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  1. Bridget

    What Sesame Street moments made you laugh?

    When Kermit was directing "Oklahoma" and lost it with Forgetful Jones.
  2. Bridget

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    I've been in a relationship with @lady piggy for four years now. :)
  3. Bridget

    Official: Disney announces Muppet Babies return in 2018

    Very, very excited for this! I am especially eager to know who will be voicing Baby Piggy in this series! :)
  4. Bridget

    Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

    As a huge long-time Carolina Panther's fan, I have to admit that I was a little bit disappointed that we did not win. However, we definitely gave it our all this season- and that's what truly matters in any game. I love that no matter what happens, our team always stays humble and comes back...
  5. Bridget

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi there Bojazzo! Welcome to the forums! It's great to have you! In response to your question, I could be wrong, but is the song you are talking about "When I Listen"? I believe Kermit was sitting by a pond at night singing about all of the sounds he can hear, and near the end of it the sounds...
  6. Bridget

    How's the weather where you are?

    Snow snow and more snow. Oddly enough, I'd DIE to be in school right now. I have serious cabin fever at the moment from being stuck in the house for the past three or four days.
  7. Bridget

    Finding Dory coming to theaters Summer 2016

    Saw the trailer, and so far, I think I'm "hooked"... See what I did there? No? *Ahem* Anyhow, not to nitpick.. But does the water look a little cheaper to anyone compared to the original? But ultimately, what can I say? I've been waiting on this sequel since I was three or four years old! So I...
  8. Bridget

    The Muppets Episode 1 - Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

    In the beginning I was afraid it was going to be different- but it was. A beautiful, refreshing different. After years and attempts of trying to get it right, they finally got it perfectly imperfect, (which means five stars in Muppet language) The humor was good, the look was good, the...
  9. Bridget

    Happy Birthday KissesToKermie!

    Awwww!! @WalterLinz @sesamemuppetfan @JazzyAlphabet I didn't even see this! You guys are so amazingly sweet! Thank you all so much I love you!
  10. Bridget

    Your Thoughts: Muppet Central Forum Upgrade June 20, 2015

    Thanks bud! That helped a lot lol!
  11. Bridget

    Your Thoughts: Muppet Central Forum Upgrade June 20, 2015

    I tried doing this but for some reason they still do not show? I asked around to some other members and its the same for them as well. But its no big deal everything else is working dandy. :)
  12. Bridget

    Questions about anything

    Does anyone think MC should have its own app?
  13. Bridget

    Your Thoughts: Muppet Central Forum Upgrade June 20, 2015

    This was an absolutely phenomenal update Phillip, thank you! One question I do have is are signatures now disabled around the forum?
  14. Bridget

    A little Fanart

    Love love love!
  15. Bridget

    A little Fanart

    Very nice artwork! I love how you quoted SU as well! :)
  16. Bridget

    God is not Dead!

    Yes do come again dearest. Explain please?
  17. Bridget

    God is not Dead!

    I very much agree. In my personal opinion, I feel that there are definitely unfortunate situations and circumstances that come up in which abortion may be the only option on the table, unless of course someone were to consider adoption. However if it can be helped, I also feel that even though...
  18. Bridget

    Muppet FanFic: The Offer

    This is really amazing! You write very well, and the storyline is quite intriguing! I cannot wait to see where this story goes!
  19. Bridget

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hey there @RespcttheFett ! Welcome to MC!
  20. Bridget

    The Random Call Out Thread!

    I have never tasted crab or lobster before, and I have owned a Rottweiler, Yorkie-Poo, and Pomeranian in my lifetime. I call out @Tiffany Jean