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A "Street We Live On" Fanfiction


Active Member
Mar 20, 2004
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Okay, you guys seem to have hated "The Street We Live On." That's too bad. It was fun. I like Elmo's World, but I thought, ever since I heard about it, that it should have been based around Journey to Ernie. So, I've decided to create a version of "The Street" that's based on Journey to Ernie. And the thing is, I need your help to fill in the middle, because I haven't seen a lot of the Classic Sesame Streets. So, if anyone's interested, I'll post the beginning here, and a couple "rules" (only two)

THE STREET WE LIVE ON: Alternate Version

(Same opening as original version (Grover the mail carrier) with the following alterations:
GROVER: Through rain, snow, and patchy fog, I will…
MARIA: Grover, Grover, Grover!
LUIS: Grover, all you have to do is deliver this package to Big Bird.

GROVER: I am off to Big Bird’s nest!!!!

Only Bert is on the wall when Grover walks by.

Now, all the new stuff:

As Grover walks past Oscar’s trash can, Elmo walks towards him.
GROVER: Oh, hello, little Elmo!
ELMO: Oh, hi Grover! What is Grover doing?
GROVER: I am delivering a very important package to Big Bird’s nest!
ELMO: Oh. Can Elmo see what’s in the package?
GROVER (gasps) Little Elmo, the ONLY PERSON who can see what’s in this package is Big Bird!
ELMO: Oh. (sighs) Okay.
He starts to walk off a little sadly. Grover looks at the screen, then turns back to Elmo.
GROVER: However, if you would like to accompany me to Big Bird’s nest, perhaps he will show you after he sees what is inside.
ELMO: (perks up) Oh, okay!
Elmo joins Grover, and the two of them walk to Big Bird’s nest, Grover stops in front of it.
GROVER: At last, Big Bird’s nest! Big Bird! Big Bird!
BIG BIRD: Oh, hi Grover!
GROVER: Package for Big Bird!
BIG BIRD: Oh, great! Thanks! I wasn’t expecting anything. Do you know who it’s from?
GROVER: Look, I just deliver ‘em, big guy. And now, I must get back to the Mail-It sgop! I have more packages to deliver!
BIG BIRD/ELMO: Bye, Grover!
As Grover walks off, Big Bird turns and notices Elmo.
BIG BIRD: Oh, hi Elmo! What brings you to my nest?
ELMO: (a little embarassed) Elmo wanted to see what was in Big Bird’s package.
BIG BIRD: Oh. Well, me too! Let’s find out together, okay?
Big Bird takes wrapping of package and opens small box underneath.
BIG BIRD: Look! (holds it up) It’s a watch!
Camera cuts to close up of watch. The watch is imitation gold, and instead of having two hands, it has one large one.
BIG BIRD: (over close-up) But it’s not like any watch I’ve seen.
Back from close-up.
ELMO: Yeah! It has one hand instead of two! (laughs) Oh, and look at all the lines!
The close-up resumes.
BIG BIRD: Yeah! All the lines at the top of the watch! There are so many of them! Ooooh, and Elmo, see how the hand is pointing at the last one? (That is: the one on the far right—there are 35 notches.) Elmo, why would anyone send me a watch like this? There’s no way to tell time with it, and…
BIG BIRD’S next words are cut off by a big booming voice. Both Big Bird and Elmo react to its loud volume.)
VOICE: It’s time to play JOURNEY TO ERNIE!!!! The game where Ernie hides and Big Bird seeks!
BIG BIRD: Oh, great! I love that game! But…. (looks puzzled) it’s a little early for that, isn’t it?
Ernie runs up.
ERNIE: It’s never too early for this game! (laughs)
Elmo looks ready to ask something, but stops.
BIG BIRD: Well, okay! So, I wonder..
Elmo has gotten up his courage, and interupts.
ELMO: Um, Big Bird, Ernie, exscuse Elmo, excuse Elmo.
BIG BIRD: Yes, Elmo?
ELMO: Um, Elmo was wondering if he could try playing Journey to Ernie with Big Bird and Ernie.
