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    A Very Very Bad Saturday

    there is no more Muppet bus:concern: there I've said it, the electric mayhem is gone. Saturday as we were preparing for a car show to benefit 'Autism Speaks/ Special Olympics' of Illinois fire took the magic. were waiting for a report from the insurance adjuster to see if it can be rebuilt. my...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    The previous owner told me that the bus appraised in California at 74k,:cool: that was 8 years ago? He could find no takers at that price, he could find no takers at a much lower price either. when we bought the bus on Ebay we were the only bidders , that was after several trade paper ads...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    Hope everyone enjoys the photos, Yes indeed , original condition. when we purchased it we wanted to do some upgrades, aluminum wheels, correct parking lights headlight ring you know small stuff:o. The problem with that is it takes away from the originality of the bus. We did change seats, these...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    Hello all, let's see if this works. My granddaughter :flirt:China told me about photobucket. I registered and hope that I can add a link to the most current photos of The Electric Mayhem Bus. perhaps if it doesn't work a senior member like...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    Photo update, sorry gang but no photos were taken by us at the wedding:mad:. I hope to remedy that this week, but it's a busy week. Now before you break out the tar and feathers let me offer up an explanation. I mentioned that the bus had no heat ? Well i temporarily remedied that with two...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    the Bus is leaving for a wedding in about an hour . We hope to have new and interesting photos posted tomorrow. Anyone know what Major change was made on the interior of the bus to update it from the Muppet Movie to Muppets from Space ? roger
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    Thanks Fozzie Bear for the information about pricing. Heres what i know. The asking price $12,000. Thats what we have in it with the original price , shipping, and repairs. The condition , running and driving, just barley. it starts good but has an ominous knock in the engine, remember when it...
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    Electric Mayhem Bus Sadly For Sale

    yes boyz n girlz nows your chance to own the electric mayhem bus:D. sadly we have lost our indoor storage and are starting to look for a new owner to love the bus. I'm not sure about the boards policy on posting prices so i'll update as i learn the rules. roger
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    Some of the gang in the Electric Mayhem bus

    the hammock/nets run down both sides of The Bus at window top level and hold many pieces of eyecandy, swimfins and mask, a ukalalee marked on the back ( gonzoes room), a purse, house slippers. The passenger side above the windows has a shelf running the entire length of windows and has among...
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    Happy Birthday gipsey muppet

    bobhopesite, i'm not older :sleep: i'm younger ;) . we just returned from florida where we did several car shows and thanksgiving on daytona beach, i'm younger also tired. we had hoped to take THE BUS to the show as they allow newer vehicles. being a movie bus has taken its toll on the electric...
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    Muppets' Wizard of Oz cast list

    PHDSwing and Artie, hi how about using your considerable influence to get a cameo part for The Bus :cool: , kind of a drive thru walk on thing ! huh huh wadda you think. :confused: roger
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    Who's on your side?

    true , true roger
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    i g u e s s i l i k e E e y o r e t h e m o s t ! r o g e r
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    Top 5 Cutest Muppets

    call me crazy, call me partial but Dr Tooth Janice :flirt: Floyd Zoot Animal FerSure. roger
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    Who's on your side?

    you spent how much :eek: for what ? is the response we get from our community. but i'm used to it. while we're not extreme henson collectors we are :flirt: henson fans. i would like to have more muppet related materials to display in the shop where The Bus resides, expecially electric...
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    The Mayhem Bus on display

    thanks foe the offer to ghost my article camellia if all else fails i may email you .there are so many details about the bus and so many stories that they get jumbled :confused: in the writing. we aren't the original owners, we bought from probably the second owner who had The Bus nearly...
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    The Mayhem Bus on display

    yes it is The Bus that was used in both the Muppet Movie and Muppets from space. the interior was diffrent in both movies but the exteriors were the same. i'm trying to do an article for muppetcentral but find i'm not much of a writer :concern: . roger
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    Nager's Syndrome

    carry on Barry, it's not who we are in life it's what we do with our life that matters ! you seem to have a dedication to living that few are blessed with so enjoy what the lord has given you and cry not for what you haven't. after my death and rebirth, a whole nother story, my attitude changed...
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    The Mayhem Bus on display

    The show at the airport was great and we had a lot of nice people tour the bus. there were people who knew what the bus was :D , there were people who were just curious about what the bus was :confused: and there were the very small children who didn't know what the bus was but were fascinated...
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    Muppet Vehicle Specifics

    the electric mayhem bus ( The Bus ) is a 1968 international 1600 loadstar. roger