Classic Sesame Street Outlines - Early 1980s Format


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Mar 16, 2019
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I decided to bring this thread back to life, due to having nothing better to do with my free time. Here is my latest episode...

Episode #0017
Big Bird loses his temper
Sponsors: F, Y, 3

SCENE 1: Bob welcomes the viewer, and hear loud yelling from Big Bird's nest area. Bob approaches Big Bird and questions his temper. Big Bird refuses to respond, but Bob offers some suggestions on how to calm down - all of which fail. Bob realizes he cannot deal with the problem alone, so he decides to ask other cast members.

Donnie Budd -- "Three on Lady's Lap" (Bud Luckey animation)

Film: Number 3 rollercoaster film (cherry version)

Muppets: Farley and two Anything Muppet girls sings "Figure it Out"

Cartoon: The 3 Song (butterflies, birthday presents, etc.)

Song: "Starfish" (Joe Raposo music with vocals by an unknown girl)

Cartoon: Krazy Kat and the word LOVE

Film: 1-20 (Black-and-white film footage of airplanes taking off)

SCENE 2: Various cast members try to calm Big Bird down by suggesting various methods - the last of which is effective, counting to twenty. He is suddenly relaxed now.

News Flash -- "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" (Jerry Nelson makes a cameo)

Film: Lizard! (Joe Raposo background music)

Cartoon: A boy shows his pet letter Y, Yetta. She is fed yogurt, yams and yo-yos - the latter of which she finds yucchy.

Film: How animals and objects move around in certain ways (starting with a duck and a riverboat)

Cartoon: Typewriter skit -- Y, yo-yo

Muppets: Old West -- Sinister Sam finds the culprit who stole the last box of crayons. The culprit just wanted to learn to draw a letter Y.

Cartoon: Y is for Yakity Yakity Yak who can name several three-letter words starting with Y.

SCENE 3: Bob gets ready for a concert performance, but the Count comes in and has Bob demonstrate the notes on a scale. But the Count does this for the purpose of counting the notes.

Y for yawn

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot's Over and Under lecture with Grover

Cartoon: Alphabet chain reaction (Rube Goldberg contraption)

Cast: Luis searches for AGUA in a desert.

Cartoon: Various uses of AGUA

Muppets: Little Jerry and the Monotones perform "Proud"

Cartoon: LOVE (bird pecking on the O to form a heart)

Insert: American Express commercial parody -- Despite his reputation for forgetting things, Forgetful Jones never forgets the hand of Olivia's which he and Buster the Horse require in order to cross the street.

Song: "Spring Song"

Muppets: Ernie & Bert -- Ernie uses a scale to divide cherries evenly, but ends up eating them all - much to Bert's chagrin.

Cartoon: Two hippie children wonder how to make their sagging plant grow.

Film: Animal mothers and their offspring (with same background music from "Indian Baby Bath" by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: An aviator and his son cooperate to launch their biplane.

Film: George the Farmer -- Noisy and Quiet

SCENE 4: After hearing the story of Chicken Little, Telly worries that the sky may fall down. Maria confirms that the sky will not fall, and explains why. Telly is somewhat relieved, but he worries more because he doesn't want any object falling on him out of fear of getting hurt.

Poverty F -- two heads name F words, ending with "finished" (Cliff Roberts animation)

Muppets: Muppet & Kid Moment -- Cookie Monster shows Jason the word LOVE.

Cartoon: F is for Fly and Frog (Casey Kasem voiceover)

SCENE 5: Bob is relieved that Big Bird has been calm for some time. Big Bird initially didn't know the reason for his anger, and Bob asked why. However, the word "why" made Big Bird realize the reason for his anger - he couldn't remember the letter that came before Z. Bob announces the sponsors.


Emilio Delgado as Luis
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob Johnson
Alaina Reed as Olivia Robinson

Jim Henson's Muppets:
Christopher Cerf as Chrissy
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Sinister Sam
Richard Hunt as Rockin' Richard, Forgetful Jones
Jeff Moss as Big Jeffie
Brian Muehl as Telly Monster
Jerry Nelson as Farley, the face in the mirror, Herbert Birdsfoot, Little Jerry, Count Von Count, various AMs
Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, various AMs
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird, Oscar
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Mar 16, 2019
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Episode #0018
Dr. Nobel Price's K machine/Maria and the masks
Sponsors: K, L, 12

Insert: Big Bird sings "Wheels on My Feet" while he rollerskates.

