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Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube


Well-Known Member
Jun 5, 2012
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Dilemma: I'd like to re-compile the Mad Painter films, now that there are high quality and logo-free sources for al of them. But I hate throwing away views and comments. The same will arise when an English version for the remaining Shoes/Footprints clip eventually shows up. I cringed when I had to replace the 1970 Henson Numbers due to a bad audio/video sync from my part.


Well-Known Member
Oct 9, 2014
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Keep the old ones if you don't want to lose the comments, or make them unlisted or private. And upload the better quality versions


Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2003
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You can’t replace videos. 🤷🏿‍♂️
You can, it's just that only a privileged few are allowed to, and I guess it must be a big secret, because nobody is talking about how it's possible, even though it clearly is. Heck, even SS's official YouTube channel was able to do it at least once with their Tropical 5 upload years ago - there was a noticeable glitch in the video at a specific time point , but by the next day, the video had been replaced with an upload that not only lacked the glitch, but was also in somewhat better quality, but nothing else was changed: the view count, the comments, the likes/dislikes all remained the same.

Not to mention, almost every Topic video has been replaced with new uploads a couple of years ago.


Well-Known Member
Feb 14, 2007
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Oh, sure! If you're a partner you can easily replace videos no problem! :rolleyes: