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  1. FraggleLover130

    Fraggle Rock "I Love You" Songs

    I prefer Fraggle Songs, but this could extend to Muppet songs as well :) Definitely could use help from the collective knowledge of Henson songs here!
  2. FraggleLover130

    Fraggle Rock "I Love You" Songs

    Kay so Fraggle Rock is one of the most happy, optimistic shows I know, but it also has an absurd amount of depth, beauty, and complexity. It's certainly a good show for expressing emotion. I'm just looking for a heartfelt love song (in any sense of the term) to send to a person in my life that...
  3. FraggleLover130

    (No idea where to put this so feel free to move it) Muppet Ideas

    I don't have many ideas, but that sounds frickin' fantastic. If the budgeting could happen for actual puppets that would be even better. 10/10 :excited:
  4. FraggleLover130

    Jazziest Fraggle Rock Songs

    Those are all great, thank you so much! :)
  5. FraggleLover130

    Jazzy Muppet Songs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for Jazzy/bluesy Muppet songs to arrange for a combo. I posted a similar thread on the Fraggle section, and figured I could also use Muppet songs. I'm hoping our collective knowledge can generate some ideas! The Muppets have had some amazing music over the years and I can't...
  6. FraggleLover130

    Jazziest Fraggle Rock Songs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for jazzy Fraggle tunes to arrange for a combo, and I figured I'd turn to the Army of Hensonians for help. So let me know, what do you think are the most jazzy/bluesy songs on Fraggle Rock? Thanks!! :smirk::dreamy::coy::sigh::excited:
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    If they could sing now...

    Gobo would sing Cat Stevens and James Taylor songs very well I think
  8. FraggleLover130

    Favorite Fraggle

    When I was a little kid I had a crush on Gobo purely for that moment <3 That singing tho. Still makes me really happy
  9. FraggleLover130

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    Ha yeah, true, thanks :)
  10. FraggleLover130

    Muppet Musicals

    Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad- Wayne Janet- Wanda Rocky- Captain Link Hogthrob Dr. Frank-N-Furter- Gonzo Eddie- Animal Narrator- Uncle Deadly Doctor Scott- Sam the Eagle Magenta- Miss Piggy Columbia- Janice Riff Raff- Marvin Suggs
  11. FraggleLover130

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    It sounds like your boyfriend is a wonderful guy. Thanks for the hopeful message. I try to remember lots of people love me, but it's hard, and reminders of that help :)
  12. FraggleLover130

    When you need to rant...

    I think what bugs me is when people use things like that when they are totally oblivious to how that could be offensive. Worse is when you explain to them why it's rude and they don't care
  13. FraggleLover130

    When you need to rant...

    I can see that. As long as people are trying, I suppose :)
  14. FraggleLover130

    Favorite little moments and details

    I love in the first Minstrels episode, when they finally have their medley at the end and Boober just peeks out and starts singing :sigh:
  15. FraggleLover130

    Dealing with depression and anxiety

    Yeah, it's all pretty difficult. I took a minute to look at your profile, and from what limited knowledge I have of you, I can say that your taste in television and music is excellent! I'm sure there are lots of other good things about you, too. As for me, some of my best friends have also been...
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    What Muppet Fans Are Thinking About

  17. FraggleLover130

    Questions about anything

    Nothing reeeeally maaatters, anyone can seee, nothing really maaatters, nothing really matters, but MOI.
  18. FraggleLover130

    Does anyone have something like a Fraggle hole?

    I wish I did! Although I feel like I might end up with my head stuck in it one day, looking for Fraggles...
  19. FraggleLover130

    Questions about anything

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  20. FraggleLover130

    The Official Top 10 Anything...

    My Top Ten Favorite Fraggle Rock Characters: Oh, I can't decide. I forgot- I LOVE ALL OF THEM