Cheryl Ladd episode number

David French

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Jun 1, 2004
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There's something I think needs to be talked about here: In your opinion(s), why do you guys think the Cheryl Ladd episode of The Muppet Show was given a production number of 324 (the last episode of the third season), when it looks like it was actually done after the Helen Reddy episode, which was the 13th to be produced for Season 3?
First of all, 324 is not the production number of that episode; that’s been made up by fandom. The correct number is 72. We know this because of the read-through related in ‘Of Muppets & Men’.
From what I can ascertain the numbers indicate the order that the production team intended for the episodes to air in. Unfortunately that wasn’t (always) adhered to by ITV.