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    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 3 - Track 3: Exile on Main Street

    I was confused at first. I am not familiar with her and thought she was Nora, and wondered how Lips could have been her babysitter when it seemed she did not know the band until the series.
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    The Muppets Mayhem Episode 2 - Track 2: True Colors

    I really like Janice’s rendition of “True Colors”. Seems like the first two episodes are the only ones with titles of songs that the band sings on the show. It would have been nice if they worked in a little nod to Fozzie getting emotional over “True Colors”.
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    Little things we've noticed

    So various sketches have been given different titles depending on official releases, and people say that titles aren't really important or meant to be "official". Though it seems like each sketch usually has the same title in each script to list it, and there are titles that tend to be sure to...
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    Electric Mayhem toy observations

    I've had some recent observations about Electric Mayhem toys over the years. Animal has always been the most popular in merchandise, but recently as I have been thinking about this and researching, I've found that Zoot was merchandised a fair bit back in the Muppet Show days. There was a...
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    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5326 - Make Music with Bob (Bob McGrath Tribute)

    They didn’t put in an old Bob insert like they did with the Luis tribute episode. I had wondered what fairly recently clip would have been (I thought Walking the Dog, or maybe I Am Your Friend, which was only in one episode). Oh well.
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    Questions about anything

    I recently saw Pee-wee's Big Adventure for the first time. Is it known anywhere (besides to those who worked on the film) who dubbed Pee-wee's voice during the movie sequence ("paging Mr. Herman")? I didn't notice any voice credits and last I checked the unreliable Internet Movie Database...
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    April Fools: Frank Oz and Dave Goelz to write new book together

    Frank Oz has said that he's thought about not writing an autobiography, sometimes saying that his life isn't that interesting ("I wash the dishes"), and I think he's said that Twitter is a way to post interesting information without writing a book. But I feel a book done this way, with him and...
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    April Fools: New Muppet film coming - “Muppets Hit the Fan”

    I was going to do a post that there were going to be Sesame Street NFTs, but then an actual announcement for them was made. So I figured I might as well plan all my April Fools posts to be about things I really want, in case such announcements do get made. i might be wrong but I think this is...
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    April Fools: New Muppet film coming - “Muppets Hit the Fan”

    Well, it’s been announced on social media…. “A new Muppet movie is in the works. Tentatively titled The Muppets Hit the Fan, it’s an original story reminiscent of the Stephen King story Misery, set to star Neil Patrick Harris as a crazily obsessed fan of the Muppets glory days who manages to...
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    April Fools: Frank Oz and Dave Goelz to write new book together

    Frank Oz just tweeted that he and Dave Goelz have gotten together to write a book about themselves as well as Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, and of course Jim Henson. It'll be titled "Us and Them and Jim", and each talent will get four chapters - two each written Oz and two by Goelz. Oz describes...
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    Was there an episode where Fozzie took a babies batteries out?

    I'm remembering if a certain scene occurred on the original series. I remember an episode that had a scene with the Muppet Babies imagining they are taking care of a baby, probably a baby doll but presented as real in their imagination, and Fozzie gets it to stop crying by taking its batteries...
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    The Muppet Show Season 5 Episode 9 - Debbie Harry

    This and Hal Linden might be the only ones that I have watched four times on Disney Plus. Most of the other episodes that I previously have not seen (as well as ones that I have seen) I have only watched twice at most on Disney Plus. I know I did watch Arlo Guthrie and Buddy Rich three times...
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    The Muppet Show Season 5 Episode 7 - Glenda Jackson

    I often think of The Muppet Show being done at night (though the Loretta Lynn episode disagrees with that), so I was surprised to see the scenes at sea, which I always felt were outside the theater (or maybe the Muppets put a big screen with pre-recorded footage there) showing them out at sea...
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    The Muppet Show Season 5 Episode 12 - Melissa Manchester

    I'm used to the UK spot ending with a fade to black before the next scene, but that's not on the Disney Plus version. I think there's a few other times when a fade to black (particularly after the closing number) is not there, so maybe Disney Plus removed some fades. It does got me wondering...
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    Sweetums' club

    So in The Frog Prince, Sweetums had a club. And a club was considered for the Sweetums action figure at one point. But it wasn't until recently that I realized he didn't use a c;ub often. Outside of illustrations and merchandise, did Sweetums ever use a club in anything besides The Frog...
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    The Muppets and

    Here's an upload that seems kinda weird. Sesame Street 20th Anniversary Part 1 #throwbacktv #retrotv #kermitthefrog - YouTube It refers to it as "Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting - Part 1", when it is the entire special, along with some episodes of Sesame Street and The Jim Henson Hour...
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    The Ghost of Faffner Hall now on the Roku Channel

    I watched the whole series on Roku last year, I've been meaning to talk about it here. And now I am (not long after Henson content was removed from Roku to Shout!). I liked the show enough. It's not among the all-time-best, but also not the all-time-worst, not even if you limit the...
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    Sesame Street wrap party 1986

    I was surprised to see that some of those celebrity taping dates are from 1986. I would have expected those to have been in 1987 or 1988, closer to season 19. Even the shot of the cast singing a line for the end credits of Sesame Street Special was dated 1986 (and listed on the tape slate as...
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    Sesame Street Season 10 Episode 1262 - A Movie is Being Filmed at Hooper's Store

    It is an interesting episode. I guess the lesson is about how filming works, perhaps one lesson is that even the shortest scenes can involve a lot of work to set up and film. The scene where Oscar asks to be in the movie and gets passed over for Bruno played out differently than I had...
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    Sesame Street Season 7 Episode 900 - Sing-Along in Ernie and Bert's Bathroom

    I recently saw some of the classic episodes on HBO Max. This is an interesting episode. On the album, the few times they acknowledge Bert's demand for a towel, they just carelessly say that there's too many people for them to reach it. Seems it was supposed to be a very small bathroom, but on...