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And the winner is... my own puppet show!


Apr 22, 2002
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Dear friends:

Some of you know that me and my pals are producing-puppetering- writing a puppet tv show for children in my country (Chile), by name, "31 Minutos"


Well, the first season was a pretty succes, we are very happy. Let me tell you: we will have a second season since march 2004. The production will star in october. The cd with our songs has been among the first ones for weeks, believe me it or not: not only children enjoy them. They play our "hits" in discos and pubs, really! Our stickers album has sold more than anyone expected, it its the most succesful sticker album in Chile in years. It is expected that in christmas we will be selling a lot of merchandising.
Now we are working in a Christmas Special and we are opening negotiations to make a film. We are also been contacted by other countries in latin america, they are interested in broadcast the show in at least six more countries, including Mexico (that is, the BIG one for us latinamericans)

Last friday, 31 minutos won the First Iberoamerican prix jeunesse, the most important children television festival in latin america (a version of the european 20 years old festival, by the way)


We won in two categories: children award, given by the little audience, and the first prize in "tv shows". The other mayor cathegory was educational, and the winner was... Latinamerican Sesame Street!.

Well, it is all. And for you who supported my first mail telling you the thing, very best wishes.



Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2003
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thats a great news!!!!!!!
Mazal Tov!!!!!