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  1. MuppetLabsBoy

    Chef Puppet!

    Hi everyone! I just finished building a chef puppet and it's up for sale! I've been building custom puppets for six years, and I'm super happy with how this one came out. Thanks for looking!
  2. MuppetLabsBoy

    Cotton Candy

    Did this years ago... I took polyfill and dabbed it with a pink crayola marker, and then I just "rubbed" in it. I put it on a cotton candy paper cone and it looked pretty believable.
  3. MuppetLabsBoy

    Fraggle Rock Question

    Hey guys, I have looked all over the internet, but can't find this information. Maybe someone knows it... What day of the week and time did new episodes of Fraggle Rock premiere in the US? Thanks, MLB
  4. MuppetLabsBoy

    Help making a bird flap his wings...

    I think this question came up a couple of years ago. I think that you should try using the mechanism in an umbrella for the wings. Just instead of there being the umbrella fabric on the end of the wire, there would be the wing. They could run from the inside of the puppet down and out through...
  5. MuppetLabsBoy

    New York City shopping

    No store sells antron fleece in NYC (look around this section of the forum and you'll see just how hard it is to actually get antron). If you are in need of spandex for clothes, there are stores every 3 feet for that. Also, be sure to check out M&J Trimmings; they have a HUGE selection of...
  6. MuppetLabsBoy

    Vote for me!

    Hello everyone :) , I need the support of the Muppet Central community on a special opportunity I have to be guest ringmaster at the Big Apple Circus :excited: . My entry needs to get as many votes as possible, so please click on the link below to (or cut and paste in your browser) and scroll...
  7. MuppetLabsBoy

    Your Thoughts: Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall

    It really was a great show. I was at the 12:30 one, so not that many people came out of the stage door. I did manage to get a picture with Bill Barretta as he was walking by, and I got a picture with Jerry Nelson as well. He was very nice and signed several autographs for different people and...
  8. MuppetLabsBoy

    The New York Pops play The Muppets at Carnegie Hall April 14

    Does anybody know what the preconcert activites will be?
  9. MuppetLabsBoy

    Circus Bicuspid Back for Seconds

    Hey guys!:) If you want to have a great evening and see a great funny show, come and see CIRCUS BICUSPID BACK FOR SECONDS on March 21, 2012, 7:30 PM in New York City! All ticket sales go to the Dr. Molar Magic Foundation! After the rave reviews from their show last year, “Circus Bicuspid Almost...
  10. MuppetLabsBoy

    Help Making a Mechanism for a Political Caricature Puppet

    What mechanism are you looking for in particular? Just how to make the mouth open and close or something like blinking eyes?
  11. MuppetLabsBoy

    Tattooing or painting a puppet?

    Sharpies are better for creating a rosy cheek or stubble, you can't really do detail on antron without it bleeding
  12. MuppetLabsBoy

    Kermit in "Twas the Night Before Christmas at Walt Disney World"

    Kermit can be seen reciting a line of the famous poem at WDW in the middle of this video...ENjoy! MLB:eek:
  13. MuppetLabsBoy

    "Being Elmo" now in select theaters

    I recently saw it and I must say that you should see it. You will have a new appreciation for Elmo and see Kevin Clash in a new light. If you have read, "My Life as a Furry Red Monster," some of the stories that he tells are told in the documentary with actual video footage. But, there are also...
  14. MuppetLabsBoy

    Size Puppet

    I agree. When I met Elmo a little while ago he seemed to be about 28"-30"
  15. MuppetLabsBoy

    Zoot Replica Help

    Please post some pics!:cool:
  16. MuppetLabsBoy

    Maybe I'll quit making puppets...

    Don't give up puppet making! Practice makes perfect. NO ONE on this forum just woke up one day and built professional looking puppets. It takes lots and lots of practice. There are tons of books out there that could help you get going on your projects. And callmemilo is right, try making your...
  17. MuppetLabsBoy

    Muppet Vinylmation Series 2

    I am selling a penguin on ebay that I got a duplicate of. Here is the link. I am also selling a couple of non-Muppet ones for you avid collectors. -MLB:eek:
  18. MuppetLabsBoy

    Creating a 1 Piece Fabric Head

    Hello, I have always made my puppets by carving them (head), and then cutting it in half and then put the mouth plate in btwn them, and then covering the top and the bottom w/fabric separately. I am interested in creating a one piece skull and then covering it with a fabric slip cover like...
  19. MuppetLabsBoy

    New puppets and rebuilds

  20. MuppetLabsBoy

    With the talent on this board....WE SHOULD...

    It does sound cool, but kinda difficult b/c everyone here is located in different parts of the USA and the world. I think that recreating one of their music videos would be easier than a whole TMS episode. And congrats on your almost one year anniversary!