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  1. matleo

    CT Puppetry Guild auctions Sesame puppeteer artwork!!

    Hey folks, The Connecticut Guild of Puppetry is holding our annual fundraiser for the Margo Rose Scholarship. This year, we're auctioning off 10 child-size chairs decorated by Connecticut puppet artisans. Among them are three chairs designed by Sesame Alum Marty Robinson, Pam Arciero, and...
  2. matleo

    Old School MC Reunion - Just Because

    Just poking my head in and saying hi. Don't get here much these days but was happy to see this thread. --Matt
  3. matleo

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    hmmmm.....nothing in my inbox count.
  4. matleo

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Just realized I don't have a copy of "saying Goodbye" nor do I have anything from Muppet Treasure island. Can anyone out there in Muppetland help me fix this?
  5. matleo

    "I'm Going To Go Back There Someday" cover song by Jumpin' Jamie

    Great job, buddy. Man I miss you.
  6. matleo

    Your Thoughts: Lady Gaga and The Muppets Holiday Spectacular on ABC

    The old special wouldn't have promoted her new album.
  7. matleo

    The Muppets and Lady Gaga in new Christmas special November 28 on ABC

    just cannot work up any interest in this.
  8. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Found out that despite what the game tells you, you do not have to place them in order to get money for dismissing them.
  9. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Oop, poke too soon. It lokos lie Harv-E has FINALLY decided to let me have Rizzo. In 24 hours, he will be added to my kitchen. Then I can start working on Walter. --Matt
  10. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Over two weeks of trying and still no Rizzo or Walter for the kitchen. :sympathy:
  11. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    I've gotten Beaker and Zoot but have had a heck of a time getting Rizzo or Walter. Also been trying for the last week. Have truthfully lost some interest in the game.
  12. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Walter, Rizzo, and Beaker are all unlockable in the kitchen level.
  13. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    Yeah, I'm trying to get him on the MainStage. I've gotten the clappy guy twice and Big Mo once. I gave up and am now trying to get Mahna Mahna instead.
  14. matleo

    My Muppet Show App Discussion/Updates

    For those who digitized Gonzo, how did you o it? I spent the diamond to see who to put in and it said the rats and a Snowth, but every time I do I just get that annoying clappy guy. Also I love the fact that you make as much money as you do for dismissing characters. "Disney: putting prices...
  15. matleo

    Muppets Again books now available for pre-order

    Was poking around looking for something else entirely, but came across these... Kermit's Double Trouble The Muppets are off on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe's most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets...
  16. matleo

    The Muppet Madness Tournament 2013

    I usually don't get too excited for the Muppet Madness tournament, but this year I would like to make a special plea for any fans following this to vote for Count. Jerry Nelson did so many characters and received so little recognition for it. It would be nice for him to have one last curtain...
  17. matleo

    "Sid the Science Kid: The Movie" in the works!

    Just found it on DVD on Amazon. It will be available this spring.
  18. matleo

    Character Autographs?

    I have a picture signed by Steve and Lips. Steve was thrilled that anyone remembered the character AND knew his name.
  19. matleo

    Marvin The Martian And Hong Kong Phooey Movies Leaked

    Oh, I hadn't thought of him. Danny Glover would be an awesome choice for Hong Kong Phooey. Sidney Poitier would also work.
  20. matleo

    Marvin The Martian And Hong Kong Phooey Movies Leaked

    I actually like the design and execution of HKP here. It's a nice mix between the original design and a the texture of an actual dog. It's unfortunate though that the filmmakers feel they have to resprt to a grotesque amount of not just gross out humor but quite literally bathroom humor as if...