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  1. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    I got all of them in the mail today. I’m not planning on opening them.
  2. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    Here’s a picture of Zoot packaging.
  3. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    I don't think you're going to see that as much going forward. I'm a big toy collector and I've noticed companies are starting to change their production and ordering tactics. A couple of the upcoming Super 7 Ultimates are already sold out for preorder on Entertainment Earth. Companies don't...
  4. Fozzie6

    Sesame Street Figures from Super7

    Hopefully they do these in their Ultimates style. Those figures are expensive, but they're pretty cool. I have quite a few of the Ninja Turtles and a couple of the Disney characters from that line.
  5. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    I follow Super 7 and I think they're back logged trying to get stuff produced (like every other company with all the COVID shutdowns in China plus shipping issues) so maybe they're delaying some things until they're caught up. Or it's possible they scrapped it. I guess we'll have to keep waiting.
  6. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    Low quality was poor wording. I meant low detailed. Although the animated characters in the Reaction line look good so maybe they’ll be fine. I just know the detail on the GI Joes retro style isn’t for me.
  7. Fozzie6

    The return of official Muppet Replicas?

    That looks really bad compared to the Master Replicas...and I saw on another website that it's $1,450
  8. Fozzie6

    Electric Mayhem ReAction Figures coming May 2023

    The ReAction figures are pretty low quality. The best part about them is usually the art on the card back. They are meant to be displayed in the package.
  9. Fozzie6

    Sesame Street to introduce new Asian-American Muppet, Ji-Young

    Kevin Clash once described Jim as “color blind.” So I guess it comes down to whether you still believe a color blind society is possible or do you prescribe to today’s “progressive” view that our racial identity defines us and everything we do. Strictly from an artistic standpoint making...
  10. Fozzie6

    Muppet Show skit on Saturday Night Live on May 15, 2021

    SNL isn't funny anymore. Not surprising they are hitting all time lows in ratings.
  11. Fozzie6

    My DST orchestra pit

    Love it!
  12. Fozzie6

    Want to buy: Palisades Muppets

    Looking for Palisades Muppets. Would prefer opened ones for a lower price since I'm going to open them anyways. Here's everything I'm looking for: Series 1 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Series 2 Fozzie Bear Stuntman Gonzo Series 4 Sam Arrow Rizzo Series 5 Gonzo and Camilla Newsman Series 7 Johnny...
  13. Fozzie6

    Muppet Show Disney+ disclaimers under criticism while fans thankful for series

    I’m not sure what you’re baffled about. We have 24-hour sensationalist news cycles that over blow anything and everything plus politicians never miss an opportunity to politicize anything they can. I just find it ridiculous that they removed the Chris Langham episode.
  14. Fozzie6

    What was the last Henson thing you bought?

    Fraggle pins
  15. Fozzie6

    Steve Whitmire - Online GalaxyCon

    Very cool you did the 2-minute chats. I only paid for signed photos.
  16. Fozzie6

    LEGO 123 Sesame Street

    Available for $119.99 on November 1st Sesame Street has been a family-favorite TV show for more than 50 years. Now you can create a colorful, LEGO® brick version of 123 Sesame Street and relive classic scenes with this awesome...
  17. Fozzie6

    Steve Whitmire - Online GalaxyCon

    Due to COVID19, comic cons have been moved to an online platform this year. Steve Whitmire will be doing a free to watch panel along with Emilio Delgado and Noel MacNeal. You can register to watch the free panel here (although they upload it to YouTube after if you miss it). You can also pay...
  18. Fozzie6

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    I would have bought that theater set in a heartbeat. Bummer.