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    Richard Hunt & Frank Oz Film Cameo

    I'm sure something like this has been posted on here at one point in time, but I was just watching 'Trading Places' with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd from 1983, and was surprised to see not one, but two cameos by Muppeteers! The first was Frank Oz who played a police officer, and the second was...
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    Videos: "Kermit's Party" sponsored by Bounty Paper Towels

    I'm with you on this one. As much as I enjoyed the ads, I like the potential of your idea much better!
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    Kermit the Frog on CBC Tonight!

    Canadian Muppet fans can see the frog tonight at 11:05 PM on the Strombo Show. There's a preview clip available here:, as well as some other goodies from over the years. I'm guessing that the entire interview will be available tomorrow.
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    MC script: WE write the next movie!

    Check out the episode of Muppets Tonight with Jason Alexander. It features a skit that parodies Murder on the Orient Express. I'd be hesitant to do a Holmes story, as much of his adventures were short fiction (apart from The Hound of the Baskervilles). Besides, we kind of limit ourselves to the...
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    1970s TMS Contest

    I was wondering if anyone out there (most likely someone from the UK), might recall there ever being a TMS contest that awarded the winner a bounty of Muppet loot and a chance to visit the set.
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    Series 9 Arrives When and Where

    For anybody living in the Vancouver area, Hourglass Comics in Port Moody has most of the figures from Series 4 to Series 9.
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    Sesame Street Monopoly coming this summer

    Too bad there's no Reporter Kermit. I can just read the Chance card now: Sesame Street News Flash, Big Bad Wolf blows down the houses of the Three Little Pigs. Pay $100.
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    What Disney is getting from Henson...

    He also doesn't mention "The Muppets Take Manhattan." I wonder if that means we'll never see another DVD release or a discontinuation of the current release. I remember back in the early '90s with Disney distributing Henson material, that "Manhattan" was also not part of the equation.
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    Muppets to star in Pizza Hut Super Bowl Commercial

    I can't really understand why so many people are up in arms up this. There are a lot more things to be upset of or afraid of seeing. It's a breast. That's all. Watching MTV at any point, you will see a lot worse, not to mention degrading.
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    Oz Casting News

    I found that to be the problem with Muppets Tonight as well. They often did not seem like they knew what kind of direction they wanted to take.
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    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    I would strongly recommend reading the comic book, it's collected in trade paperback form and should be relatively easy to find. Unfortunately, the writer of the book, Alan Moore, had no real influence in the film's direction, and as a result much of the richness of the characters and their...
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    Henson closes NY office

    Where's Pepe with the historical landmark papers? Seriously, as long as the guy who got the Electric Mayhem bus doesn't pick this one up too.
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    More extra features on the Columbia TMS Vol. 6 DVD

    Then again, whenever I see a DVD that claims to have "...and more!" it seems all it has to offer are movie trailers of films we'd like to forget (i.e. Kermit's Swamp Years *shudder*).
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    Palisades Series 8 Revealed!

    Don't forget that Scooter was selling orgainc popcorn in the opening scenes of The Muppet Movie!
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    Muppet Christmas Carol Figures

    Fer sure, I'd be all over that. Palisades seems more intent, however, to cover as much ground as possible with Muppet Treasure Island (which I consider to be the weakest of all the films). There are the two boxed sets of MCC PVCs coming out soon. Out of MCC characters I'd like to see the most in...
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    Very Merry Muppet DVD Observations

    I'm curious about why IAVMMCM hasn't really appeared in stores either. For the past month I've been waiting every Tuesday to go check out the new releases, but no sign of the DVD. I had the same problem with Rhino's Muppet Chow CD earlier this year, but then they sprang up like crazy about a...
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    Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

    Hey Ron, sounds like you are referring to the John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together (unless I was unaware of a Muppet Family Christmas cd!). Maybe start a separate thread indicating that you are interested in a copy of this special. Hope this helps...
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    Series 5 Arrives: When and Where

    Anyone living in the Vancouver area, Hourglass Comics in Port Moody has a full set of Series 5, and I believe a whole set of Series 4 (minus the repaints, picked those up already!).
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    I Want Help

    sounds like a cool project. with my workload as it is right now though, I wouldn't really be any help (I imagine you would want this for Hallowe'en?). anyway, something to consider for the future...
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    I Want Help

    Um, not really sure if you were asking a question, and if you did whether or not you answered it yourself. What is it that you are referring to?