April Fools: UK puppetry pilot to be given the green light by the BBC


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Feb 13, 2015
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The BBC have announced today the shows that they currently have in development and that includes one puppetry show from one of your very own MC members

That’s right folks after 5 years in development, my show Employees will be given the green light by the BBC.
The show is a mockumentary about the lives of the staff at a three star hotel. The show will have a puppet human cast hybrid and will begin filming in October time
The show was picked up after executives saw the pilot: The Night Shift written by myself and Terry Adlam and deemed it good enough to set an 8 episode first season

BBC executive and now executive producer on Employees Shane Allen stated “from what we have seen so far , this show has lots of potential. We hope along with the creative team involved we can make something special

I am so so happy, it’s my dream coming true!

I wish (April fools)