BIG BIRD: (smiles) Of course you can!
ERNIE: Yeah, sure! In fact, this is the perfect game for you to join in on, because… (he turns back to Big Bird) we’re going to play it just a little differently today, Big Bird.
BIG BIRD: Differently? How?
ERNIE: Well, first you have to start playing the same way you always do.
BIG BIRD: Oh, okay! (turns to Elmo) Okay Elmo, cover your eyes and count to 10—and no peeking!
ELMO: Okay, Big Bird! (covers his eyes)
BIG BIRD: Oh, and be ready, ‘cause we’re going to end up in a whole new place.
Big Bird turns to the camera.
BIG BIRD: You, too! Count to 10 with me! Come on! (covers his eyes)
BIG BIRD/ELMO: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
BIG BIRD: Ready or not, here we come!
Big Bird and Elmo uncover their eyes. They’re still at Big Bird’s nest, although Ernie is nowhere in sight.
ELMO: Um, Big Bird, I thought Big Bird said we’d be at a new place.
BIG BIRD: (confused) Well, we usually are, but this time, I have a feeling.. we’re still on Sesame Street!
The booming voice sounds again.
VOICE: That’s right! Today, you’re playing on Sesame Street! BUT…. To find Ernie, you have to go to the Sesame Street of the past!
BIG BIRD: Of the past? What does that mean?
ELMO: Yeah.
VOICE: The Sesame Street that was. The Sesame Street of yesterday, and a bunch of yesterdays before that!
BIG BIRD: Oh, I think I get it.
ELMO: Good, because Elmo sure doesn’t.
BIG BIRD: Ernie is somehow hiding in days that happened before today. He may even be hiding, if I understand him (Big Bird glances up) correctly, in days that happened on Sesame Street before you were born!
VOICE: That’s right!
ELMO: Wow! But, Big Bird, Elmo has two questions. How will Elmo and Big Bird know where Ernie is?
BIG BIRD: Oh! Well, you just have to remember what Ernie looks like! He usually sticks something out so we can see him, or sometimes he squeaks his rubber duckie, or does his funny laugh.
ELMO: Oh, okay! Elmo can help with that! Elmo remembers what Ernie looks like!
A picture appears in a thought bubble above Elmo’s head. The thought-bubble Ernie laughs and squeaks his rubber duckie. The bubble then pops.
But Big Bird, how are we going to get to the days before today?
VOICE: With the watch!
BIG BIRD: With the watch! (holds it up) Ernie must have sent this to me for our game! (Big Bird calls up to the sky) So, how does it work?
VOICE: See the knob on the back?
Big Bird turns the watch around. There is indeed a winding knob on the back.
VOICE: Just twist the knob to the left to go back, and twist it to the right to go forward!
BIG BIRD: Oh! (turns to Elmo) Okay, Elmo, ready to give this a try?
ELMO: Elmo thinks so.
BIG BIRD: Okay, twist the knob to the left, (does so) and….
The background swirls into a vortex. Elmo and Big Bird are both caught up in it.

If you don't like this beginning, you can feel free to alter it as well. Okay, the rules:
1. You must follow the format of Journey to Ernie. That is, in each time, they must find something that Elmo and Big Bird THINK is Ernie, but isn't.
2. The Two-Headed Monster has to appear at least once.

Other than that, this is fair game. What would you have liked to see them showcase as the Sesame Street of the past? Write it in to this version! Big Bird can play the Grover role in explaining to Elmo what went on. I agree, the reminicing portion of the "Elmo's World" version was Far, FAR too short, so now, we have a chance to fix it-- if your'e interested.
Once we get several portions for the middle, I have also written an ending where Ernie is found. If you guys can think of a good place to put him, let me know. This is just in fun. Have a good time!


Well-Known Member
Feb 26, 2004
Reaction score
Very Nice, Hehehe you have talent. Alot of it.


