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  1. Jeffrey Gray

    Video: "The Muppet Movie - The (Nearly) 35th Anniversary Edition" coming to Blu-Ray in 2013

    The "grasshopper" line was never in the movie. Never. Not even the UK cut. It was only on the soundtrack album. I would like to see the additional deleted scenes featured in the book adaptation (Statler and Waldorf on the camel, etc.), but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Jeffrey Gray

    Looking for rare Rocko's Modern Life episodes

    Hello, I am looking for rare/banned/edited episodes of Rocko's Modern Life, that cannot be obtained from Nicktoons TV reruns. Specifically, I am looking for the uncut version of "The Good, The Bad, and the Wallaby" with the scenes with Heffer and the milking machine; the banned episode "Leap...
  3. Jeffrey Gray

    Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

    <snip> Oops, I figured out that GPrime was right, and that means I don't have the special you seek. Good luck though.
  4. Jeffrey Gray

    Trivia question about the 123 in the Sesame Street sign/logo

    Yes, the "123" was just a replacement. It looks better than "SW," or nothing at all...
  5. Jeffrey Gray

    Sesame Street Letter/Number Guide: Season 2

    Actually, I believe that the listing of D, M, and 2 (the sponsors of 1091) as the sponsors of 1092 was a faux pas on behalf of CTW back when the episode originally aired. You'll notice that the same SS/CTW sign stills (I forget who was holding the SS sign, but the Count was holding the CTW sign)...
  6. Jeffrey Gray

    If Jim Henson was still alive, what would you ask him?

    I would ask him if he believed there was hope for peace and equality between the peoples in the world sometime in the future. From his participation in Fraggle Rock, I have realized that this is a hope that both Jim Henson and I share.
  7. Jeffrey Gray

    Cats Don't Dance

    I like all of that. My only complaint is that Flanigan the director had to (unknowingly) ruin the kiss between Danny and Sawyer. :boo: I remember seeing this scene in the theater, and being absolutely DEVASTATED, as I had been anticipating the kiss between the two since I visited the...
  8. Jeffrey Gray

    Cats Don't Dance

    That's not a Don Bluth movie. It was actually done by Amblimation...but yes, it was really bad. I'm not a Bluth fan at all...his films are way too overemotional and heavy-handed for my tastes. In fact, the only non-Disney animated film (heck, recent animated film, period) I actually like is...
  9. Jeffrey Gray

    Your Favorite Movies

    Forgot one: A Christmas Story (You'll shoot your eye out, kid!)
  10. Jeffrey Gray

    Your Favorite Movies

    Here's my little list of favorites: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Who Framed Roger Rabbit Cats Don't Dance The Muppet Movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory UHF Blazing Saddles Ghostbusters Back to the Future
  11. Jeffrey Gray

    Cats Don't Dance

    Anybody seen this little-known musical animated feature from 1997? I taped it off Starz! a few days ago, and I watched it for the first time in 5 years. It's a great movie, better than all the other animated crap the 90s brought us... Anybody else seen it?
  12. Jeffrey Gray

    TMS theme in rap song!

    Hey, my brother has the De La Soul CD "Three Feet High and Rising," and recently, he was listening to the "Double Huey Skit" track, and I heard him humming a familiar melody...then I put the headphones on, and sure enough, the song they sampled to provide the background music was The Muppet...
  13. Jeffrey Gray

    Count Goes To School

    You probably don't know already, so I'll tell you...the reason the Count asked for descriptions of the photos is because he is blind. He didn't look at the page because he can't look at it.
  14. Jeffrey Gray

    Cartoon about Peanut Butter

    The one with peanut butter was on #2356 (Gordon, Miles, and Elmo visit the Bronx Zoo), when Noggin was showing Sesame Street Unpaved.
  15. Jeffrey Gray

    Cartoon about Peanut Butter

    I sure do. Contrary to what Daffyfan2003 said, it's a completely different segment from the classic film segment. The cartoon you remember was part of the "Snacks on Parade" series of segments.
  16. Jeffrey Gray

    Getting to know the Sesame Street Animators

    Unless Jeffrey Hale (who was credited for one of the segments when it was entered in the Ottawa Animation Festival) worked at Imagination, Inc., those segments were done by Jeffrey Hale, not Imagination, Inc.
  17. Jeffrey Gray

    Noggin is going to give Sesame Street even less airtime

    It's not even just SS. Viacom believes that, now that they have complete ownership of Noggin, SW programming is simply just another expense. When Noggin's rights to SS and PWMS expire, you can bet that there will be no more SW programming on Noggin at all.
  18. Jeffrey Gray

    Noggin is going to give Sesame Street even less airtime

    I'm not surprised. Ever since Sesame Workshop sold its stake in Noggin to Viacom, they've been gradually phasing out ALL SW programming.
  19. Jeffrey Gray

    Songs of Joe Raposo

    Warrick: I learned that "Alligator King," "Martian Beauty," "Ladybug Picnic," "Ten Tiny Turtles," and "That's About the Size of It" were NOT sung by Joe Raposo; the singer just sounds rather similar to him. Can you take those off your list?
  20. Jeffrey Gray

    My surgery is today, August 7th, 2003

    I, too, hope Barry's surgery went well... *crosses fingers, hopes this will not become Amy redux... :cry:*