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    Sesame Street episode guide coming soon

    To Totally Could you discribe the episode where big bird has trouble sleeping and can you tell me what songs are in this thanks
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    Trading Sesame Street Episodes

    Here are some things I would love to have the epsidoe that features big bird and snuffy at the park with bg bird talking about learning to sleep in his nest. I would also like sing in the shower, my little game, Milk with the baby , My name with mya and carlo and the first epsidoe with mike
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    Trading Sesame Street Episodes

    Hi everyone I am intrested in getting some sesame street epsidoes but the thing is I have nothing to trade with. I realise to some of you this may be an inconveniance but if there are people out there who would be kind enough to help me i would really appresahite it
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    Hi sorry it's been ages I'd love to see my little game with susan and sing in the shower with oliva if anyone has any of these thanks:)
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    he was ssetta he poped up as one of the opening chracters as you enter the website.
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    Omg!!! i just saw little jerry pop up!!!!! yes!!! yes!!!! tankl you phill!
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    hey beckydk

    I have a question for you I am working for a muppet enzine and I waswondering if i might be able to interviw you. This interview will have fun questions. and plus i will be asking you some question about a certian classic favorite of yours. please let me know asap thanks your flying friend good...
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    to Sseta re: 40 dots sketch (from favorite ss 123 thread)

    here i am ready to answr becky's question Now you said ya don't wana badger me with questions but I am going to give ya a truthful answer. It's not that the dots scare me or anything I was scared of the screan going blury and the way the guy shouted forty . I totaly respect the fact that You...
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    Favorite Kermit Moments

    and don't forget the subway song!!;0) and being green.
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    Mr. McFelly appearance

    i am sorry but he is still alive ;0) the same guy thats played msiter mcfelly is still alive . How do i know this becuase he makes aperances .
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    Mr. McFelly appearance

    omg!!!! omg!!!! Guys!!! guess what!!! I was flipping throuygh the chanels and I must have been flipping through them at the right time I turned to my local pbs station to hear that mr mcfelly from mister rogers is comming to the shopping town mall! september 5th!!!!! and my dad says that I can...
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    song request for muppetcentral radio

    well i'm glad you asked this song was orignally done in 1990 but redone in 1995 but both times had gordonsinging the frst verse which goes something like this A fly flew on my toe a fly flew on my toe it flew on my toe and I wated it to go Chrous: oh goodbye fly ! fly listen to my song...
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    song request for muppetcentral radio

    if anone has the goodbye fly song please put it on mupet central radio .
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    let me buzz on in and reintroduce myself

    hey guys well this is goodbye fly who was little jerry ;0) don't worry i'm here to party with you all and by the way yes i decided to name myself after the sesame street song becuase i think it is a cool song. Well let's hope for new york for muppetfest2003.