUPPORT THE SHOW since USA Today took it upon themselves to label "The Muppets" likely dead as opposed to on the bubble.

Step One: Fill out the survey. Even though you can't vote for "The Muppets" in the main part you can still choose it from the likely to be gone list. Then in the comments section, be sure to both list your reasons why it should be renewed and also take USA Today to task for not including the show in the on-the-bubble choices and urge them to change this.(*)

Step Two: Tweet, email, phone, post on their FB page, etc to USA Today criticizing their leaving "The Muppets" off the main ballot and denying the very active #RenewTheMuppets community a valuable opportunity to save the show.

Step Three: Spread this news to as many Muppet fans as possible to get them to do the same.

Step Four: Since USA Today denied us the opportunity to speak up for our show through their paper, that means Muppet fans have to step up the calls, emails, Tweets to ABC itself - keep those going!
(*) Here's an example of the comments i left:
"SHAME on USA Today for denying Muppet fans the opportunity to save their show by taking it upon themselves to declare "The Muppets" "likely dead" instead of "on the bubble". The #RenewTheMuppets movement is not only very active but probably moreso than any fan movement working on behalf of any of the "bubble" shows you yourself labeled.

The two main mistakes ABC made with the show were: (A) adding it to the fall schedule at the 11th hour, not giving the creative team ample time to set the tone/format of the show before going into production leading to the first few episodes being very uneven. Even though this quickly improved, people had already tuned out before this occurred. (B) "The Muppets" never should have been placed on the overly competitive doomed-to-fail Tuesday night slot. Among that saturated arena, "The Muppets" was not a show people were going to watch live as the same-day ratings demonstrated. This is why the #RenewTheMuppets movement is urging ABC to not only give the show its much-deserved second season but also to move it to a time where it's more apt to connect with its most-likely live viewers,

Despite the above obstacles, of all ABC's freshman shows, it enjoyed the 2nd-highest season average demos (next to "Quantico"). It's won a Kids Choice Award, Critics' Choice Award, Art Directors Guild Award and is nominated for a Saturn Award. It has a 123 country distribution deal adding to its profitability (and is owned by ABC Studios). Disney World recently announced the addition of a Muppets Courtyard and for ABC to not take advantage of the cross-promotional synergy benefits with a season two would be foolish.

USA Today screwed up bigtime by denying fans of this year's best new show the much needed opportunity to save it and i strongly urge you to correct your ballot immediately. While fans work hard to #RenewTheMuppets, they may also ‪#‎CancelUSAToday‬


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Jun 9, 2013
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