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  1. TheSheWolfQueen

    Kermit an Piggy family photos 2

    Ok so this is something I made and it just had to post it. It's of Sammy Kermit and Piggys baby.
  2. TheSheWolfQueen

    Kermit and Piggys Family Photos

    Ok so this is a pic that I made yesterday and its of Kermit and Piggy with theyre babies from the movie Muppets Most Wanted so check it out and enjoy! And check me out on Instagram as rainbowconnection16
  3. TheSheWolfQueen

    Vogue: Miss Piggys Pregnancy

    Lol thanks I'm really glad you liked it and I've seen this before this is actually where I got the idea
  4. TheSheWolfQueen

    Bouncing Baby Figs

    This drawling is a cute little sketch of what Kermit and Mis Piggys real kids looked like in the scene of Something So Right in the Muppets Most Wnted! So go check it out!
  5. TheSheWolfQueen

    The Pepper Family

    Now this first drawling is of Floyd and Janice. The second is they're first child, Sonny and the third is they're daughter Summer! Enjoy 1. 2. 3.
  6. TheSheWolfQueen

    Vogue: Miss Piggys Pregnancy

    Ok now this art link is to a really crappy drawling of Miss Piggy and Kermit on the cover a Vogue magazine and she's . . . Well pregnant. So enjoy
  7. TheSheWolfQueen

    Sammy's Birthday#1

    PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR FAN ART OF SAMMY! This is Fan art of Sammy getting rest for her birthday! Which is next week on April 22, if you've read my thread The Bouncing Baby Fig you know what I mean! So go check it out
  8. TheSheWolfQueen

    Janice's Proposal (A FloydXJanice story)

  9. TheSheWolfQueen

    The Bouncing Baby Fig

  10. TheSheWolfQueen

    The Bouncing Baby Fig

    lol thanks lady piggy! I did use the idea from TMM! thank you so much!
  11. TheSheWolfQueen

    The Bouncing Baby Fig

    (Flash back) "There she is! There's the baby!" Kermit said with excitement. As the baby cried and cooed, the doctor wrapped the baby up and handed it to Piggy. "Oh she's beautiful! Oh look at her Kermie." Piggy said trying not to cry, "(sniff) our first baby! (Sniff) I love her so much!" Kermit...
  12. TheSheWolfQueen

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi! My name is N.J and I'm new to the Muppet Central! I first got interested in the Muppets when I was 5 years old. It was also the year I got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. So while I spent most of my kindergarten and first grade year in the hospital, the nurses would bring all these Muppet...