Active Member
Mar 20, 2004
Reaction score
Thanks! Remember, anyone is free to help me out-- where SHOULD Elmo have gone during The Street we Live On? Feel free to write it in, preferably in script format.


Well-Known Member
Sep 7, 2002
Reaction score
Okay, let me give it a try.

(Big Bird and Elmo approach Hooper's Store.)

ELMO: There's Hooper's store, but it looks so different.

(Enter Mr. Hooper)

MR. HOOPER: How may I help you?

(Dialogue between BB and Elmo follows just the way the one between Grover and Elmo did with the following alterations)

ELMO: So, that's why it's called Hooper's store.

MR. HOOPER: That's right, why I opened this store back in ???? (I'll come back to that. I have seen the clip of the 25 year anniversary of the store, but I don't quite remember what year it took place.) Why, I've come to know the cast of 'Sesame Street' very well. (Clips of classic Mr. Hooper moments, specifically that special Christmas Eve when Bert and Ernie banter with Mr. H to buy each other Christmas presents)

ELMO: Well, that's very interesting, Mr. Looper.

MR. HOOPER: Hooper!

BIG BIRD: See, it's not just me.

MR. HOOPER: Well, anyway what can I do for you?

ELMO: Big Bird and Elmo were looking for Ernie.

Okay. I don't know what more to say, so someone else can take it from here.


Active Member
Mar 20, 2004
Reaction score
Daffyfan, I apologise--I didn't see your addition. Nice job! Okay, I'll finish your segment:

MR HOOPER: Looking for Ernie?
BIG BIRD: Yeah, we're playing hide-and-seek.
MR. HOOPER: Ah. Well... (Suddenly, they all hear a very familliar sounding laugh coming from inside the store)
ELMO: Wait a minute. Big Bird, that's Ernie's laugh!
MR. HOOPER: It certainly is!
BIG BIRD: Ernie must be inside Mr. Looper's--
MR. HOOPER: Hooper's!
BIG BIRD: Hooper's-- store! Come on, let's go!
(They all rush inside)
BIG BIRD: Found you, Ernie!
(Ernie, however, is nowhere to be seen. Instead, they see the person working the counter (David, or whoever the classic one is) removing Styrofoam from a box. As he does, each one brushes against the counter, making a noise that sounds remarkably like Ernie's laugh.)
ELMO: (laughs) That's not Ernie!
MR HOOPER: No, that's my assistant, (insert name here) unpacking some boxes.
BIG BIRD: Well, come on, Elmo, let's keep looking.
ELMO: Okay, Big Bird. Bye, Mr. Hooper!
MR. HOOPER: Bye, Elmo. Bye, Big Bird!
(Once outside, Big Bird takes out the watch again)
BIG BIRD: Well, Ernie's definitely not here. Let's go check somewhere else.
(He twists the watch again, and the vortex whisks the two away.)


Well-Known Member
Feb 4, 2004
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I like Elmo's World
As Spongebob--even though I loathe him even more--would say, "Those words? Is it possible to arrange them in a sentence like that?" :big_grin: But in all seriousness, I did like that classic skits were shown during the anniversary, but I didn't like it was centered around a certain--quoting Oscar--"little red menace" who has single-handedly taken the Street over.


Well-Known Member
Feb 18, 2006
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Mr. Hooper would have opened his store in 1951, since the 25th anniversary celebration takes place in the 1976-77 season premiere (#926).

As for where the Two-Headed Monster appears in the game...did he ever appear in a street scene before? If not, I'd want to at least aim for the year/season when that Muppet first appeared on the show.


Well-Known Member
Feb 18, 2006
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It's a shame the rewrite never continued...I'd probably include a few more humans' debuts (Maria and Luis, Linda, Olivia, Buffy -- #1037, the episode with Big Bird feeling jealous of Cody, could show a not-so-happy event being resolved. "Sometimes you got mad with everybody, Big Bird...but your friends helped you work things out.")