Cookie 3001's short puppet films


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Oct 1, 2018
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Hey guys. So soon I am making several short 2-5 minute films featuring my puppets that will be submitted to an upcoming youth film festival. The first film is called A Day in the Life of Jerry Monster which is a film about what goes on in the life of Jerry Monster (one of my puppets. The second id called Mark Tracer's Monster Mystery which is about a detective named Mark Tracer who tries to solve a mystery of which monster kidnapped a young boy. The third (and last) is called Snack Time and is about a bunch of talking fruits and vegetables in a refrigerator that are scared they are all going to die since their owner is on a diet. They have to all be original so I can't use any Muppet or Sesame Street characters. There will be several muppet references though. Jerry Monster is named after Jerry Nelson :batty:, the detective Mark Tracer is inspired by Sherlock Hemlock :search:, their is a purple monster puppet named Marvin who is inspired by Herry Monster and there is a monster in that makes cameos in all 3 films that is a Cookie Monster :insatiable: parody