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  1. Cosby84

    Cookie Monster makes SNL audition tape on YouTube

    Me want news-cookie So far the LA Times and Washington Post entertainment sections have picked up on the idea of Cookie hosting SNL. Interesting to note is that NBC has made no official comments yet. The AP story on Cookie hosting made note that it wasn't until Betty White gathered over One...
  2. Cosby84

    Cookie Monster makes SNL audition tape on YouTube

    Even if he doesn't host SNL this particular sketch was polished and well-thought out. It reminds me of the Cookiegate-MacNeil parody of the Watergate (or is it Ollie North hearings?). Hopefully, like the Cookiegate vingette, this SNL scene will make it onto dvd. Regardless of the sincerity of...
  3. Cosby84

    Wanted: Unedited Muppet Family Christmas

    I recently re-discovered my VHS tape of the Muppet Family Christmas (watch out for the icy patch!). This is the version from the 1989 broadcast on NBC. I have no capability of transfering this to digital myself and wondered if anyone else was looking for a few seconds from this broadcast that...
  4. Cosby84

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    When I recently watched my new copy of Muppets Magic on Ed Sullivan and was explaining why I wanted it as I was wrapping up a dvd of Sesame Street Old School for a friend, my mum threw up her hands and said it was time I stopped talking about anything Muppety with people that didn't have the...