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  1. Plaid Fraggle

    The Future of the Muppets

    So, just in case somebody hasn't seen this yet: To me it sounds awfully vague. It's basically some speculation from Nick Stoller from the outside of whatever project it might be. Could still be good news, though! :)
  2. Plaid Fraggle

    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    He looks marvelous! That jacket is super boss, as well! :super:
  3. Plaid Fraggle

    Puppet-in-Progress: From the foam up

    He looks soooooo good, Slackbot :flirt: Love him! I truly can't wait to see that finished jacket, though--with all the perseverance you had to get through all of your other projects' respective signature outfits, I have complete faith that it'll be perfect :D
  4. Plaid Fraggle

    "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story" documentary in development

    This is probably true, but I would definitely say (as you've touched on) that it's highly unlikely that this film wouldn't get distributed somehow.
  5. Plaid Fraggle

    The Future of the Muppets

    I hope that the Netflix thing is feasible, because I could see that working fairly well. Unfortunately I put very little stake in Disney's direct-to-DVD stuff. I'd love to see it work well, but my gut feeling is that it could brand the Muppets with a stigma of poorer quality or something, even...
  6. Plaid Fraggle

    The Doozer Cartoon's US Debut

    I really like that final clip! It's got that ecologically-conscious undertone of which Fraggle Rock had quite a bit. And the baby radishes ARE cute. Otherwise it seems a bit too...simple for my tastes, but I guess that's the way many kids' shows have been for a while. Nothing I didn't expect...
  7. Plaid Fraggle

    The Future of the Muppets

    I've never really thought of this! I like it, even though on the whole I really don't like sitcoms too much. (This would end up being, like, the best example of the medium on television if done right, haha.) I like that there's plenty of room for guest stars, but not too much focus on them...
  8. Plaid Fraggle

    60 Years of Muppets...

    Just have to say, thank you SO MUCH for mentioning the existence of this made-on-demand release! I've wanted the MTI soundtrack for years, YouTube the songs all the dang time. I had never heard of this option. Unfortunate that it's $16.99, but hey, I'll swing it at some point :)
  9. Plaid Fraggle

    Your Thoughts: "Muppets Most Wanted" Theatrical Film

    Plus I mean, Steve's in the entire rest of the movie so :)
  10. Plaid Fraggle

    New Muppet Puppets at FAO Schwartz

    That's an excellent picture :fanatic: I laughed--and I'm a big fan of your Kermit replica!
  11. Plaid Fraggle

    Coming Soon: Sesame Street Season 45

    I'm pretty intrigued by talk about current Sesame Street, and have watched a couple of the new Super Grover segments on the official site. So cute!! :super: Does anyone know of ways for me to watch full episodes/segments I can't find on the official site? I don't have any television service at...
  12. Plaid Fraggle

    My Terrible Muppet Drawings

    Your drawings are really awesome!! :) They make me smile! I especially love your Fraggle Five and Sidebottom drawings. Constantine is awesome, too!
  13. Plaid Fraggle

    Finally a Decent Miss Piggy Plush

    Disney Muppet plushes are on sale for $12 each on the Disney Store website!! This is the only place I've seen MMW Disney Muppet plush discussed at MCF, and because it is perhaps a temporary offer of sorts I thought better than to make a new thread. I know I ordered my Rowlf a bit over a week...
  14. Plaid Fraggle

    Fraggle Rock String Dolls

    Stuff like this always makes me feel better about my creative abilities :smirk: Those are just silly.
  15. Plaid Fraggle

    Muppets Most Wanted Box Office Numbers

    You're a boss, Slackbot :) I would love to guerilla-puppeteer but I'm not sure if I have the guts, if I'm completely honest about it! Good to hear about the good numbers in the theater while you were there! :excited:
  16. Plaid Fraggle

    For Sale: Entire Set of Hasbro Softies Fraggle Rock Plushes

    Hi everyone! I was able to have some happy conversation with a couple potential buyers who were unable to make things work at this time. (Thanks so much for the interest, guys!) I've decided to go ahead and openly list the set on eBay. Just in case anyone on this forum or otherwise is still...
  17. Plaid Fraggle

    Muppets Most Wanted Box Office Numbers

    I think there could be a show that exhibits a healthy dose of both the traditional "vaudeville" Muppet sketches and a bit more character depth, which Drtooth is stressing. And I think "The Muppet Show" as a label and as basis for production would garner the nostalgia factor that is so important...
  18. Plaid Fraggle

    Muppets Most Wanted Box Office Numbers

    Attendance increased when I saw it again yesterday, and both people I've seen it with were pretty impressed and laughed quite hard. I think that MMW's humor and charm are prevailing and helping it grow in popularity! I also feel that it's an easy-to-love film for the casual Muppet fan, but...
  19. Plaid Fraggle

    Finally a Decent Miss Piggy Plush

    I've definitely never wanted a Piggy plush more! (AND DEFINITELY A ROWLF BUT THAT'S A WHOLE 'NOTHER STORY. :sympathy: He's like, my favorite thing in the world.) Something about her LOUD pink dress in 2011 and that headband really turned me off. :mad: This green is quite nice on her, and her...
  20. Plaid Fraggle

    The rebuild I've wanted to do for two years...

    He looks STELLAR! If not a bit too pink :halo: My only criticism. But his build is glorious, excellent job!