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  1. scott

    The Jim Henson Fan Forum

    Heya Folks, After the success of my Greg the Bunny board (, I decided to open a new Henson Fan Board. is the address if you want to check it out!
  2. scott

    Muppet Haunted Hotel

    OK, back on the Haunted Hotel subject, I did get the plot info and such, though I am not at liberty to divulge the information. But unlike the early assumption Beaker said, this isn't really anything like scary movie. The plotline was pretty interesting, and it could be very great.
  3. scott

    Sing the Praise of SMOOCHY!

    I find that very disturbing Luke. I'm gonna ask my friend who used to live in England if he knew the newsbunny.
  4. scott

    MuppetFest 2?

    Well considering it is awfully close I have a shot at going. If it is in march it is about a 75% chance due to funds. If in June or so it is about 90%.
  5. scott

    ALF Coming To DVD

    I too made a puddle in school when I first heard.
  6. scott

    Denis Leary Loves Kermit (last nights conan)

    I thought CS was hilarious just in the fact that everything went wrong.
  7. scott

    Muppets Christmas Movie Wraps

    Jon Stewart will always be A-List in my heart. Everybody loves the Daily Show and he is much better than Craig Kilborn IMO.
  8. scott

    Matt Goes to WDW: Trip 431

    I remember in 1994 I got to go on Muppet Vision 3d like 6 times one day. It was my birthday.
  9. scott

    Anyone Seen The Anipals?

    Wasn't Horatio Sanz on the Upright Citizens Brigade or am I imagining things?
  10. scott

    Happy Birthday Luke and bw0000

    Hope you had a great birthday Luke. Do share on these muppety and simpsonic gifts!
  11. scott

    Snoop Dogg Excited About Appearing In 'Muppets' Christmas Special

    I don't think you guys get the sheer brilliance of this. It's always funny to see two opposites acting with eachother. And Snoop has a pretty good sense of acting like a calm, hilarious guy if you've ever seen him on the MTV Movie Awards.
  12. scott

    a weezer fan to a muppet fan

    Ah, yes, another Weezer-obsessed fan to join me. I started listening to weezer at age 7 if you could actually believe that.
  13. scott

    How old is everyone?

    15 and regretting it.
  14. scott

    Love Stinks! (Yes, finally a thread for us)

    Ugh, I hear ya. I feel like I'm too different from everyone else, kinda like Gonzo did in MFS. My personality is just way too different to really find that perfect match.
  15. scott Yahoo Picks site of the day!

    Also, Michael, your site was featured on Most websites that get featured on Fark get an extra two thousand or so hits. I saw the link and wondered why no one had ever noticed kermitage on MC. Then I saw Michael's name "oh, nevermind."
  16. scott

    Major Muppet Movie news

    I heart the man show. But I guess that could be due to my hormones. Anyways, Scott is most excited about the Jon Stewart cameo. He is one of my favorite comedians and I watch the Daily Show whenever I can.
  17. scott

    Jim Henson Pictures Launches Talent Search For New Film

    I wish I could still pass as 12...
  18. scott

    No Muppets At Nascar???

    They also showed a clip of that "we need tickets" thing monday on sportscenter.
  19. scott

    Say good-bye to Tardy and Greg

    This is old news. But creator Dan Milano is optimistic that they can get it on another network. If you want to join a Greg forum I started go over to .
  20. scott

    Weezer and the muppets... has updated it's website, with more pictures, including animal on drums, and the backstage area. It is also mentioned that there will be a feature about it on access hollywood sometime this week so tune in everyday!