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    Scooter Replica Jacket

    If it helps, one sold on ebay recently and reached £350 (GBP)
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    Tips For Making A Parrot Puppet?

    Have you checked out You can purchase patterns from them and they have instructions on adding additional features, in your case a beak.
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    Tips For Making A Parrot Puppet?

    Hi Tommie, Was it you that emailed me about building you this puppet?
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    In search of loose Palisades Muppets

    How much for Pops shipped to the UK?
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    TV Alert: Kermit and Constantine on A Very Pentatonix Christmas Special November 27, 2017

    Does anyone have any links for us in the UK? :)
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    Kermit Puppet FS

    Hey guys, As many of you may know I have built a number of frogs over the years to challenge myself as a builder and to get as close as I can to the real thing. In a bid to clear some space in the workshop I am selling the one I made before my current one. I do not and will not custom make any...
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    Kermit v5 (and last) finished!

    The body is fleece and the features are felt :)
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    Elmo Replica

    It is 2 pieces, front and back. Check out for patterns
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    RARE and Vintage Muppet items for sale on eBay this week!

    Nice! Do you have any crew items?
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    Kermit v5 (and last) finished!

    Cheers mate!.. it was all just trial and error from photos
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    Kermit v5 (and last) finished!

    Thanks.. he was all machine stitched
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    Woah! Really good job buddy!! He is spot on
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    Elmo Puppet Replica by Derek Thompson

    The Mostro pattern by Project Puppet is a great start
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    Elmo Puppet Replica by Derek Thompson

    I think i replied to your same question yesterday on another Elmo thread. He explains what pattern he used in the first few posts :)
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    Elmo Replica

    His very first post explains what patterns he used :)
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    Wanted: Custom Built Puppet

    Where are you located? Im a builder in the UK. You can see my work at and drop me a message through there :)
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    Happy Birthday Dave Goelz

    just wanted to stop by to wish Dave a very happy birthday for today. Thanks (if you read these) for everything you continue to do.
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    Kermit v5 (and last) finished!

    Thanks.. the mouthplate in this one i think was a rubber placemat :)
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    Puppeteer "Chairs"

    Welcome back from the dead hehe :) They are typically caller trollies or dollies. Very similar in look to a car mechanics trolly.. The type he dissapears beneath your car on. Try googling mechanics trolly and you will see some pics :)