Can the Classic Sesame Street Community Help Fulfill a Sincere Birthday Request?


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Jun 5, 2012
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"Happy birthday (from Muppet Central Forum)" read the subject line of an email I got in my inbox this morning. I guess it must be that day again. That reminded me of one thing that would really make for happiness in my life, not just today. I'm not going to ask for any of the Season 3 shows that have recently surfaced. But from those shows, I am badly wanting the "Dot Bridge" segments that debuted in those episodes, as referenced here. I also have a curiosity about one of the "Rectangle Transitions" that appeared in Show 0290 (I was all of 13 days old when that episode first aired).

Thank you, Muppet Central Forum, for the birthday wish. And I would like to also thank in advance anyone who can help me with my next 30 Dots Collection.