Cartoon: "If You Lost Your L, Look Around" (Bruce Cayard film, with Kathy Gori vocals)

Muppets: Lefty the Salesman tries to sell Ernie some air and succeeds.

Song: "My Sister and I"

Cartoon: Speech Balloon -- L for light

Muppets: News Flash -- Kermit interviews Rumpelstiltskin who reveals his first name is Bruce

Cartoon: Bird lays ten eggs (Tom Gabbay animation)

SCENE 1: Mr. Hooper has finished cleaning up the store, but Count Von Count comes in and orders a milkshake. He gets one, and he wants another one. He repeats the process, but after he receives his third milkshake, he is asked if he is going to drink them. He says he won't drink them, he wants to count them. Mr. Hooper is so frustrated and leaves the store, slamming the door - which causes the vibrations to spill the milkshakes onto the floor. He decides to count the messes that were made.

STOP! (kids dancing to funky Joe Raposo music)

Muppets: Heavy and light demonstration (Cookie Monster eats rocks)

Film: Elephants in the zoo

Cartoon: "Ladybug Picnic" (Number 12 song by Bud Luckey)

Film: A construction machine and a horse look somewhat alike.

Cartoon: A mother bird delivers a large number 12 to her offspring.

Muppets: Muppet & Kid Moment -- Kermit demonstrates the number 12 to Marlena with balloons - displaying 3, A, 9, Cookie Monster, and finally a 12 - delivered by Grover.

Animation: STOP (different colored words flash then merge)

Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts "Say the Word"

Cartoon: Billy Jo Jive -- The Case of the Missing Money

SCENE 2: Dr. Nobel Price demonstrates his newest invention to Gordon, Olivia, Luis and Bob - a machine that can detect things beginning with K. It detects a key, a bottle of ketchup, a king (playing card), some knees, and many kids. The many kids in the area overwhelm the machine so much, it goes out of control. Price karate chops and kicks it, making the machine useless. Price commented that karate and kick are two K words it never detected.

K is for kitten knittin' a kerchief, a kite and a polka dot mitten

Cast: Buffy and Mr. MacIntosh's "K" song and dance number

Song: "Everybody Eats" (sung by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Three Anything Muppet witches cooperate to make chicken soup.

Cartoon: Kent the lion gets a kick out of being king of the forest (and the letter K!)

Celebrity: Judy Collins sings "The Sun Shines", joined in by Maria, Susan, Gordon, Mr. Hooper, Bob, and several kids.

Cartoon: Heavy and light (bird falls down from sky, landing on a man)

Muppets: Mr. Johnson orders bacon and eggs, but Grover takes too long, and eventually it's time for lunch and Mr. Johnson decides to order two hot dogs and two pickles, causing Grover to throw a temper tantrum.

Cartoon: Small k for kiss (Hubleys animation)

Film: Marching band forms a square

SCENE 3: Maria has received a bunch of different masks from her uncle Fernando. She wants to show Big Bird many different emotions depicted by the masks she wears on her face. But Big Bird doesn't understand the many different emotions people experience from time to time. In fact, he only associates masks with Halloween. Maria has a wonderful idea - she decides to put on a show which could be effective in recognizing emotions.

K is for karate (and kiss)

Film: Warthog running around

Cartoon: A man makes everything in the room cerrada, but before finding a mariachi band inside a basket, he considered making it abierto.

Muppets: An Anything Muppet girl wants to be many different workers.

Cartoon: Which of four footprints does not belong?

Film: CERRADO sign spins around

SCENE 4: Maria and the kids put on a performance in which Maria and the kids perform different emotions. Big Bird finally gets the picture, but he realized he did have an emotion himself all that time - he is sad because Snuffy is on vacation and doesn't know when he will be back. The situation leaves Maria speechless. David announces the sponsors.


Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob Johnson
Chet O'Brien as Mr. MacIntosh
Roscoe Orman as Gordon Robinson
Alaina Reed as Olivia Robinson
Buffy Sainte-Marie as Buffy

Jim Henson's Muppets:
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, lecturer in Heavy/light sketch, Guy Smiley, Fat blue witch
Richard Hunt as Green witch
Brian Muehl as Dr. Nobel Price
Kathryn Mullen as AM girl in jobs sketch
Jerry Nelson as Count Von Count, Lavender Witch, Mr. Johnson, caller in the News Flash sketch
Frank Oz as Lefty the Salesman, Bert, Bruce Rumpelstiltskin, Grover, Cookie Monster
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird, Oscar
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